The Struggle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
A guy that did not have much as a child and his mom goes to and as he grew older he started to sell drugs for money but then meets his best friend becomes a successful rapper and makes a lot of money.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



After 13 years of not seeing my best friend it’s been hard living out here on these streets. People have been getting killed out here, it’s a bad place. It’s a struggle out here, can’t get a job, no family members to help, and people calling the police on me when I was just trying to get money selling off the corner for food. Then I see a man start walking up to me and I couldn’t believe it, it was my best friend Shaquille.

“Aye what’s up bro it’s been a minute since I see you, can’t believe I found you,” Said Shaquille.

“Nothing much man just been out here trying to make a living to survive,” Said Delsean.

“Man you don’t want to live this life anymore, my homeboy just got shot for selling and my cousin overdosed,” Said Shaquille.

“I don’t want to live this way man but it’s the only way that I can survive,” Said Delsean.

What if I said I know someone that could get you money for writing music, now I know how good you were at rapping back in the day,” Said Shaquille.

“Nah I don’t do that anymore bro, I couldn’t survive out here writing lyrics,” Said Delsean.

“Come on bro, you could be making the big bucks, just give it a try again, you will go somewhere this time, I got the hook up,” Said Shaquille.

“Nah man it’s been too long since I wrote any lyrics, I gave that up a long time ago,” Said Delsean.

I look to my left and I see a black El Camino with tinted windows pulling up real slow and then they start firing bullets at us.

“Get down, Get down! Run to the alley,” Said Shaquille.

“Look out bro, let’s run to the left towards the tunnel so they can’t follow or see us,” “Do you see them anywhere,” said Delsean.

“Nah bro we in the clear I think, but my heart is beating like a bomb blowing up, and how do you feel about the whole getting out of these streets and writing raps thing now,” said Shaquille

“Yea I think that sounds like a better plan, I do not want to die in these streets,” said Delsean.

“Yea bro I bet it sounds good now,” said Shaquille (in a laughing voice)

“Yea, but where is this studio at,” said Delsean.

“Just in Los Angeles, you know that’s where all the people go to become big,” Said Shaquille.

“We are going to drive there in my car, it’s only about 35 minutes and then it’s another 15 more to get to the producers house,” said Shaquille.

“Ok I’m cool with that and what is this producers name and how did you find out about him,” said Delsean.

“His name is Jay and I was just standing outside handing my mix tape out and I handed one to him and after he listened to it he came back to me and said it was garbage, but then asked if I knew anyone that was good and I said yea, so I came here to find you,” said Shaquille

“Did he really say it was horrible,” said Delsean

“Yep,” said Shaquille

“Ha-ha oh my gosh that had to be an awkward conversation,” said Delsean

“Shut up man, do you want to go or not because it’s getting late,” said Shaquille

“Alright….Alright I’ll stop and yea let’s get going,” said Delsean. “So what made you think of me anyways? You know a lot of people bro, I got mad respect for you for doing this for me,” said Delsean.

“Well actually you are the only person that I know that could actually do something like this,” said Shaquille.

“Are you still living with your mom and dad at home,” said Delsean.

“ Well I’m living with just my mom and my dad was shot 7 years ago and died, but I have a little brother , he’s 10 years old,” said Shaquille. My girlfriend is also pregnant with my baby right now too,” said Shaquille

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that about your dad, there’s too much violence in these streets now, but congratulations on the baby on the way, how much longer until he or she is ready to come,” said Delsean.

“It’s a boy and actually he’s supposed to arrive in a week,” said Shaquille.

“That’s great for you, do you know what you are going to name him yet,” said Delsean.

“I think we’re going to name him Antonio, but here we are at Jay’s house now, let’s go introduce you,” said Shaquille.

“Are we going to be staying here because this place is huge,” said Delsean.

“Actually, yes we are staying here, we got to wake up early and let him hear what you can do,” said Shaquille.

“Where is he at,” Said Delsean.

“He’s staying at a hotel right now because he had a late meeting but he’s going to be back early in the morning around 8,” said Shaquille.

“Well how are we supposed to get in, don’t tell me you have a key to this place,” Said Delsean.

“He said he was going to leave a key under the mat in front of his door but I don’t see it here,” said Shaquille.

“Well then what are we going to do now,” said Delsean.

“I guess we are going to have to try and find a window that is open or unlocked,” said Shaquille.

“Uh… I don’t see any windows to go through, but I do see some chairs over by the pool and towels we could use as blankets,” said Delsean.

“Alright I guess we can use the chairs too sleep on the towels as blankets,” said Shaquille.

“See you in the morning bro,” said Delsean.

“Why are you guys sleeping in the back yard and the key is right under the mat,” said Jay

“I looked and it wasn’t there,” said Shaquille

“Yes it was, it is in my hand right now,” said Jay

“Oh my gosh you’re so stupid we had to sleep out here for no reason,” said Delsean

“My bad bro,” said Shaquille

Now that I finally met Jay it was time to show him what I could do. I was really nervous at first, it has been a long time since I last wrote any lyrics. Jay looked a little skeptical at first but after I warmed up I could see his attitude change. He told me that I was going to be the hottest new artist out there. I couldn’t believe it, I may have finally found a way out of the street life.

“Uh alright alright it all begun with me being a good son helping my mom, selling drugs was the key to putting some money on the tree people dying out her like a killing spree I thought I was sly but I wasn’t smart like Bill Nye, got caught a few times to make money for my mom, I tried even to get signed but my rhymes were dry and in the living room my mom would cry then one day I walked in and a few guys took her away after that I had nothing I was stray that’s when I got bigger on the corner and made people pay id wake up and pray every day for my mom to get out so I can say I love you once more and I would  get a good job and do the chores and not be poor like we were and only eating ramen from the store and doing a drug every day your face looked smug and sagged like a pug I drug myself on the street and would repeat that all the time by my waist was an M9 but now you’re stuck in that devil shrine named jail just sitting there probably making your bones all frail but I promise one day my music will sale and I will make a trail of money to bail you out of jail.”

After my rap was put out for the people that listen to the underground rap, I got a call the next day from Jay.

“Hey man your song is really big right now, people love it, it’s on the radio and on ITunes now,” said Jay.

“No way that’s great I can officially have money to get off the streets and that contract with super records is going to get me more of the money for it playing everywhere. I’m going to tell Shaquille about the big news,” said Delsean.

“Alright man and congratulations on the song, see you later,” said Jay.

“See you,” said Delsean.

“Whenever I hung up my phone everything went downhill, I got out of my car to tell Shaquille about the big news some guys pulled up to his house for a drive by and Shaquille was on the porch, they shot at him and hit him, it was the worst thing I had ever seen to someone I loved, but I shot back and they zoomed off the other way. I ran onto his porch and screamed for his mom and girlfriend to call the cops I took off his shirt and he was wearing a bullet proof vest but was shot in the leg and arm, so he needed help from a doctor. The ambulance finally pulled up, his mom and girlfriend crying, they put him in the ambulance and went to the hospital, and I drove behind them. When I got there with his mom and girlfriend, the doctors came out and said they won’t know if he is going to be ok for another day, so I stayed there all night with his mom and girlfriend. The next day the doctors gave great news, they said he is doing fine and is going to be perfectly healthy after a week and a half, so I went into his hospital room and seen how he was doing.”

“Hey how are you doing Shaquille,” said Delsean.

“I’m doing fine, you know other than the holes in my arm and leg,” said Shaquille.

“I was scared to death you were for sure dead and why did you have a bullet proof vest on the same time they came by, you would have been dead if you weren’t wearing that,” said Delsean.

“I keep a bullet proof vest on all the time, because I was scared that the people that killed my dad would try to come and kill me  and I guess they did, it’s a good thing I thought to always wear that,” said Shaquille.

“ Yea that’s crazy and it’s even crazier they came after you, but I’ll come back tomorrow man I got to go  check up on something, see you love you man,” said Delsean.

“See you love you,” said Shaquille.

“After a month has passed Shaquille is doing good and is all healthy, his child Antonio arrived and the cops finally found the guys that were doing the drive bys’. For me, well I made an album and it hit number one on the billboards, I’m living in a mansion in Hollywood with my mom, I finally got enough money to bail her out and she has a good life now and I’m happy get to see my mother everyday again.”

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