Evermore Immortal

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In the Dark Ages a demonic queen emerges from her silent reverie to claim a the powerful soul of an ancient vampire whose heart is darkened with revenge. His determination to bring back his true love makes him summon this demon queen named Lacrimosa, whose sword happens to be Excalibur. Together, their quest to bring back the dead and long gone will result in the loss of the non-exsistant soul of a vampire and the fake freedom of a powerful demon.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



The moon was bright and silver, like the blade of an angel warrior, gleaming with hidden promise and secrets beyond human knowledge. But I knew the secrets of the moon, for I was not human. My white hair reflects the moon as I stand, thinking of unknown wars. I despise them; the scars of the earth are fault of these violent skirmishes between the senseless humans. Unlike them, I see their mistakes, but they seem to be blind to them. Or maybe it’s because they ignore them like they ignore the sick and poor?

That was just one of the mysteries of human kind, though. I would never know the answer to my questions, no matter how long I study them. Humans are just, not understandable. But Iko thinks he can decipher their complicated codes. He thinks he knows their tongue enough to understand the foreign words they speak. But I know better, I know they will never be fully understood by us deities. It’s just not possible.

The magical blade I wield sparkles almost as brightly as the dark waters below my feet. Excalibur is the sword I obtained from my last master, King Arthur. It has seen a dark past, but now I hold it in the light as I try to emerge from my place in the shadows. But these days, with time slipping so quickly from my hands, I cannot make heads or tails of things. That is, I cannot fathom the darkness from the light. So, when I made my decision to at last emerge from my stone encasement and serve another master, I’m not sure if I made the right decision.

I look down at Excalibur, feeling its pulse through the hilt shaking my hand, and know how dangerous it could be to accidently let it go again. I lift it to examine its perfect, flawless blade, then slicing it through the air, watching it leave a silvery trail behind it.

As I lower it to my side again, I look to the moon once more. This was going to be the last time I’d see it so clearly for a very long time, I am sure of it. The wind whips my pale hair around my burning red eyes, but I can see perfectly. I can see the hidden promises in the moon’s white glow. At the same time I hear dark desires speak to me through my acute ears. The hate of the humans feeds me, nurses me back to health. And I despise it. After this next soul becomes a part of me, I will finally be released from my demonic prison as a demon goddess. Alas, freedom will be as sweet as the death that awaits me.

I, Lacrimosa, the queen of despair, princess of darkness, deity of malice, will be free from my bonds. I’ve come this far, and I won’t give up now. Just one soul, but it had to be a powerful one.

None of the calls I felt were strong enough to offer Iko as a payment, and definitely none strong enough to put up any fight. Iko liked to toy around with his victims beforehand. Who could I have?

I float above the waters of the obscene lake, tears sliding down my cheeks. This was the first time I’d been out of my cement encasing in over… I didn’t even know how long. Surely it must be many, many years, for people now ride horse-drawn carriages. Excalibur still causes my hand to throb in time with its beating. It is yearning for freedom just as much as I am, but I cannot achieve it yet. No one is strong enough…

A shock I feel inside my head almost causes me to drop Excalibur into the lake. I feel my crimson eyes widen in disbelief. Already I have a soul; that was rather easy. My grin, I can feel its wickedness as I answer the shock in my head. With a single swipe of Excalibur I’m off to see my new master, my new soul, my new freedom.

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