exam- pass or fail

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a little essay about exams-- and life :)

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



Life is not an exam.  Because I took a lot, elementary, high school, college, other certification, employment exam, medical exam.  Most of them, I manage to pass, allow me to brag a little- I pass them with flying colors.  So then, if life is an exam, then why am i getting a lot of failing grades.  i am very much willing to study and learn.  oh please give a chance.  no ma'am, you just fail.  that's it? no second chance? ma'am you've just used your seventh chance.  oh really? then there's no eight?  i'm afraid it's the turn of others for their chance.

never realized life is too cruel, it don't seem to be before.  was it really to late? i can't remember i was warned. or am i not paying enough attention?  anyway life is still going afterall.  only me has stopped.  oh dear try making a few steps, it won't hurt. yes i will, just not now, i'm too tired. take some rest then and stay away from feeling hopeless, ---i'm just here.

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exam- pass or fail

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