My high-school days

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The things that happen to me in my daily school life.

Submitted: June 06, 2013

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Submitted: June 06, 2013



My high school days

My first time writing these biographies or whatever but here we go.


I had an all right day today. Not really that happy but feeling just a bit down. For the past couple of days, there’s something that’s going on between the relationship between my best friend and me. He’s been shifting away, I don’t know how to explain it but we aren’t really best friends anymore. I know that he just sits next to me and treats me as a friend because of schoolwork. Without me letting him copying the answers, what would he be really doing?


On Tuesday,

A girl in our class. I think my bestfriend is in to her. I know because he’s ditched me for so many classes. I asked him to sit next to me during technology.

“I can’t. Grace wants me to sit next to her. She’s lonely.”

As soon as he said that, I felt saddened. It was the second time he ditched me in class. I didn't want to cry because I knew that I had many more friends but…. Its just breaks you to find out that your only best friend; the person who you always had recess with, had the best times together, doesn’t want to sit next to you anymore but instead, sit next to someone else. I know it’s hard but God has a purpose for everything so that helps ease the pain.


During our sixth period,

We were discussing our food tech time plans and we were told to jot down what we had to bring to class next Tuesday. It happens out that I somehow lose my diary. I tell my group and they just laugh.

They continuously laugh, mocking and impersonating every word I said. What seems to be a joke to them is a very serious matter to me. I try not to break and just laugh with them.


“Awww, is Jazza going to have a little sook aye?”

“Guys, I lost my diary”

“HAHAHA no one cares.”


The weird thing is, my bestfriend was the one who kept bringing it back up when we forgot about it, and there was only one person who was helping me. Her name was Stella.


Now Stella is a really kind girl (well she can be). She was the only one that really helped me out with the task assigned to our group and to that, I am very grateful. In our class, year 8, somehow talking to a girl somehow means that you like them unless they aren’t really that popular. I find that irritating and just completely immature. When they talk to girls, they don’t like it when we judge them so why do it to me?


Well that’s my little story for today, I hope that things settle and a 4 year relationship between 2 best buds wont end.




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