Twisted Ties

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Relationships can be so twisted sometimes that it twists every nerve in your system and makes your thoughts wavery and unsure....

But everyone would console u saying "that's life,get a grip"
But when the goes though the brain,there no other soul that can actual feel the pain....

Submitted: February 09, 2016

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Submitted: February 09, 2016



I must be really crazy or out my mind to write this piece ,when I'm down with severe cough and fever.... But then writing to me is as good as breathing for me... So today I'm gonna tell you what my heart actually feels about all the different relationships I have in my life... I have a family which I never choose but was given to me...I love them and all but again feel empty inside... Then maybe God did see me with the emptiness and sent me a family who choose me and some way I choose him too and gives me more love and slowly the emptiness is clearing away

Now all I crave is to be with my new family,But life throws twists at every turn... I have faced it for the last 30 years but I'm not very sure if I can do it anymore or how long can I hang in there???

All I ask is a little freedom where I can sit,stand,go out and not be questioned by the family I did not choose...

Lying on my bed waiting for that sweet voice,that warm touch and a caring loveling smile looking at me... I crave that moment when I can see that shine and kiss on my forehead I feel safe in your arms,

I just pray to God that the day comes soon when I can leave the family who I did not choose and go to that you and I choose and made it US A Family that keeps my wishes too in the picture..... A Family that lets me live my life...... A family which clears my emptiness ........ A family that says that my views and my likes are valuable.... A family that says I'm Precious..... A family where I can breathe my way A Family where I can show my real smile and not the plastic one....

Plz God you have bestowed your guidance whenever I needed one ... I ask of you this long awaited blessing.

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