Devil's Eyes

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Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012




Confidential Case File No. 6.1

Subject: “Claudius Makelroy Black”, “Devil’s Eyes”, “James Elementary School; Room 315”

Account No. 1

Witness: Michaela Jackson

Testimony Content as Follows:

Claudius Black had wise eyes. Wise, as in, ancient, knowledge-of-all eyes. Ancient, as in, older than time itself. And all he did was sit in the back of his classroom with them closed, as if listening to a voice only he could hear. It creeped me out at first, but then I got used to it. Like you get used to your sister sticking her tongue out at you when she’s mad. It just happens every day.

Claudius was only seven though, as I was at the time. Those all-knowing eyes didn’t look like they belonged, set in that pale, freckled face. He looked like he should be smiling, not making a death wish. But he looked younger with his eyes closed, and maybe that’s why he always kept them that way. But with them open…

“Hey, Odd Claud!” Bert called from the front of the class, by the teacher’s desk. He was a snooty, no-good, rich little brat who always caused trouble (which is why he sat at the teacher’s desk). He smirked back at Claudius with his pudgy face all scrunched up around the nose. “Maybe if you pay attention in class, you’d have good grades, like me!”

Now, it was no secret to anyone that Bert’s grades absolutely sucked. But no one had the nerve to tell him check minuses weren’t a good thing, not even the teacher. His parents could sue whoever did, and they had the money to hire the best lawyers in the nation.

Claudius’s head turned slowly in Bert’s direction, and only when he was facing only Bert-the-snob did he open those dreadful eyes of his.

“You know, Bert…” Claudius said, his voice colder than dry ice. “I’ve never really liked you.”

They burned. They smoldered a scary, fiery crimson, burning holes into Bert. Literally. Within thirty seconds the boy who used to be Bert, the richest kid in the county, was reduced to a pile of soft white ash. And he didn’t even have time to scream.

He smiled wickedly around the room, chilling us all to the bone as his eyes turned from blazing red to a wavering, deep, cindering ember color. Nearly black.

“Anymore volunteers?”

The words were barely out of his mouth before everyone in room 315, including myself, ran as far as we could from the school, screaming bloody murder.

But when the police arrived later, Claudius was nowhere to be found. However, there was a pile of still-smoking ash in his seat, along with a singed mirror on the desk where he sat.

In a child’s poor handwriting, a note had been engraved on the table.

“Power has left me empty and hollow.

Therefore, insanity has befallen my once-sharp mind.

I have turned into something far greater than I should be. I am so glad I am finally able to come to terms with this decision, for it has been bothering me for many eons now.

Please, tell Claudius’s parents he loved them dearly. He told me so many times.

I’m sorry about having to kill Claudius along with me, but sacrifices had to be made.

It was the only way.

Farewell world,

The devil’s eyes”

End of testimony.

Account No. 2

Subject: Letter addressed to 11Alive News for broadcast

Witness: Unknown

Testimony content as follows:

Goodbye, Claudius Black.

You have done the world a favor,

By ridding us of the eyes of power.

You saved us from an endless terror,

Of the devil who seemed to last forever.

End of testimony.

No more Accounts as of 005.010.2012

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