The Not So Little Adventure of Molly Moo and the Angel: The Great Encounter

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The first chapter of my book, just seeing what people think.

Submitted: January 22, 2008

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Submitted: January 22, 2008



The Great Encounter


My name is Hannah.  I am the angel in charge of story telling.  It is my job to keep records of Angels lives.  This story is about one of our more eccentric angels we have ever had.  Yes Courtney Ella definitely danced to the beat of her own drummer or glockenspiel or some instrument that she made up.  As weird or strange or unbelievable as this story may be it is perhaps one of my favorites to tell.  For this story is proves that laughter is the best medicine and that growing old is not the same as growing old. 


Courtney Ella’s story begins in heaven one sunny day.  She was wearing a white t-shirt and white pants and white converse with yellow socks.  Courtney Ella was dancing down the halls of Naples.  She was in a very big day.  She was on her way to meet the big guy or so she thought.


“Who has a meeting with the big guy? Is it Courtney Ella? For Sure!” Courtney Ella said skipping down the hall.  “Haven’t you been here like ten years Gary and still haven’t seen him yet.  Better luck next time.  I am going to be busy all day.  Yes sir I will probably be with you know who all day, I have a big assignment.”


  Like I said Courtney Ella was very special, but on that day she had a right to be.  Yes after only a year up in heaven she was going to be giving her first assignment, after all that is the reason for this story.


Courtney Ella walked to the room the letter told her to.  Courtney Ella than opened the door and walked in.  Just like that woosh!  Courtney Ella found herself in the middle of the ocean.  There was a young man around her age standing there with her.  His name was John.  He was also an angel.  He was wearing an oxford shirt, white pants, white converse, and white socks.


“Hello, where am I?” Courtney Ella said looking around.


“You are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.” John said.


“Well naturally, wow what is that?” Courtney Ella said.


“Relaxit is just a whale heading to Alaska for food.” John said.


“Relax! Whales are like humongous!  I don’t know how to speak whale!” Courtney Ella said.


“Don’t worry, they can’t hurt us we are already dead.” John said.


“You are right, sorry. “ Courtney Ella said.


“Its cool sometimes I forget too.” John said.  “I like your socks.”


“Thank you that means so much.” Courtney Ella said.  


“You are Welcome, so how did you get them?” John asked.


“I sneak stuff back when I visit people on earth.” Courtney Ella said.


“Very scandalous!  You will never meet the big guy like that.” John said.


“I don’t understand this.  When I was growing up I was always told that God always loved you for yourself because we were made in his image.  Then I get here and they try to conform me to this white blah.  Lets be honest no one looks good in white, that’s why on the eighth day color was created.” Courtney Ella said.


“I am not sure that is how it happened.  I think I look good in white,” John said.


“That is because most guys are color blind and you don’t know the difference.” Courtney Ella said.


“Actually most guys that are color blind mix up the colors red and green.  That is why traffic lights are always in the same order.” John said.


“Whatever!” Courtney Ella said.


Courtney Ella answered ‘Whatever’ when she could not think of what else to say.  Some believe she used it as a way to buy more time till she thought of a real answer.  Others believe that she said ‘Whatever’ as a tool to deter who ever she was talking to at the time so that they would forget what they were talking about.  I personally believe that she didn’t like to lose very well and she used ‘Whatever’ as a tie.


“So, who are you any ways?” Courtney Ella asked.

“My name is John.  I have been sent here to give you your assignment.” John said.


“Oh, what is it?” Courtney Ella asked.


“It’s very special.  He swears you are the only one for the job.  It is like no other assignment ever given.” John said.


“I like this job already.” Courtney Ella said.


“Good because it is a difficult one.” John said handing her a white folder.


Courtney Ella began to open the folder.  The first thing she saw when she opened it was a picture of a little girl.  She had blonde hair and blue eyes just like Courtney Ella.  She was her special assignment.


“Her name is Molly.  She has recently lost her mother.  She isn’t the same any more.” John said.


“What do you want me to do, bring her mom back from the dead?  I can’t do that.” Courtney Ella said continuing to look through the folder.


“No of course not, no one can do that.” John said.


“I am confused, what can I do?” Courtney Ella said.


“You will know when you get there.” John said.


“What do you mean?” Courtney Ella said.


“You will just know and you will do it.” John said.


“How will I know?” Courtney Ella asked.


“There are things in life we just know and this is one of them.” John said.


“What if I do the wrong thing and make things worse for her?” Courtney Ella asked.


“He won’t let that happen.” John said.


“You don’t understand I missed up lots when I was alive, who is to say I won’t do it again.” Courtney Ella asked.


“You have to have a little faith.” John said and he disappeared. 


“Hey, Hey where did you go?  Don’t leave me here!  I don’t know what to do.” Courtney Ella yelled.


And just like that Courtney Ella heard the song ‘Have A little Faith In Me’ by Joe Crocker.  Yes she was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean listening to music.  Courtney Ella being who she was realized that song is pretty catchy and started dancing.  Her dancing was put on hold when she heard a loud noise.  It was coming from the group of whale heading towards her.


“AAAHHH! Turn around.  I am not food.  I don’t weigh much. I wouldn’t taste very good.  You know what is good Poptarts.  I love Poptars.  I wish I had some now to give you guys.” Courtney Ella said panicking.


The music at this point had stopped and the whales were only getting closer.


”Please get me out of here!” Courtney Ella yelled.


Then Courtney Ella heard laughing.  She was under the belief when she could not see a person that it must be God.  Yes sometimes he does speak directly but this time it was just John.  Yes it had been a while since he was given fresh meat and was just having some fun.


“Why are you laughing at me? I am a lost sheep stuck in the middle of the ocean.” Courtney Ella yelled.


Courtney Ella was not overly religious person.  She has always accepted that their was a higher being out there.  She took credit when things were good and put blame on him when they were bad.  This is very typical these days.  She went to church when she could.  She attended Catholic school and did so-so.  But when she thought the end was near she miraculously remembered everything she has learned through osmosis.  This is also very typical these days. 


After she said this the song ‘Have a little faith in me’ began to play again.


“Where is this music coming from?” Courtney Ella yelled.


Courtney Ella also had a very common disease of the time called ADD.  It has caused her several times to get distracted in moments of danger.


“Have a little faith, what does that mean?” Courtney Ella yelled. 


The whales appeared to be speeding up.


“Okay I have faith I will know what to do.” Courtney Ella screamed and closed her eyes.


Nothing happened, she was still there.


“Okay, I have faith you will get me out of here!” Courtney Ella yelled.


Courtney Ella had this strange ability to think on her feet.  Thank goodness because that is exactly what John wanted to hear.  Just as fast as she had gotten there she found herself in a building all wet.


She was in a school, Molly’s school to be more precise.  She was standing in the hallway dripping wet with her hands over her eyes afraid to look.  Something inside told her too and she did.


“Great! Now where am I?” Courtney Ella yelled.


Standing out in the hall with her was Molly.  Molly was not as shocked to see her as she was being there.


“You made me all wet.  Come on.” Courtney Ella yelled.


“SHH you are going to get in trouble.” Molly said.


Yes this is the change John was talking about.  Most ten year old girls would start flipping out.  She saw a strange women fall from the sky, she is all weight, you don’t know her, and all she was worried about was getting into trouble.


If it were me I would have started freaking out.  Much in the way Courtney Ella did.


“AAAAHHHH!” She screamed and jumped onto a chair. 


“What?” Molly asked.


“You can see me?” Courtney Ella asked.


They were both in the hall outside of a classroom.  Molly was sitting in a chair on one side of the door reading a book.  Courtney Ella was now standing on the chair on the other side flaring her arms around and freaking out.


“Of course I can see you; you are standing right here dripping all over the place.” Molly asked without even looking up from her book.


Molly was in the hall reading a book called ‘The Bean Tress’, a very non-rudimentary book for a child of her age.  I mean Courtney Ella had not read that book till she was in high school.  Molly had a good five year head start on her.


“This has never happened before.  I mean I come to earth lots and no one has ever acknowledged me.” Courtney Ella said beginning to sit down.


“Sorry to hear that.” Molly said.


“Thank you” Courtney Ella said.  “That is so kind.”


“Your welcome” Molly said. “So why are you all wet?”


“I have just come from the Pacific Ocean.” Courtney Ella yelled still in shock.


“How was it?” Molly asked.


“Oh, it was just dreadful.  I met this very snooty guy named John who made me feel like an idiot.  Then I had to listen to this way old song, like probably my parents old if not older.  Then some big, mean whales were after me.” Courtney Ella said almost crying.


“Then what happened.” Molly asked.


“I landed here of course.  Hey! You can see me you must be the one.” Courtney Ella shrieked.  “This is so exciting we are going to have so much fun together.  We are going to color, and dance, and play dress up, and watch Disney movies, and make then eat Root Beer floats-“


For a very brief moment Molly was enthroned in Courtney Ella’s ridiculous tale of her adventure in the middle of the Pacific.  She had no longer cared who she was, or why she was there, or even if this story was real.  She was caught up in the suspense.  Though it only lasted for a few moments it gave faith to John and others that it could happen again.  When I say others naturally that does not include Courtney Ella, for she was far to busy with thoughts of fun for her and Molly for that serious stuff.


“What do you mean the one?” Molly asked.


“The one I am supposed to save.” Courtney Ella said.


 “Save from what?” Molly asked.


Courtney Ella was by this point very tired of being wet.  The feeling of wet cloths on skin is just not a pleasant feeling.  She began to shake her head.  After one or two shakes her hair was completely dry.


“How cool!” Courtney Ella said.


“Save me from what?” Molly said a little more insistently.


“Well I am not sure yet.  When I know I will let you know so I can save you.” Courtney Ella said.


“How long will that take?” Molly asked standing up.


Courtney Ella was very amused of what she had done with her hair and had begun shaking her whole body.  In a matter of seconds she was completely dry.


“Well to be honest, I am not sure.  But we are going to have a lot of fun until I do Molly don’t you worry.” Courtney Ella said.


 “How do you know my name?” Molly asked.


“How terribly rude, I am Courtney Ella.  I am your angel.” She said this bowing.


“My angel?” Molly asked.


Yes Molly could except that she appeared from no where, claimed to have been in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and chased by whales.  But the concept that she was an angel was just a little too much for her.


Courtney Ella was still bowing.


“Yes, your angel.  I have been sent here to watch over you or protect you or something along those lines.” Courtney Ella said into her knees.


“What do you mean ‘Or something’?” Molly asked.


“I thought I made it clear I am not sure about much of anything right now.” Courtney Ella yelled.


“How do you not know?” Molly asked.


“Do you get e-mails from God; funny thing is neither do I.” Courtney Ella yelled.


She of course had to yell because she was still talking to her knees and she was in fear Molly would not hear her answers.  Not to be rude to Courtney Ella but she really wasn’t answering her questions anyways.  I suppose she went into a full pant for nothing.


 “What are you talking about?” Molly asked.


“Do you mind if I stand up?” Courtney Ella yelled.


“Sure” Molly said.


Courtney Ella stood up with a smile of relief on her face as she was catching her breathe.  You see being dead is a funny thing.  Yes Courtney Ella was technically dead and should have no pulse.  But you see when you die you start like a second life protecting those on earth.  This pulse is not needed at all but it is a normality that is given.  A little something we are use to having from our time on earth.


“Thank you” Courtney Ella said.  “You see I just got a name and a picture and poof here I am.  You are given free will here on earth and we have that too.  I was told I would be giving signs to guide me to know what to do.”


“Is it possible to miss interrupt these ‘signs’?” Molly asked.


 “Oh yeah” Courtney Ella said.  “I used to do it all the time.”


“Isn’t my life a little too precious to leave it up to chance.  You don’t sound to convincing.” Molly said.


“Hey, have a little faith in me.  I am like ninety percent sure I can do this job.  I mean how bad could I really mess this up, like I am already dead and all.  I have some big help also. Whatever, we are going to have some fun.” Courtney Ella said.


Yes Courtney Ella did not like to lose. 


“I think I want a new angel.” Molly said.


“That is a bit hurtful don’t you think, we just meet.” Courtney Ella said.


“My dad said that ninety percent of your impression should be made in the first five minutes you meet.  You are not doing so well.” Molly said.


“I am confused.” Courtney Ella said.


“About what?” Molly asked.


“Is this about my fun list?  It is too short right?  You know you cut me off and I was making it up as I went and I had a way bad morning and all.” Courtney Ella sobbed.


“No, it’s not just the list.  It is the made up story you told, not knowing what you are doing, the fact that I feel I am completely crazy for thinking you are here.” Molly said. 


“I AM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!” Courtney Ella sobbed/yelled/cried and she was now lying on the floor.


“There, there its okay.” Molly said bending down to comfort her.


“I can’t believe my first assignment is going so badly.” Courtney Ella said.


“I never used badly, I said off to a bad start.” Molly said.


“That is like the same thing.” Courtney Ella moaned.


“Gez, I guess it sort of does.” Molly said.


Courtney Ella was in a full out cry at this point.  This had not turned out as she had planned.  I think it was the first time ever her friendship had been rejected so quickly, frankly without any real merit. Just then Molly’s teacher came into the hall way to check on her.  Some how Molly was back in her chair reading and Courtney Ella was gone.


“Molly we are ready to move on to math, would you like to join us.” Molly’s teacher Mrs. Thomas said.


Molly had been in the hall not because she was in trouble.  She was in the hall because her class mates were taking a test she didn’t have to take because this was her first day back since her mom’s death.


You may be wondering how they got away with all that noise.  This is going to be hard to explain but I am going to try.  The whole time Molly and Courtney Ella were in the hall everyone who walked by or looked that way saw Molly seating down reading a book.  It’s almost like a hologram.  This occurs sometimes when it is felt that they need some alone time to work things out.


Molly looked around in shock.


“Yeah, okay” Molly said still looking around in disbelief.


“Molly, where did all this water come from?” Mrs. Thomas asked.


Molly started rubbing her eyes.  Sure enough their was water every where Courtney Ella had been.  She kept thinking to her self that it was impossible, she couldn’t be real.


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