And, In the End

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Um. . . yeah, I don't have much to say about this. It's similar to Alex's poem, "A Letter to Death," but different style and slightly different meaning.

Honestly, I think this poem isn't very good. Go ahead, I actually encourage you to tell me if you think it sucks. To me, this is just a bunch of words put together. EH. . . I don't know, just read it and tell me what you think.

Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



She is waiting to use the knife,
She is waiting to swallow the pill,
She is waiting to pull the noose,
She is waiting to take the jump,
She is waiting for someone to say
The truth of the matter
That no one actually cared
She is waiting for a bona fide reason
To go to another place
Not heaven, not nirvana
But her final, and only, escape
A place where she didn’t feel alone
In such a teeming and crowded world
A place where she could be happy
Despite the many problems she faced
She didn’t want to tell them
No, never, not even a whisper
She would keep it inside
Until it reached its fullest height
Then she would let it go
One big SCREAM
One big SHOUT
Then they would see she wasn’t lying
Then they would see she wasn’t fake
The cuts were real,
Fuck what they say
Oh, yes, she knows
All their whispers, all their lies.
They said she wanted attention,
They said it was just pitiful cries
That’s not the case, and they know
She may not have it bad,
But, they don’t know what’s in her head.
It’s the way her mind is wired,
The way it is arranged
Everything was worse,
Oh, God, she was scared.
So, she took the knife,
She took the pill,
She took the noose
She took the plunge
She took anything
That might numb the pain
And, in the end,
They will be sorry
For the words the said

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