Myth of the Wolf

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Blake and Andrew hear from their father about the myth of the Wolf who lives in the forest near their home. They are certain that it is nothing but a story to scare young children away from the forest at night. And they are determined to prove it.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



\"You never had a brother!\" My father said gravely as he ended his tale. Andrew yawned loudly. We had heard the same story from our father so many times that we knew it by heart. \"You boys aren't fun to scare anymore.\" Father said looking rather disappointed. \"Maybe it WOULD have been scary if it wasn't something we'd heard about a million times. Seriously, go find some new material.\" I rolled my eyes as I slipped my bag around my shoulder. \"Just stay away from the forest.\" Father sighed as he watched Andrew and I shuffle out the door.

We trudged through the damp soil that led to the old campsite. Andrew shivered in his jacket. \"It's really cold tonight, Blake. Maybe we should try another night.\" his teeth chattered as he spoke. \"Don't be stupid. It's a full moon tonight. According to father, this is the night the Wolf appears. We have to prove it to father once and for all that that dumb old story isn't true.\" I replied irritatedly.

Our father had told us since young of the Wolf who lived in the forest who killed men and little boys during the full moon. After which they were forgotten forever by those who knew them. It couldn't possibly be true. He just wanted us to stay at home.

After we had set up our tents, Andrew and I decided to start a fire to keep ourselves warm. As we bent down to collect dry leaves and twigs, a snarl erupted from the bushes in front of us. Andrew jumped next to me. \"W..what was that?\" He stammered.

\"It's just a dumb dog.\" I said, trying to act brave. But the truth was that I felt like jelly. \"I don't think so..\" Andrew's voice came out rather strained as he pointed towards the direction of the noise. I gasped at what I saw. It couldn't possibly be true. But there it was. Two terrifyingly huge yellow eyes glared back at me from behind the bushes.

Whatever it was took a big step towards us with a huge hairy paw. I laid my eyes on its hideous head and it's row of glistening sharp teeth. I looked towards my brother and saw fear in his eyes. The next thing I knew we were running for our dear lives. The gnarled branches of the trees cast horrible shadows around us as though they were reaching for us, wanting to tie us down for that beast to feast on. The monster was so close I could almost feel its hot breath on my ankles.

Suddenly, I tripped over a rock and fell. Searing pain shot up my left leg and I screamed in pain. I tried to move but it was too late. I was staring into those hypnotising yellow eyes. The beast was upon me. It growled, it's musty breath was suffocating. It raised its head and gnashed it's teeth but just as it was about to end my life, I saw something fly through the air and hit the monster on its head.

As the creature bounded off me, it's huge paw whacked me across the head. Before I lost consciousness I heard Andrew let out a blood curdling scream and then something wet and warm splattered across my cheek.

When I awoke, the sharp smell of anesthetic pierced my nostrils. I could see the familiar shape of my father standing next to me. \"Oh you're awake! You're okay!\" He exclaimed, relieved, \"It took me so long to find you! What were you doing in the forest alone after I told you not to go there!\"

My brain was hazy but there was something about his words that struck me. \"Wait.. Alone..? What about Andrew?\" I asked. \"Andrew? Who's that? Your classmate?\" Father replied, looking at me in an odd manner. I laughed nervously, panic climbing up my throat. \"Haha.. Stop joking. Where's Andrew, your SON? MY BROTHER.\"

My father looked at me like I had gone mad. \"What are you talking about, Blake? You never had a brother!\"

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