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betrayal poisonous as venom

EDITED BY "Criss Sole"

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013




“So ma’am, after seeing all your papers I can say that you are qualified to adopt the baby from our orphanage, but you can’t decide whether you want a boy or a girl?”

“That’s alright, I am not particular. As long as my dream of adopting a baby comes true, that’s all I want.”

“Yes ma’am. “

“Oh, call me Lina please.”

“Oh okay. You will be given three months Lina, to bond with the baby before you take the child home. We do this so that the baby is comfortable with you before moving into a new atmosphere. It is advisable for the baby and you as well. So in an hour you can meet your baby.”

Lina was a young lady of about 26 years, and had a job as a freelance editor working from home so that she could take care of the baby.

I picked up my phone and rang my friend Pam to tell her the good news. Pam’s husband picked up the phone andI told him about the news and asked him to pass it on to Pam. Tanner said he was very happy to hear the news that I was getting what I wanted as I deserved the best for mykind heart and helping people.

I had helped him and Pam get closer, and then helped arrange the wedding.

I said, “It’s my pleasure Tanny. Pam is a very good friend of mine and she needed the initial help and push to express her feelings. All I did was become a mediator to help you understand sign language, until you could learn and understand it.You did, and now even though she can’t talk and hear, you still communicate with ease. You don’t have to feel that you owe me anything.Asa friend I brought two love bird’s together .Yeah!”

“So when are you going to get the baby? Did they tell you whether it’s a boy or a girl?”

“No they didn’t. I can’t bring the baby home that soon.I need to wait three months to bond with the baby and see if he is comfortable with me. In a way it’s good. I need to make some arrangements for the baby once I know if it’s a boy or a girl.I am so excited about this, finally the day has come!”

“Lina you can come in now,” said the lady.

“Okay…. I got to go, talk to you later.”I hung up and went inside the room where there were babies crying, playing and sleeping in their cribs.I was overjoyed to see these cute faces and wondered where my baby was.

“This is the baby that you will be adopting,” the lady handed me a sweet soul into my hand’s.I closed my eyes and said, “Thank you GOD.”

I bent down my head and saw that a very beautiful baby was in my arms. He was three months old and so beautiful.He had those beautiful blue eyes and blond hair and the moment he saw me he gave the sweetest smile I have ever seen.All of my worries vanished in jiffy, seeing this angel in my arms.He was chubby and I would not let anyone hurt him. I brought him close to my face and kissed his baby soft forehead and told him, “I LOVE YOU RAY”. Yes that’s your name from now on, Ray. You are like a “Ray of Hope” in my life.

The lady said there was a special bond between us.We were like biological mother and son and she had never seen any baby so comfortable with their foster parent.

We were meant to be “Mommy and son,” Isn’t it darling.

And two months passed away peacefully and we were bonding perfectly.I was waiting to take my baby home and take him shopping and to the park, have some mommy-baby time together.

Well I didn’t know that everything that I hoped for would change and shatter my world and Ray’s life too.

Pam came home one day when I was going to see my baby boy.I told her to come and meet the baby.She was as excited as I was. Ray was equally thrilled to see me.

After two days I got a call from the orphanage and this call came asthunder to me. The lady told me that Pam had come to the Orphanage and paid them money and told them to give my baby to her.

They gave away my Ray to her.

Hearing this I felt my heart sinking and I was gasping for air. How can she do this to me?

What did I do to deserve this betrayal?

I called Tanner and asked where she was. He was shocked to hear this and said he had no idea. I could not stop crying and yelling, “she is your wife!”

“I know Lina. I will find out her whereabouts and tell you when I know.”

I had not slept or eaten for 24 hours and felt like my reason of existence was over. And only one thing was running in my head;

How could she betray me?

That’s when I knew “BETRAYAL IS POISONOUS AS VENOM” and can take your life.

After two months, I got a call from Tanny that my baby Ray was in the hospital and was battling between life and death. Listening to this I rushed to the hospital to see my baby pinned down with tubes and needles.

I was so angry and upset with Pam. At that point of time I could have killed her but I only slapped her and yelled,

“This is all because of you!”

My baby was blind in his left eye and could not move an inch as his spine was broken and his head was severely damaged. He would never be able to talk, or sit or walk..

Even then I never lost hope. I devoted all my time to him and somehow two years went by and by God’s grace he was with me. Although doctors lost all hope, I had him with me.

But my time with him was short lived.

It was on Christmas eve that Ray started vomiting blood and when I rushed him to the hospital he had already slipped into a coma and he was put on ventilators and again had tubes and needles sticking in him.

I was told that instead of doctors handling him and hurting him it’s better I lay beside him.


So I lay on his bed hugging him and telling him that we would go to Disneyland and meet his favourite Mickey Mouse and there won’t be any more hospitals, medicines, painful needles and doctors.

“Just you and Mommy and Mickey mouse.”

And my baby Boy flashed his “MILLION DOLLAR SMILE” for the every last time.

My baby was gone far far away from me forever. But his soul and memories are always with me in my heart.

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