3 poems in memory of my mother- Les Murray

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A Poetry Review, again from high school. Your thoughts are very much appreciated !
Thoughtful nights ~ x

Submitted: April 05, 2014

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Submitted: April 05, 2014



3 poems in memory of my mother- Les Murray

The title

  • Poems about his memories of his mother and her death

The subject and the point of view:

  • Les Murray’s mother’s death
  • Her life and how she came to die
  • Whether or not he was responsible for her death
  • The first two poems are the introductions to the Murray family
  • His mother’s unfair treatment by the doctor’s
  • What he and his parents used to do together during his childhood

The mood:

  • Questioning “did you have more pressing cases” “how can you blame a baby? Or the longing for a baby?”
  • Reflective “remember when…”
  • Guilt “I have long been sorry”
  • Sadness “Justice wholly in this world would bring them no rebirth nor restore your latter birthdays. How could that be justice?”
  • Anger “justice is in people’s otherworld”

The imagery:

  • Small, country town. Very isolated and hot during the summer. A place where everyone knows everyone and crime is kept to a minimum.  Eg- “37 miles to town”

The structure:

  • 3 separate poems
  • Free verse
  • 1st two poems- four stanzas each
  • Last poem is 45 stanzas
  • First person- “use of the word I”

The language:

  • Simple but effective
  • Descriptive
  • Reflective
  • Easy to follow
  • Alliteration- “childish cool” “your hands are cold as charity” “nurse neighbors”
  • Similes- “provisional as lives are” “cold as charity”
  • Metaphors- “ my zodiac got washed away” “my father himself became a baby”

The evaluation:

  • Les Murray’s mother’s death was tragic; at least that’s what is portrayed in the poems. Les blames himself for his mother’s death, because she died of childbirth and he himself was a hard delivery. The poems are in chronological order, from his birth, to his mother’s death.


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