I wanted you

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This is about a guy

Its iffy. tell me what you think

I dont know if I ever published this. It was the first one i ever wrote on this.

Submitted: June 20, 2008

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Submitted: June 20, 2008



I wanted you.

I needed you.

I waited for you everyday, and every night.

Hoping and praying that you would talk to me.

And you did.

We talked and talked

and, oh my, how the sparks flew.

lusty conversations full of passion and desire

but, sweetie, you only wanted to fulfill your horny cravings

you never wanted me the way i wanted you

I wanted late night talks, and sunset walks.

you wanted kisses and action

i wasn't ready to give.

you abandoned me.

you left me

You left me wanting more and more each day

and for that i hate you.

i hate the way you deviously pulled me in.

the way you let me go, like i was trash, like i was nothing

but i was never something, was i?

But, it all comes back down to the fact that I have to apologize

maybe uselessly, maybe not

but im sorry for wasting your time,

for still liking you, even now.

and, silly me, im sorry for thinking there was a chance.

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