Do Miracles Happen??

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This story is sci-fictional....its abt a boy who has brain tumur

will he survive???

Submitted: July 05, 2014

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Submitted: July 05, 2014



One foggy morning of december 16th 1986,Faith 
came out of the washroom wiping her hands,seeing her only 
son Ray,Who was fully engrossed in reading his favourite adventurous 

Soon he will be taken to the Operation Theatre.

Hope saw that her son was undisturbed,she stood staring out
 of the window with a blank expression...

Ray is under the care of Dr.Andrew ,who is one of the best 

Just then Shane had entered the room and came to the window
and very slowly tapped on Hope's shoulder trying not to 
startle her

"what are you thinking about??" said, Shane

Ohh hi honey,i didnt quite notice you enter the room. said hope 

Hmmmm that's fine,whats troubling you??,don't be scared love 
our son is in safe hands he is gonna be absolutely fine

Hope couldn't hold her fear and tears inside her anymore 
and she broke down clinging to Shane

Shane was trying to console her and asking her to stop 
crying and calm down as Ray might see them..

He was suffering from brain tumur

Shane and Hope were recollectiong the four hour long discussion
they had the last night regarding Ray's life or death operation
which is to be performed within few hours.

hearing her son's laughter Hope turned back to find that Ray 
and Shane were having a great time playing cards
In a few minutes time he will be taken away to the 
operation theatre.Hope and Shane kissed their son's
forehead wishing him good luck and praying to almighty

The operation lasted for 8 hours..Staring out of the window
 her thoughts lingered into the past 

ray had come back from school in a bubbly mood and wanted to
eat his favourite snack, chocolate and hazelnut milk cereals
Late that evening,he complained of severe headache and 
collapsed on the ground

He was immediately rushed to the hospital.FRom then his 
condition became worse day by day he received a lot of
"GET WELL SOON" SMS AND EMAILS from friends and family
and other well wishers

These GET WELL SOON messages inspired Ray and was the only reason 
that made him fight with a strong heart to loosing faith and
giving up he gelt he was letting down all his supporters

Engrossed in these thoughts Hope suddenly came back to her
senses when Shane was tapping her shoulder and gave a brilliant idea

Why dont we make use of the wait and clip all the SMS AND EMAIL
PRINOUT around Ray's bed...all the prayers will keep him safe

Ohh dear ,thats a brilliant idea,said- Hope

so they rushed to the printer got all the SM and EMAIL 
printed out and started clipping,the moment they started doing theis
they realised that their were smiles on their faces,they looked 
at each other's eyes and could see "Ray of hope"

Atlast the lenghty operation was a success and 
Ray was brought to his room.Hope sat beside her son..he looked so tired 

After few hours he opened his eyes and saw his mother,He 
was absolutely fine

just then DR.Andrew Peterson enetered  the room and broke
the silence by praising Ray. 

"You were a very brave boy Ray"

" congratulation Mr and MRs Kreeper,you have a very special
boy there

Ohh Thank you so much Dr.Peterson, this wouldn't have 
been possible without you ,said- Shane

You have brought back faith in GOD in me Dr.Andrew,said -Hope

well I uh ummmm I dont know how to tell this but I have something
to say,said- Dr.Andrew  hesitating

Ray is no doubt an excellent boy but strabge thing happened in the O.T

When Dr.Andrew operated and opened his skull,he was wonderstruck
to find that the tumur was sized like a shiny pearl,which 
was not enclined to the braincell which is really 
unbelievable and unusual.he asked them to see the tape

Doctor Doctor please  come quickly,said the Nurse

What's the matter?? said,Dr. Andrew

Th The tape its not playing the part after you operated the skull
something is wrong with the tape, said the Nurse

Dr.Andrew ran out of the room

Shane was about to follow him but Hope held his hand and 
looked into his eyes saying





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