A Realistic View on God and His Divine Plan

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Our God is a man of science; all of the invention/creation He has done for us are based on advanced scientific knowledge and superior technology. His works also need time and the appropriate process to reach success—not just by words alone.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



Since ancient times, God has always been of great interest and one of the most controversial topics for mankind. Does God really exist? How is God related to us? These questions have been asked for thousands of years, and yet God still remains a mystery. Although our understanding of God is not clear, many people still worship God wholeheartedly.

God is also called by different names, such as the Lord, Allah, Jehovah, Great Master, Messiah, Supernatural Being, Higher Power, Cosmic Computer, etc. In reality, not only followers of religions such as Judaism, Christianity or Islam worship God; non-religious people also worship their own versions of Higher Power, which is another way to connect to God. Humans from different parts of the world comprehend God and His power in different ways based on their perception, which is created from their limited life experience. As science evolves and expands, allowing us to have deeper and broader knowledge of our reality, it also gives us a different perception about God. From my experience and comprehensive research, I have a more realistic view about God and His creation/invention. I present my findings in detail in the book The Great Truth, but in this article, I have condensed many explanations and only put forth my main viewpoints. Thus, these viewpoints may come as somewhat of a shock to you. I invite you to read the book for more details.

Many billions of years ago, after the universe was formed, God was the first and the only life form that existed on a planet far far away from where we are. He learned from the natural laws of the universe, and then He created the angels who then lived on the same planet. From there, He came up with the divine plan—creating new lives in the universe.

Once the plan was formed, God and the angels used their supreme scientific knowledge and technology to create new lives and guide them through evolution and eventually to salvation. As time passes, He continues to develop many lives throughout the entire universe. The lives that have been liberated (after salvation) will help God to guide other lives that have not yet been liberated.

Life on Earth is a part of the divine plan. About 4.6 billion years ago, God and the angels created the Sun, Earth, and other planets in the solar system, made them orbit according to the natural laws of the universe, and then have continued adjusting them to work accurately and harmoniously. God adjusted weight and volume and created satellites for the planets to acquire the precise distance, orbit and speed to maintain life on Earth.

After God realized that the solar system was running well, he sent angels to Earth by UFOs. Angels created the water and atmosphere, as well as constructed sites and other architectural works to reside and work on Earth. Examples of these sites are the nuclear reactors in Oklo, Gabon, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, and the Tiwanaku site in Bolivia. Once God and the angels recognized that the Earth’s climate was stable enough to host life, God had the angels bring the genetic material of flora and fauna to Earth, make them reproduce, and then introduce them to the environment where they could self-adapt and self-evolve.

Most of the existing lives on Earth were brought from outside of Earth by God and the angels, where they then cross-bred and multiplied. All species, from simple to complex, have different sets of gene codes; depending on the stability of the Earth’s climate and appropriate timeline, God has released different species. All species must go through the process of evolution to self-adapt and improve in the Earth’s environment because evolution is a necessary process for all lives. Each of the flora and fauna species carry genetic information of their own kind. Genes contain information for physical, intellectual, and sentient characteristics that will be inherited by the next generation.

Humans evolved from chimpanzees. There are two stages in the formation of modern human species.

  • Stage 1: God adjusted the gene structure of chimpanzees to form the ancient humans, known as Homo. This species were spread, by the angels, to all continents except America via UFOs, so they could adapt to the local weather and environment.
  • Stage 2: God adjusted the gene structure of the Homo humans to form Homo Sapiens humans. In addition, God equipped this species each with a soul to become intelligent humans. Only Homo Sapiens humans, our modern human species, have a soul. All other species on Earth don’t have a soul. The time period where Homo Sapiens humans first appeared in the Americas over 10,000 years ago is known as the Last Ice Age.

After modern humans appeared, once again the angels used UFOs to spread them all over the world by groups of specific races. Then, the angels helped these groups settle into their lives, taught each group a language to communicate, and taught them how to cultivate with basic techniques. Time went by, and these groups self-reproduced, becoming populous enough to form clans, tribes, races, and eventually constitute nations. After God realized that the evolution of humans had reached the necessary level of stability, he commanded the angels to leave Earth and remove any traces of them being there. They continued guiding humans quietly from Heaven and from outside of Earth. As part of God’s will, sometimes biological robots and the angels arrive on Earth by UFOs to help humans.


Humans are superior biological machines created by God and the angels. At a basic level, the way a human operates is similar to a computer. The brain of a human is a biological processor while the brain of a computer is a mechanical processor (CPU/hardware). The function of the soul to a person is analogous to the function of software programs to a computer. Data from an old computer can be copied to a new computer. In the same vein, God can take the soul of a dead person and install it to a new body. We call this process reincarnation.

The soul of a person is a mass of information, including software programs with preeminent features programmed by God, and it contains all of the information that the person has experienced in all of their lives (this life and previous ones). Since the very first humans appeared on Earth, every time a person dies, God retrieves the soul and has it reincarnated into a human fetus (about 4 months into pregnancy). God uses a type of wave called super brainwave to transmit souls. The speed of a super brainwave is infinite and no material can stop it from traveling. Super brainwaves are transmitted by superior technological equipment which resides with God. With our science and technology today, we are unable to read information from souls. Thus, we can only gain insights into how the soul works via the activities of our brains.

The human soul is comprised of three major components: the consciousness software program, the spirit software program, and the repository of past lives’ information (RPLI).


The consciousness software program’s mission is to manage the operations of the brain. After being installed in the brain, this program helps the brain perceive and process information, perform introspection, think in the abstract, and use language.

The consciousness software program distributes and forwards information received from the five senses and extrasensory perception to the spirit software program or the subconscious. When it arrives in the subconscious, it then contacts the RPLI and pulls the related information into the central brain for the consciousness software program to process and yield results. The consciousness software program also saves the results it processed into subconscious memory. It can also read the information it previously saved in the subconscious memory for use later via the function of recall. At a lower level, we can understand the operation of the consciousness software program of humans as similar to the operation of system operating software of a computer such as Microsoft Windows or Apple’s Mac OS. Without this program, our brain cannot operate normally.

The spirit software program’s function is to create the various human emotions. The eight basic emotions that the spirit software program creates are pleasure, happiness, anger, love, hatred, sadness, desire, and fear. These eight emotions can be individual emotions, but when activated and combined together, they create a multitude of other human emotions.

We can recognize that most activities of the soul, especially the spirit software program, are based mainly on perceptions from the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste) through daily interactions and activities. From this varied input, the consciousness software program processes and connects with the spirit software program, creating different moods. This process repeats many times and, as a result, establishes unique temperaments for each of us.

Because of this special spirit software program, humans have become the most advanced creatures on Earth.

The repository of past lives’ information (RPLI) is an important component of the soul. The mission of the RPLI is to store information about a person’s previous lives. To better understand the RPLI, we first need to differentiate the RPLI from the subconscious.

The subconscious stores all of the information that a person experiences from birth to death. An ordinary person can easily retrieve the information stored in his/her subconscious memory through recall.

The RPLI stores all of the information that a person has experienced in all of his previous lives. This information includes knowledge, feelings, thoughts, and actions. In the first life of a soul, God equips the RPLI with only the basic information needed for instinctual operations. When a person dies, God collects all of the information recorded in the subconscious and puts it together in one package (like a computer folder). Each life of a soul is stored in a separate package, and all of the packages are installed into the brain of a fetus. This becomes the individual’s RPLI for his current life. The central brain cannot retrieve information from the RPLI directly, however. Rather, in order for this information to feed into the consciousness software program, there must be leading information and it must go through the subconscious. Leading information is the information received either from the five senses, introspection, or extrasensory perception, and is related to the data stored in the RPLI.

We can realize that that God created the RPLI to give humans opportunities to re-use all of the knowledge and experiences gained in their previous lives for the purpose of assisting humankind in the evolutionary process. The following phenomena are mainly due to the RPLI: inborn talents, child prodigies, geniuses, remembering past lives, homosexuality and bisexuality, inborn temperaments, maternal love, and feelings of familiarity (déjà vu) and love at first sight. See The Great Truth for more detailed explanations of these phenomena.


The fate of a person is the arrangement made for one before birth, and it is unchangeable. God has created fate for each human because of the sin each human has committed in his past life or lives. God predetermines fate for each life except the first, when our soul is new. Once a human has passed through his first life, God determines and fulfills fate based on his deeds in the previous life. Deeds in this life will be judged for the fate of the next life. Ultimately, reincarnation and fate are necessary for human evolution.

God arranges human fate in a very natural way—causing us to mistakenly believe that everything happens to us randomly. In fact, all results that are written in fate—whether good or bad—are from us and by us. God always treats everyone fairly. God and the angels maintain justice based on the laws of righteousness, and do so to help humans evolve. When executing the course of events for human fate, the angels must comply with the principles that God has set forth and are not allowed to change them. However, with the limitless power of God, He can appear in many different forms on Earth and he can reward or assist any person without having to follow fate. Only God has the right to make these exceptions.

Fate and reincarnation are an important part of God’s plans to expand and promote evolution in the universe. Fate is an effective measure to help keep God's righteous law for all of the “humanities” that have not reached salvation; this is not just for human life on Earth. Fate is a message from God to assist people in carrying out good deeds and avoiding evil, guiding people to immortal life and toward the achievement of greatness in the future.

To help in the execution the course of fate’s events and to assist humans with evolution, God has come to Earth in the physical body of Lao Tzu. His son, Christ, also came to Earth in the physical body of son of the woman named Mary. In addition, God sent his angels to Earth to relay messages to humans to create religions. God and the angles also have created phenomena such as prophecy, telepathy, mediumship, dreams, ghosts, near-death experiences, sixth senses, and crop circles in the fields. They created these events with their superior technology, which we don’t understand, and therefore we call them mysterious. See The Great Truth for more detailed explanations of these phenomena.


As mentioned, life on Earth is a part of the divine plan. Currently, we are in an examination and evolution period, both moral and intellectual. When the evolution of humans meets the requirements, God will decide the Last Judgment Day. On this day, humans will be liberated from death to live an immortal and most wonderful life.

As we know, after death a soul will be seized by God, and before being incarnated back to life again, it will have to be judged for good and bad deeds from the previous life in order to receive its fate arrangement. However, the meaning of the judgment day is not the same as previous judgments; this is God’s final judgment, without the distinction between religious and non-religious followers, theistic or atheistic people; this is judgment for all of humanity.

The two most important criteria that God will count on the final judgment day are morality and intellect. Although these two factors have the same importance level, they are ranked differently by God.

  • When God judges morality, He will only judge for each individual, not based on the general morality of humanity.
  • When God judges intellect, He will base this judgment on the overall level of the whole world, not on each individual.

The reason for this difference in God’s judgment process is due to the fact that intellect is something that God gives humans at different points in time in order to meet the needs of life and human development. On the other hand, morality belongs to an individual’s efforts to improve and reach a level of perfection according to God’s standards.

For God to decide the time of the final judgment day, humans need to reach a certain evolutionary level and a synchronicity of both intellect and morality--again, according to standards set by God. On the final judgment day, God, Jesus Christ, and high-level angels will come to Earth to process the judgment. On this day, we will not see all of the people of the world coming to one place to hear God’s judgment, because there is no place large enough for all of us to attend this event. On this day, angels will directly broadcast to the whole world the view of God, Jesus Christ and the angels performing the judgment. Those images, which the angels will execute through the use of superior optical technology and sound, will be seen in the clouds. On that day, God will judge everyone–from a new soul in his first life, to souls that have been though hundreds of lives. Everyone has an equal chance.

After preparing everything, God will announce the judgment and guide the angels to fulfill His judgment through the use of super brainwaves that will activate the RLPI for everyone at the same time. From there, each of us will see and recall thoughts, actions, and emotions, from our first life to the last one. This information will show in our heads with clear imagery and sound, as if we were watching a 3D movie. From there, each of us will be aware of what we have done in the past: good or bad, virtue or sin, all will be shown clearly so that we cannot deny it. After the self-judgment, God will make a list of deserved people who can receive his release. These people will be released from fate, escape reincarnation, and enjoy immortal lives.

The rest who are not released by God in this judgment will have their physical lives taken away, but their souls will be saved. However, God will not take away the lives of these souls forever. He will let them reincarnate into human form and live on a different planet, created after Earth.

After the judgment, God will activate his system to adjust our genes so that our bodies can live longer and without sickness. He will give us secrets about gene structure so man can create perfectly young bodies according to our wishes. At the same time, God will empower Jesus Christ and high-level angels to facilitate operations on Earth.

After the judgment, man can live in absolute justice and be forever a peaceful society. At that time, all material products for serving humanity will be produced mostly by robots and biological robots. Jesus Christ will lead and direct us in helping lives that form after Earth. We will do work similar to what angels used to do to support us as humans. At that time, we will also become angels for those humans living in different places.


In the future, humans will possess these three major technologies: gravitational waves, anti-gravity waves and super brainwaves.

Gravitational Waves and Anti-Gravity Waves

A gravitational wave is capable of creating high speeds so that objects can move in space. An anti-gravity wave is capable of controlling the gravity of all objects in the universe. After humans search out and possess these technologies, we will manufacture flying saucers and operate them in the same manner as the angels, who travel the universe and skies of Earth in flying saucers. With our current technology, even when we can master it, we cannot travel further than our solar system. With a flying saucer, however, man can easily travel into space and discover distant planets in far-off galaxies. Besides flying saucers, with these technologies we will also create many other modes of transportation to replace motorbikes, cars, trains, and planes. In the future, one popular form of transportation will be equipment which can be put on the body like angel wings in fairy tales. This equipment will lift a man up into the air with the appropriate speed and height based on the user’s control.

In the future, these technologies will replace heavy transport vehicles such as the cranes and derricks that we currently use. These new means of transport will work effectively, like those with which the angels moved big stones to build the Egyptian pyramids and other ancient architectural works. In brief, man will use these advanced technologies to serve mankind and support life.

Super Brainwaves

Super brainwaves are special waves because their speed is unlimited and their transmission can’t be prevented by any materials or objects in the universe. In both the past and present, God and the angels have used super brainwaves to connect with and control human brains. However, humans cannot possess this technology before God liberates us. If we possess this technology too early, man will read others’ thoughts and control their wishes, which will disorder God’s divine plan.

Super brainwaves play an important role in maintaining human immortal lives in the future. As we know, only the soul is immortal and physical bodies cannot survive forever. Therefore, after the final judgment day, God will grant us final knowledge about medicine and gene technology, etc., which will solve man’s problems related to aging and disease. The new gene will offer man a perfect physical body and great longevity. However, new medicinal knowledge and new gene structures are not enough for humans to live immortal lives.

In the immortal life, our souls will still connect with central soul data based on super brainwaves on Earth. When our physical body gets old or deadly accidents destroy our bodies, we will use super brainwaves to install our souls (which have been saved in the central soul data) into a new body. Once completed, one can continue life like waking up after sleep. In the future, man will use super brainwaves to move souls from one body to another to maintain immortal life.

Biological Robots

Recently, humans have created many generations of robots, which serve in various industries, including manufacturing, exploration, services, etc. However, our robot generations can’t be compared to God’s and the angels’ robots, because their robot generations are much more advanced.

After humans become masters of super brainwave techniques, we will create a biological robot generation by manipulating human genes (cloning), just as God has. When creating the clone bodies, we will use super brainwaves to install a consciousness software program in their brains, as well as input knowledge for one or more professional fields. In this way, we will manufacture biological robots.

These robots will be meant for specific tasks. Biological robots can learn, supplement knowledge, and work as normal humans, but they do not have desires, greed, sadness or anger. They just work as humans assign them. If the bodies of biological robots get old or damaged by accidents, we will collect the data in their brains. Then, we will reinstall this information in other clone bodies, helping them to live and continue working normally.

Travel Through Space

In the future, once humanity has been liberated, we will become a member of highly evolved universal societies that are under God’s supervision. At that time, we will be able to travel to other member planets to visit, and we’ll do that by super brainwave technology. The way humans travel through the universe will be similar to the way God allows souls to reincarnate, or the way Jesus Christ descended from heaven 2000 years ago.

Before man travels to any other member planets, we will contact the members living there so that they can prepare necessary numbers of clone bodies. Then we will use super brainwaves to transmit and install our souls into these clone bodies, and will be able to operate normally, just as if we were living on Earth. And when we return to Earth, we will use the same manner of transport.

Super brainwave technologies will guarantee immortality and a perfectly convenient lifestyle for everyone on Earth. To achieve higher levels of evolution, we will need lots of time and the help of God and the angels to advance to the required level of intellect. Science is the only way to Heaven.


Our God is a man of science; all of the invention/creation He has done for us are based on advanced scientific knowledge and superior technology. His works also need time and the appropriate process to reach success—not just by words alone. In our everyday life, we see events and phenomena occurring that are beyond our understanding. It’s because our level of intellect has not yet reached a required threshold needed for a scientific explanation. Thus we divine the issue and name it mysterious. Besides, our God has a very compassionate heart and extreme patience with His divine plan. God created humans and guided us to the perfect life.

The Heaven that humanity has been seeking is nowhere else but right here on Earth. The process to acquire Heaven is based on our individual contribution and we each will be part of that immortal and perfect life. Thus from now on, we, despite genders, religions, nations or race, must cooperate and help each other to evolve together. Each of us needs to self-improve, morally as well as intellectually, to contribute all our ability and passion to the community for the overall purpose of human evolution.

The physical and material resources that God created/invented on Earth are abundant for everyone to have the most convenient life, for the present and in the future. We don’t necessarily need to fight to claim our own properties. We can’t carry material wealth with us after we die; we can only pass on morality and intellect to next our lives and thereby forever own it. Morality and intellect are truly valuable for us today, in our next lives, and for immortal life after salvation. Moreover, we can collectively contribute these values to the salvation of humanity and become legitimately liberated citizens of the universe.

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