I could be, just like you

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I know I'm late with this, but its for concreteangel's challenge.
Song: Just like you by three days grace
quote: I act like a bitch because when I get too close I get hurt

I know the whole thing doesn't revolve around the song, like its supposed to. But I gave it a shot :)
hope you like it

Submitted: December 30, 2008

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Submitted: December 30, 2008




I sat on the cold grass outside of my horrid and repeling school. The speakers of my ipod were shoved into my ears as I stared out over the numerous students who were either smoking or hanging out with the friends. My eyes lingered on one student in perticular. Warner Bixtar Brown, named for an Oscar winner from 1935. For the record, no, I didn't stalk him. He just told everyone who will listen who he was named for.

He was gorgeous and at one point he liked me. Or at least I thought he did.

He took the cigerette out of his mouth and blew out a breath of diguisting smoke. It sickened me that he did that, smoked that is. I wanted to tell him to stop, that it would kill him, but he wasn't mine to tell that to anymore. He was hers.

He looked to me from across the street, his sea foam green eyes looking sad, as did his mascular face. Just the look of him sent shivers up my spine.

Remember what he did to you. Remember what they both did to you,” I told myself quietly as I stood up from my perch, still looking at him. As I began to walk towards my car Warner came running towards me.

Cath, I'm sorry babe. I didn't mean to hurt you like that,” he said his face looking sincere but his eyes-his eyes just looked dead. They looked like there was nothing left in him, probaly from all his smoking and drugs.

Don't call me babe, and I don't forgive you,” I mumbled just loud enough so that he could hear me. He gave me a weird look before he spoke again:

When did you become such a bitch?”

When you left me stranded Warner,” I said quietly. Now, I could actually see the regret in his eyes.

No, I think you might have been a bitch before that,” he said, his eyes hardening and pushing back a strand of his vomumptious black hair.

You really want to know Warner?” I asked him, walking up to him. Anger was boiling within me, “I act like a bitch because when I get too close I get hurt.”

I turned and walked off. Leaving him there thinking about what I really said.

My silver volvo sat parked by itself in the far end of the highschool parkinglot. I slide into the drivers seat and thought about how it used to be, before he hurt me.

I was popular, the girl everyone wanted to be. Well not exactly. My best friend Drew was the girl everyone wanted to be, I was just the girl everyone wanted to be friends with. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn't have the lucious blond hair to my waist, or the tan skin with cute freckles sprinkled over my face. Nor did I have the lean and perfectly toned body that sent every guy to their knees. No, instead of all of that I had a size 10 body, short and choppy dark brown hair and practicly no mucsles. Drew would always tell me “Cathy, you are so beautiful, you don't need to loose weight,” but then she would go behind me and tell her other friends that I needed to loose weight or that I wasn't pretty enought to be her friend. People would always tell me what she was saying, that she was thrashing my reputation. I never believed them, not once.

That was until that dreadful night. The night of my seventeenth birthday...

I was searching my party for my boyfriend Warner. I wanted to tell him that I loved him, that I'd loved him for the year we had being going out. Even though I hated his smoking and drug addictions nothing could change how I felt about him. Or at least that was what I thought.

Warner,” I called as I walked up the wooden stairs of my home. I thought that maybe he was up here, waiting for me. “Warner?”

I grasped the doorknob, and pulled it open. “Warner...” I called.

I walked into my bedroom and saw him laying on my bed, but he wasn't alone. Drew.

What the hell?” I screamed when I saw them. They broke apart, lipstick smeared all over Warner's face.

Cath, babe, I-I um...” Warner stuttered but Drew clapped her hand over his mouth.

Don't say a word,” Drew snarled her face contorting into a sinister smile. I walked up to her, pointed my finger at her and started screaming.

You nasty little, ugh! You are such a fake. You make yourself powerful by being mean and angry. I thought you were there for me. I thought you were my best friend. God, was I so wrong. You thought I could be like you, cold and ruthless. Do you want to know the truth? I could never be like that. I could never be like you.” I paused whiping a tear from my eye, my mascara smearing, “And you,” I said turning to Warner, “You are just like her. You thought you were there to guide me. You were only in my way.”

I tore away from them. Thundered down the stairs and blundered out onto my front lawn where there was numerous couple making out. It made me sick. I ran around the house to my backyard, hoping that it was vacent. It was. I ran to the tree that held my tree house and began to climb up the rope ladder.

I pushed my way into the tree house, and almost had a heart attack. In front of my was my best guy friend Kelly Groben. Yes, I know Kelly is most commonly a girl's name but his parents wanted a girl, so he got stuck with Kelly.

Kelly's a baseball fanatic, and he's good better then good, he's amazing. Pitcher of the varsity team since freshmen year. Starting pitcher to be exact.

Kelly, what are you doing in here?” I asked him.

Just thinking, what about you?” he replied looking completely concerned.

Warner, he cheated on me. With Drew,” I spat out.

Aw Cath, come here,” he said reaching his arms out for a hug. I slide over to him and layed my head on his neck and started to cry all over again.

I awoke from my trance from a knock on my car's window. I shook my head, and looked up to see Kelly. I smiled and put down my window.

Hey Kell,” I said, gestering him to sit in the passenger seat. Kelly was the only person to still talk to me even after what Drew spread about me. She said that I was a dirty nasty whore and would sleep with any guy who asked. Warner backed her up, at least for a while. All the girls I used to be friends with ditched me and all my guy friends treated me differant, all except Kelly.

Kelly walked around my volvo and slid into the passenger side.

Cath, I-I want to tell you something,” he stuttered, grabbing my hand lightly. My heart skipped a beat.  He shook his head, then looked my straight in the eyes “Cathy, I think I love you.”

You-You love me?” My heart was pounding in my chest.

Yeah, and if you don't love me back, its-”

I cut him off, “Kell, I think- I think I love you too.”

He leaned in towards me, and kissed me. All ideas of him just saying that he loved me, and not meaning it fled my mind. I knew that he loved me, and that I deffinitly loved him

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