SMILE - a gift and boon by GOD

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SMILE - a gift and boon by GOD

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012




smile is just not a word but a feeling shown by ones face
It is a gift that one can be given to the hurt
It is a blessing that can stay with someone for ever
Smile is something wchich is in plenty and so
It can be shared without the fear of losing
A smile can get a baby's eyes and for that matter 
anybody's eye to sparkle
Smile is that boon given by GOD that can heal the most 
dangerous disease that is lonliness
A single smile can get a stranger to be your best friend
so always give away smiles as it might make someones life brighter
A smile is language that can transfer and can be shared within minutes
To smile one need not have a reason
Smile is the language which every living being in the world can understan
Smile is one of the gifts by GOD that gives the most happiness 
that even money and materialistic things cant buy
It is a gift,it is a boon given by GOD
So always share it,treasure it,cherish it
so always keep smiling because that the best makeup to hide your tears

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