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Here , we will talk about something happened in our daily life but they comes before in the form of intuitions . It is may be positive or negative which forms on the basis of your perceptions,
experiences, feelings and prediction. The energy feels inside in your soul that's the pure form comes externally in the form of intuitions. Let's begin!

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017



Intuitions - vibes

Aah the way you predict the things in your mind with actual realisation, inner deep holds your breathe and powers flows in actual events where suppose to you are not but fears are. The vibes flows in all over your body appears like what you have trust belifes in your life running with same speed of blood flows in body but it has some energy which means alot when something happens these energy wakes you up before that happenings and make sure your intuitions never lie, trust it. Here tell you something quite interesting about intuition.

One day when i woke up with my windy eyes where doors are opened of my room and i see mermrising view of snowfall at 5 AM, its cool breathing air flows in the town and dark shine in all over i feel cherish and make myself comfortable with my pillow handed over my head, that suddenly a awkward moment happens of shadow comes around in balcony corner and it waves somethin, I crawe and come out from my bed and thinking there is something which is horror. I go for a bathroom area where a wooden sticks will sticked with door , I collect it and come outside from that place. I realise it harms me anyway so that wooden Stick protects me, slowly i move step ahead towards the balcony when i reach the door of balcony air whistle blows and something falls on me i shouted so extreme and moving here and there with wooden stick, i begged it everwhere then i will rememberd something is falling onto me is like a cloth i pushed light buttons on then i see its a towel which i hanging in the balcony yesterday's evening and the shadow is happen because of streetlights reflects on them and air passes so it looks like wave. I laughed at myself and appreciate my stupid senses its adventure in morning for me and a experience happend with actual thinking that what we feel and judge is not always right our intuitions is happend what we thought on our learnings, past experiences, knowledge and most our perceptions when it mix altogether and we find something is happend our intuition never lie But when we judge and feel it may be go wrong like in my case.

Intuitions neither be positive or nor be negative but its all about what happend next it prevails us before and givsignals through some vibes like my mom taught us when your left eye bubling and eitching it means something good is happened with you but when your right eye curving like the same then something bad or unexpected fears happend & now its all comes around perceptions. I follow these magics when my eyes eitching and i remembered my mom's thought and plays it on myself that time i am happy for next good happenings and vice versa sometimes i am worried what happened next, what taught us in our family earlier becomes heridate in ourselves and makes our perceptions that makes our intutions which flows with our gestures realise it on whole body. It percived that something is happend for good or bad but when it appears without happening before, it becomes intuitions.

Thought of the lesson :- If powers comes around you realisation happend something of , you are not afraid of them but trust it on without any fear having on them , make it happend or not.

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