rose of the tortured garden

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dnt rrly no wht 2 say bout it plz excuse my spelling

Submitted: July 09, 2014

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Submitted: July 09, 2014



one day as i walking down a cobblestone road i came across an old wall with an old rusted irongate coverd in vines with jagged thorns i looked through the bars of the gate to see a dead tourtured garden as i turned to leave i saw something out of the corner of my eye it was a single rose closed up and guareded by the same vines that covered the gate it felt like it was wanting me to come to it. so i slipped through the gate as i walked up toward it i heard a voice tell me to stop.i stopped and looked around but saw no one i asked "who's there"? i got no reply so i started towards the rose again and i heard the same voice again telling me to stop so i replied back " I'm sorry if i have offended you but i was just coming to see this beatuiful roses". the voice replied back " I'm not beatuiful i am as ugly as these vines that guard me". confused i asked " who are you"? the voice replied back " I am no one." i asked " where are you" ? the voice replied " i am all around you" so i replied back "what are you"? the voice replied back " i am the rose of the torture garden i looked at the rose it hide behind the vines i got closer to it and sat down in front of it i could barely see it through the black vines surrending it. I said " no need to be shy you can trust me."  she said " thats what they all  told me." I asked "who said that"? she replied " All the others who wanted in my garden but they lied and betrayed me the used me abused me only water coming from the rose only to firgure out it was tears i asked " What was wrong"? she told me" before they came my garden was beatuiful and loving now it is ugly and hateful." i looked around to see all the twisted and dead vines all around i imagined what it must have looked before she was betrayed and felt such sorrow that i reached my hand through the vines to hold her but before i could touch her my arm was wrapped up by the vines squeezeing my arm till blood was running down the vines but i pushed through the pain and inched my way towards her i reached my fingers out towards her as i touched her my finger was pricked and a drop of blood ran down her thorns she pulled away from my hand as if she was affaid something would happen to her to show her i was not going to hurt her like others have i grabbed one of the black vines and squeezed it till blood poured from hand i opened my hand and showed her she came closer and looked and she asked " why would you do that"? i replied "to show you im not like the others who have hurt and betrayed you i wanted to show you that i care and that i love you that you are beatuiful to me." i asked her " if i may see her face" as she stared to open her petals and bloom for me i was grabbed by the vines whether out of fear self doubt or instinct i was pulled into the thicket of vines andheld up and stripped of clothing and pierced by the vines i could hear the voices of all thoses who came before me screaming "let me go" im sorry i lied to you please let me go." i looked at her and smiled and said " i'm soory if i offend you as my legs,arms and sides were pierced by the vines she came to me looked into my eyes to see that my love and my words were true she bloomed and i saw her smiled with tears in her eyes and i smiled and said "see i told you was beatuiful." i said " i know i will not live so please take all the love i have and fix your garden as she put her petals to my lips and said " thank you for showing me what ture loves feels like i just smiled and said "your welcome" she placed her petals against my face as i felt a vine pierce my heart and watched the blood flow down it into the gound before i took my last breath i saw her garden return to life and said " it's beatuiful but not half as beatuiful as you are." she gave me one last kiss as i took my last breath she wrapped me up in her now rose covered vines and brought me down in the ground covered me up with rose petals and tears as she layed down on top off me sheddins tears for loseing the one whose love was true she was no longer the rose in the tortured garden she was just simply my rose.

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