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when your mother is killed; what would you do if you saw the killers?

Submitted: June 22, 2010

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Submitted: June 22, 2010



I didn’t know where I was, I never did when I was like this. I closed my eyes once again, knowing that this would last only as long as I let it. Covered in sweat I opened my eyes, at least now I knew where I was. Lying in my bed underneath the covers, the dark violet walls were glowing with the shining moons mirage my mosaic mirrors gleaming with the stars. I’d lived in this house for about 3 years now, three years I’ve been blocking this dream out of my head.

My mum was killed in front of my eyes; I didn’t know what to do. All I could do was sit there and watch, they knew I was there. They always knew. But what was I supposed to do? Help her? They said if I didn’t sit there and watch, they’d kill everyone I loved; my friends, my family. What could be as worse as not knowing my mum? I honestly don’t know. What was I supposed to do if they came back? I didn’t know, I couldn’t know.

They smiled; they knew they were going to win. I couldn’t win, I was only 11. How was I supposed to help? I couldn’t even fight my brother off me when we were play fighting, as normal brothers and sisters do. One of them placed the knife on her neck whilst the other held me down, I screamed. They must have been watching us; they picked the day that my brother and dad were out together, they did that every week because otherwise they’d be overrun with girls. Who could blame them? My brother was only 7; I didn’t want him to see this.


“Sit still and shut up, or I kill you, your family and your friends. Now you wouldn’t want that; would you Sweetheart?” The one that was holding me down whispered into my ear.

“NO! Leave them alone, kill me please. You cold hearted monster” I spat at him. He hit me round the face, I didn’t care. I wanted my mum, I wanted her alive. I wanted to do all those things that normal girls did with their mums, but mine was being held at knife point.

“Shut up and listen to me, NOW. Do you hear me? You left me you slag, for this... This guy. What was the point in this? You knew if you left me I’d come and get you. You knew that, don’t think you didn’t. You promised me we’d be together, together forever. WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU GOT UP AND LEFT ME!” One of the guys bellowed at my mum, he was wearing latex gloves. He didn’t want to leave any fingerprints I guessed; I was one of them CSI nerds.

“NO, I left you because you were hitting me. Leave me alone, leave my daughter alone. Please” she whimpered, he didn’t listen. The knife went straight into her lungs; she couldn’t breathe, or scream.

“NOOO!” I screamed; this time the knife went straight across her throat. She was dead within seconds; they left.


I couldn’t move; my dad turned up. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t move, not now. Not after seeing that.


Now you see why I had this dream, it wouldn’t leave. I didn’t know what to do; all I saw was that image. That one image. Well one scene, either way it didn’t make a difference.


I was now 20 years old, and every time I slept that’s all I could think of, I’d have pills but they never seemed to work. The dream would always come back, always.


A knock at the door helped me to stir from falling back into the vivid nightmare; I didn’t know who it was. Checking the time it said it was midnight, the start of the summer solstice, this day was never the best day for me. This way the day my mum was killed. This was the day I hated the most, I never moved out of my head on this day, other than for my brother and my dad.


I opened the door; they were standing there. They were standing there wearing the exact same stuff as before, they hadn’t changed.

“Let us in then Sweetheart; we won’t hurt you. Yet” the one that held me back said in the same sickening tone.

“N…N...No.” I stammered, I couldn’t let them in, I knew what they were going to do. I swallowed hard, knowing that they’d push me in if I didn’t let them in myself. I was pushed out of the way; they treated me as if I was a feather. I didn’t think they could still be as strong; I was pushed into a wall, falling straight onto my bum.

“I told you to move, now don’t make a fuss or the same thing that happened to your poor innocent mother WILL happen to you, okay?” the one who murdered my mum bellowed, I nodded; I couldn’t do anything else. They were too strong for me to fight them. They started following me; I walked straight into my bedroom (I kept a knife in there just in case, I’d always expected them to come back. I knew they would; I just knew it).

“Do you really thing that you could do the same thing you did to my mother to me? I would have thought you were smarter than that.” I said to them, obviously the expression on my face had provoked them.


They were moving closer to me, closer and closer. I finally reached down for my knife and brought it out.

“This time, we are both prepared aren’t we?” I laughed slowly, long and hard. All the nervousness from earlier had drained out of my sister. Now I was filled with adrenaline, I’d already written notes for my dad, my brother and my best friend. Who was the only one that had stuck with me all of this time; she was the only one now.


A knife was pulled out; blood trickled onto the floor. A long, dry laugh was heard.

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