Movies that inspire my life

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Movies that inspire my life

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Submitted: December 16, 2012

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Submitted: December 16, 2012



Movies that inspire my life

It was late sunday evening

My parents decided that

we go on a long drive

So we took off in our car

I was having a good time

Listening to songs in the background

I was looking out of the window

At the dark sky which had

Shiny milky white moon and

Sparkling stars glittering like diamonds

Then suddenly my mind wandered

I was thinking about my life

My Prince Charming of my dreams

I was wondering where he was???

What he was doing,it has been a

Really long time we had not

spoken to each other

I suddenly started missing him like crazy

But suddenly the music system played

The song "ONLY HOPE" by Mandy Moore

And then I remembered that my love

Was true and my Grandmom always

Used to say that 'if you love something

Deeply and truly it will definitly come

To you,it will take time but

We get best things only after

a long time'so never loose heart

So I immediately regained my

Strength and my faith on my love

For him and realised that he will

Realise my love for him and

Come back to me one day

With open arms,and it is worth waiting

For that day even if it takes forever

So when ever I go into stress or

Depression or lonliness

I watch my three favourite movies

"A walk to remember","notebook"

N "twilight saga"

And hope that one day even my lovestory

Ends up like how " Bella","Jamie"n"Allie"

Got their share of love from their true love

"Edward","landon" and " Noah"

When I watch these movies

My souls boosts up to life

That true love exists and

With trust,faith and patiece

In my heart even I will have

Those sweet moments in my life too

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