Letter to My Demons

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Sometimes we battle so many things, life seems hard and we not not where to look. it can be overwhelming and that is when we seem to believe "they" the struggles have won and this is when they win and we then realise that we rely on our aches and pains for our lives to have meaning.

Submitted: June 25, 2013

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Submitted: June 25, 2013



Dear demons

Gently embrace me with your sweet caress 
Place beneath my anguish the taste of a joyous revelation 
Wrap me tightly with the feeling of adoration

The sounds of the strife beat a drum that reminds me bitterly 
of a sweet voice I once heard calling from the heavens 
Absolution is irrelevant when you hold me firmly in your arms 
Singing in whispers love songs that soothe the hurt, even if just for a moment 
I call out to you, Give in 
Cause the scars you inflict on my forever will never heal 

Still I love you 
When you lay beside me
Carving ugliness inside me 
Leaving the markings of scorn plastered horridly on my limping soul 
When you have me screaming your name in deep despair 
Violently tearing down my joy and happiness 
Demanding I carry your last name proudly 

Wide spread zeal has me succumbing 
Bowing merrily to serve your needs 
I’ll do anything to see you smiling I’ll tell a lie, steal a heart, shatter dreams, kill a soul even if it were my own 

You lead me wrong and still I love you

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