Benny Bikes to Work

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
The title says it

Submitted: September 16, 2015

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Submitted: September 16, 2015





It’s early in the morning.

The front door opens.

Look! It’s Benny. What’s he doing?

It’s Monday. He’s going to work, I’ll bet.

He’s getting into his car, right?




He wheels out his bicycle. What’s going on?

Benny’s neighbor Ms. Wang drives past.

She’s a teacher. She’s going to school.

Ms. Wang waves. Benny waves back.

Most of Benny’s neighbors drive to work.

But Benny bikes to work.



The front door opens again.

Who’s that? It’s Erica.

“Hey Daddy, where’s your helmet?” Erica asks.

“Oops,” says Benny. 

He sometimes forgets his helmet.

That’s not a good habit.

He’d better work on that.



Now Benny’s all set to go.

He checks to make sure he’s packed his lunch.

Benny’s bike has a kiddie seat.

When Erica was little, she used to ride in that seat.

Now she’s way too big. And she has her own bicycle

So Benny’s lunch rides in the kiddie seat instead.



Benny rides past Chola’s house.

“Hi Benny,” says Chola. Just then Sanjay drives up.

Sanjay works at the same office as Benny.

“Do you want to ride with us? We’re carpooling.”

(That doesn’t mean they’re swimming in the car!

It means they’re sharing a ride together.)

“No thanks, not today,” says Benny. “Drive safely.”

“Thanks. Have a nice ride,” says Sanjay.

“I will,” says Benny.



Benny pedals under the highway. It’s jammed with cars.

The cars are moving very, very slowly.

 “Look at all that traffic!” Benny says to himself.

Benny’s happy that he doesn’t have to wait in the traffic.

Benny feels zippy.

It’s fun to be outside and feel the wind.



Benny’s in a hurry to get to work.

Uh oh! There’s a red light.

Benny stops. He looks both ways.

No one is coming.

Benny starts to walk across.


Benny jumps a mile.

Behind him is a police car with a loudspeaker.

Whoops! Benny should obey the law.



Benny starts to worry as he rides.

“I have so much work to do today!” he thinks.

Then Benny looks at the blue sky

And the clouds

And the trees

And the birds.

They don’t seem to be worrying too much.

 “Maybe I shouldn’t worry, either,” he thinks.

“It doesn’t help, anyway.”



Benny rides past a pond.

He counts three turtles on a log.

Splash! Splash! Splash! They jump into the water when Benny rides by. 

Benny sees a huge white bird.

The bird flaps its wings and flies low over the water. 

Benny stops to watch.

“I would have missed this if I’d been driving,” he says to himself.



Benny passes a field.

Last week, the field was full of orange flowers.

Now there are no flowers. There’s no grass.

Instead there are big machines making tracks in the dirt.

There’s also a sign: 

“Future home of Gas and Go.”

Bye-bye flowers, bye-bye grass!

Benny feels empty inside.



There’s a noise coming from Benny’s bicycle.


Uh oh! A flat tire!

“Oh, fudge!” thinks Benny. “Now I’ll be late for work.”

Benny gets off his bike. He’ll have to walk.

Suddenly he gets mad and kicks his flat tire.

It doesn’t help. The tire is still flat.

And now his toe hurts, too.



It’s long, long walk to work.

At first Benny is grouchy.

But it’s such a nice day. The breeze feels good.

The clouds are extra fluffy.

 “It’s nice to walk,” he says to himself.

“I should walk to the park with Erica this afternoon.”



Another biker whizzes past.

Her bike looks new and shiny.

Benny looks at his own bicycle.

It’s a little shabby.

“Maybe I should get a new bicycle,” Benny thinks to himself.

But then he thinks again.

“My bike isn’t so shiny,

but it still goes fast.

It’s still a good bicycle.

I think I’ll keep it.”



Benny finally reaches his office.

He’s a bit late, but that’s O.K.

Sanjay walks past Benny’s cube.

“Hi Sanjay. Can I ride home with you today?” asks Benny.

“Sure,” answers Sanjay. “But what about your bike?”

“I got a flat tire.”

“We can bring your bike home in my trunk.”

“That’s very nice of you! Thanks very much,” says Benny.



Benny’s phone rings.

“Benny Davis speaking,” he says.

“Hi Daddy, this is Erica.”

“Hey, Erica! What’s up?”

“Will you take me to the park this afternoon?”

“I’d love to! I’ll be home early, because I’m riding with Mr. Gupta.”

“What about your bike?”

“I got a flat tire.”

“Too bad. Don’t forget to bring your helmet.”

“Don’t forget to do your homework.”

“Bye, Daddy. I love you.”

“Bye. I love you too, Erica.”


© Copyright 2020 thornbush. All rights reserved.

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