Saving the Weeping Willow

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THis is a poem I dedicated to a friend of mine.

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



I'm watching the twinkling star fall out of the sky

as I'm drowning in the dry tears of your blind eyes

I'm locked in this dark depressing cagewaiting for someone to set me free

SO I can spread my wings and save the breaking Willow that sings a weeping melody

The man on the moon is beaming down on my back

while I am sitting here waiting for this concrete to crack

I look into the shattered mirror as my silent screams for help echo through my ears

I close my eyes at the sight and begin to cry a river full of tears

I lie my head on my soaked pillow

asking for forgiveness from the Weeping Willow

I'm sorry for the pain I've left with ou and your tears

but the thought of leaving this cage without help has brought me fears

I'm sorry to make you wait

but please weeping willow stay strong and please don't break

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