Lost me Gwallas

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A short story i wrote about a country girl in school and her pet ferret. couple years old and doesn't make the greatest of sense i must admit, but please let me know what you think!

Thoughtful nights ~~

Submitted: March 30, 2014

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Submitted: March 30, 2014



It can be said that to die a slow and painful death is the best way to go, because if you’re only going to die once then why not go out with a bang? Though it can be retaliated against with ‘why suffer in your last hours’ why not die in peace? I supposed it depends on the person, although they would not always have a choice. Like myself for instance, the choice was left up to karma, and karma’s a bitch.

“Please Mrs Avery, there is no need to panic, it is quite normal for a patient to have a few minor dramas in this sort of situation. The best thing you can do for your daughter is to remain calm, she can hear you.”

Yeah mate, too right I can hear ya, so how ‘bout talkin’ to me instead of me old lady? And while you’re at it, take these flamin’ tubes out of me arms!

Last night a nurse came into me room and handcuffed me wrists and ankles to ma bed. She didn’t say why, and I couldn’t ask her ‘cause being in a coma, communication only works the one way, I can hear them but they can’t hear me. I’m stuck in me own head with nothin’ but me own thoughts ‘cause no one seems to actually believe I can hear them.. I think they’re only telling me mum that so she doesn’t flip out. She’s already a wreck because of how I got meself into a coma and handcuffs anyway. Guess I could think about that now, I s’pose they gonna ask me to tell em my version what happened when I git meself up.. it all started three days ago on a shitty Tuesday at school. Double English, double history, maths and flippin legal studies.

Gotta love modern history with Miss Douglas. She spends the whole lesson screaming at the year nines who keep going back to their lockers and wagin’ class. It’s more entertaining then watch me older brother control a blackjack game, and that’s a bloody good show! Anyway, so the teachers outside screaming at the  little turds, and me classmates and meself are sitting inside watching when Mr Andrews walks in and stares at me like I’m an Alpaca about to spit at him or somethin’.

“Elle Lace, follow me please” he demanded in his ‘was in the army 20 years and retired to school principle because I’m an idiot” voice.

“Alright sir, don’t get yak nicks in a knot, I’m comin’,” I said back in my “you know I want to be called Ellie not Elle Lace” voice.

So they we were, walking down the noisy ramp in the English Department, as we got to the bottom and turned right we.. No hold on! I missed a bit! Once Corporal Crappy got me out of class I tried to find out what was goin’ on, but he wouldn’t tell me so I resorted to plan B

“Mr Andrews sir, please can ya tell me whats goin’ on? Is it me mum? Me dad? Me pet ferret Gwallas?”

“Elle Lace Ambrose shut your mouth and keep walking!”

Well, that sounded a bit harsh to me but I just kept walkin’. Now here is when we walked down the ramp and turned right to his office. When we went in me mum and dad were sitting on the couch, lookin’ like deer’s in headlights or an unflushed poop, just kind sitting there ya know? Well anyway once they saw me they jumped up and gave me the biggest hug and started to cry! Like cry as though someone was dead! Me mum turned to me and said;

“Elle Lace, Gwallas is dead, baby i’m so sorry!” and she started to cry again.

“Gwallas has carked it? Gonskies? Chillin’ with Jesus?” was all I could say in response.

“Yes Ella Lace, he choked on his breakfast after you had left for school,” me dad explained in a sad tone.

Let it be known that I ain’t no city slicker alright? Gwallas was me buddy, me pal, me three year old ferret! And now he was gonskies. And the only thing I could say was;

“Can I have a python now?”

That’s not the type of thing you say to ya parents who are farmers, and who are hatin’ on snakes for eatin’ their chickens. The look on their face was unforgettable and the first thing I could think of to do was to run like a Emu outta that office! So I turns and runs and I can hear me dad runnin’ behind me but all I can do is just keep runnin’!

I turned around the corner towards the year 12 area and as I did I smacked straight into a wall that I swear was not there before! You know in the movies when a character see’s stars after smackin’ their heads? I smacked me head on the wall and I saw Gwallas’ runnin’ round me in circles! I don’t remember anything after smackin’ me head. Until now I was just sleepin’ in me coma, but I guess I’m slowly wakin’ up now, ‘cause I can hear people. But when I wake up, I’m still gonna get in trouble for wantin’ a python.. oh wells.

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