Wandering thoughts

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The thoughts of a young student in Engineering.

Submitted: October 30, 2014

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Submitted: October 30, 2014



Wandering Thoughts

I sometimes wonder what makes a person write his feelings on a piece of paper when he has a million pages book technically called a heart. Emotions are often put on a paper when you have no one to share them with. Emotions- It comes to my mind that whenever I hear this word there is a bewildered puzzle in my head. Trepidation strikes me when it come to puzzles. Fear of losing something or someone. Fear of being misunderstood. As a matter of fact I understood that being in good books with everyone is not requisite. But I managed to connect this sentence only with my wit. So many emotions lead to so many personalities. Every person is unique they say. Every person has the right to choose they say. But they also say, it doesn't work practically. How the hell can someone contradict their own statement so easily. From childhood you are taught to be nice to people. Compromise with almost everything that is designed to test your ability with life.

On the other hand the same preachings tell you to fight for your right. These kind of things just make me clumsy. And people also have the newly grasped word of gen N 'Attitude'. And right now in which the stage I am, I always fail to understand the attitude of

pedagogues. I feel they always fail to explain logical things. I don't understand why to tell a girl that she has to come dressed only in a traditional attire. And they think giving tradition a hash tag of professionalism

will make sense! I never wanted to get into this tormenting jungle of Engineering. But as I did, I will

have to put my brimful efforts to make my way out of it ,successfully. Actually safely.


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