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This is basically my character's summary of himself. (I wrote this at camp as well) If anyone has read All the Ugly Things, by Yours Truly, you'll recognize him. :) A sly little demon he is. I sort of made him into a smug gentleman... XD Ya know, the "Better than thou" attitude. What's the word...? Oh yeah, a narcissist.
Also, let me tell you a little secret... 'Isamu' is actually JAPANESE for "dark and rich", not Egyptian. But, whatever works.

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012




Deeds are what make a man. However, I feel excluded from this, because I am not human. But still, I like to think that it applies to every humanoid, if that's what you'd like to call me.

Now it would only make sense to tell my deeds. But I cannot tell all, because there are too many to count. So, I will only list the greatest.

  1. I helped to design and build the Great Wall of China.
  2. I started the Great Fire of London.
  3. I taught Albert Einstein all he knows.
  4. I witnessed the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  5. I have traveled the world three times in forty days. Unlike Phineas, who only did it once in eighty days. It's only a shame that my adventures weren't recorded except for in my own journals.
  6. I have read over ten thousand books of all different sizes and genres.
  7. And I was once in service to a Pharaoh, who gave me my name; Isamu. It means dark and rich, as he was referring to my jet-black hair that I kept shoulder-length at the time, which was in style in Egypt way back then.

I could go on, but then I'd be boasting. I admit that right now I'm bragging, but that's not half as bad as boasting. There is a difference.

Well, I guess that bragging is no polite way to introduce myself, is it? Where are my manners? You'll have to excuse them as of the moment, and many moments to come, because I am not used to being polite. Much less to scum like you humans. I am a force of power, a king of evil, lord of mischief, I sit upon a throne of death. Simply put, I am a demon.

Do not be dismayed though, I've learned how to mostly control myself.

Anyways, just in case you'd like to know, I've lived for thousands of centuries. Not that I look like it. I'm rather young in appearance, frozen at the age of nineteen. However my true form is so much more terrible. The bravest of men tremble in my presence when I choose to be in my pure demonic form. Mostly, though, I stay in my human form.

I go with a darker look as in clothing choice. The only odd thing about me on the outside is my different color eyes. One is poison-apple red, and the other is Caribbean blue. I'm not sure why my disguise does that, maybe it's a glitch in the illusion spell, but I kind of like it. It sets me apart from other humans.

So, any time you're out and about and happen to see a Gothic boy of about nineteen with alternate-colored eyes, feel free to drop by and say hello. Maybe stay for dinner. I've always loved a good soul for supper.



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