Eve - Part 3

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The last part. Enjoy!

Submitted: October 10, 2008

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Submitted: October 10, 2008




“No. Way. You have GOT to be kidding. Felicia always wanted to be part of the Pink Velvets?” I was confused. Here was Claire telling me this shocking piece of info. “Yeah! I thought everyone knew that!” Claire said. No one really knew about it. The Pink Velvets must really think that THEY were everyone. The Princesses of Popularity. More like The Princesses of Halfwits. The only reason I’m hanging out with them is because Felicia is not talking to me at the moment. If only I could talk to her……..I know! I’ll catch her before lunch. “Claire, I’m quitting. I don’t want to be part of the Pink Velvets anymore.” Claire gave a gasp. You must know that Claire’s gasp is 85% higher than any normal human being’s gasp. “You can’t do that. Debbie will be your worst enemy!” I shook my head and said, “No, she’s her own worst enemy. I’m going to teach her a lesson. She’s up to something, I can feel it.” Claire smiled and said bravely, “You’re right. I’m coming with you. You, Felicia, and I. The Three Revengers. No…..that doesn’t sound right. We’ll think of a name later.” With that she dragged me to the dormitory.


It was perfect. Felicia was meddling with her watch and frowning. “Hey, Felicia. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t know that you wanted to be part of their group. I don’t know. Whenever you saw them you put on such a scowl! It seemed impossible to want to be one of them. Please accept my apology. I mean it, I’m really sorry.” I bit my lip and smiled until my ears waggled. Felicia laughed and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, “I don’t want to be part of them anymore. By the way, do you know who Dave is asking to the Winter Ball?” I looked at Claire and we both rolled our eyes. “Darling, you are truly helpless!” Claire said in a posh voice. We all laughed.


It was my free time and I was working in the art room. I was making an entire world of clay people. There were elephants, people, lions, the whole entire Jungle. That was when Dave burst in with two other guys. Dave grinned threw a crumpled piece of paper towards me. Scoff! That was probably the rudest thing a person has ever done to me! I waited for them to go and opened the ball. Oh. My. Gosh.


Hey Eve! The Winter Bal is comming soon. Ar you going? Cuz if you ar, then I want too tak u.


Okay, fine. Ignore all the spelling mistakes and the message is clear. Dave wanted to take me to the winter Ball! I can’t WAIT to tell Feli- Claire.


At lunch, Claire was staring at me like a hawk. Finally she stood up and said, “Felicia, I need to use the bathroom.” She nodded for me to follow. I stood up and said the same thing. Felicia pouted her lips dug into her plate. Back in the bathroom Claire said to me, “Dave asked you didn’t he?” I nodded. “This cannot be happening! He was supposed to ask Debbie. Once Debbie finds out she will kill you!”

“But-That’s not fair!”

“Debbie is never fair!”


I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “Claire, you know how yesterday, Felicia was showing us this book. What was it called? Something like, Thousand Pranks to Play on People? Yeah, whatever. What if……” And at that moment I knew Claire understood, because she just smiled. “At The Winter Ball. Its perfect timing.” Claire whispered. We both nodded, and left in search for Felicia.


Getting ready for The Winter Ball was no easy job. Claire, the official beauty queen was applying rouge, mascara, eyeshade, lipstick, and the works. All I could feel was a gooey mess, but after Claire showed me how I looked in the mirror, I was in awe. Then she showed me the dress. It was made of satin, had jeweled studs around the neckline, and on the back, my back was slightly revealed. I looked perfect. I looked like the queen. At the back of my head, I could feel Debbie staring at me. I waited for her to leave the room before I could lay out the trap. I ripped a piece of paper and on it I wrote, in Dave’s handwriting:


Hey Debbie. Wanna dance? Me and a couple of friends are going to have our own party. A huge pool party. As soon as the Ball finishes, change into a swimsuit and wait near the WestTower. Remember to wear goggles and a cap. The party is going to be a blast!


Poor Debbie. She wouldn’t know that after the party finished, a group of teachers were meeting at the WestTower. It would be SO funny! I stood up and tossed the note on Debbie’s bed. “Claire! Felicia! Come ON you guys! The Ball is going to start ANY minute!” And with that, Claire, Felicia, and I waltzed out of our dormitory. We were super ready for the Winter Ball.


“Wow, Eve. You look great!” Dave whispered into my ear as we began dancing. I couldn’t see Debbie or any of the other Pink velvets around, but I saw Felicia. She was dancing dreamily with some handsome guy. Looked like she was enjoying her time…..and so was I. I smiled at Dave and rested my head on his shoulder. I had a feeling it was going to be a gorgeous night.


The Next Day


“OMG, you won’t believe what happened to Debbie!” That was the buzz around the school. Yes, she has been caught with the teachers in her bikini, goggles, and cap. She was getting detention for a month, and her punishment was working in the cafeteria, and cleaning up afterwards. Sweet! And me and Dave are quite an item, not THAT kind of friends, though. We’re just really close friends. Along with Felicia and Claire. All the Pink Velvets eye us up and down, like, what are Dave and Claire doing, hanging with us? But we’re happy being ourselves. Also, guess what? I’m not going home for the holidays! I get to stay here with some other kids who don’t go home for vacation! It’s going to be a blast! Playing in the tennis courts, going swimming, working on the computers in the lab…….I have a feeling that the glass slipper FINALLY fits!

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