Living Beauty

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i wrote this for a piece of homework once.. i'm not sure about it..

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



Living beauty

Dreams are just dreams aren’t they? Mine was a living nightmare. I was shot that was the last thing I remembered. My ex was jealous because I was now engaged, he was my curse .Very controlling. I barely managed to come out of that relationship when I met Rhys. I’m dreaming now, dreaming a lot of dreams. Never-ending dreams.

Rhys was on his sixteenth visit to Kanzy’s grave. Every time he was there he couldn’t help but cry. This time he did something different to normal. He wished as hard as he could that Kanzy was alive. His tears seemed to leak through the ground, through to the coffin. Onto Kanzy’s pale white face. Her eyes blinked open as she awakened. Rhys heard a noise, it was a plea for help.
” Help, help, please help SOMEBODY. I’m stuck, HELP. MUM , RHYS , AUNTIE JO HELP!” At once Rhys started digging not bothering with a shovel. After ten minutes or so Rhys came across Kanzy’s coffin. Again he heard her plea for help this time he shouted “Don’t worry I’m here, I’ll get you out I promise! “.
Rhys was jumping for joy when he finally pulled Kanzy out of her coffin. But they had not one clue what to do next. “Rhys listen we have to cover up my grave and you have to take me to your flat”.
” Ok, Kanzy come on let’s get you out of this dreaded bed”.

They drove back to Rhys’s flat and were deciding what to do next. Kanzy was  in the middle off explaining her theory when a knock at the door interrupted them.
”Rhys, I brought you some food, I know you can’t cook!”. It was Kanzy’s mother at the door, Rhys’s soon to be mother-in-law.
” One second Marge, I’m not very decent at the moment” Rhys shouted. “Rhys, we have to show her and tell her that I’m and tell here what happened!” whispered Kanzy.
”Sure Rhys, I’ll just leave it on the doorstep…” Marge trailed of but she was too late Rhys and Kanzy stood on the doorstep waiting.

” Ok Mum calm down, come in “ Kanzy said to her mother. “ Mum I need you to know that I wasn’t dead and that I’m not a ghost, I was in acoma. You know sort of like sleeping beauty!” she carried on. “ I know it’s very hard for you to take in but we need your help, you see I can’t go outside because you put my picture in the NEWSPAPER!”
” Darling, I’ll help you ,just your luck I’m a ex-hairdresser and we need to get you a new wardrobe. No-offence darling but don’t you just look disgusting in them old rags!” Marge spoke with a texan accent. They all burst out laughing.

With all that sorted, all they had left to do now was go out for there first venture into the world (well I mean there first venture since Kanzy was supposed to be dead). And oh yeah they still had to tell her Dad!

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