what is love??? taught to me by someone special

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What is love????
This was taught to me by someone specai

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



What is love???

I never knew the meanin of this word before

'LOVE'it was just a four letter word for me It dint have any importance in my life

But once you came into my life,

Everthing changed,everything started with love and ended with love

It was you who taught me that LOVE was a gift

Its a gift no one can buy

Its a language that can be understood even without words

Its the feeling that one heart can feel wen its in love with another heart

If one heart is hurt,the other cries but at the same time heals the pain

Love is the only gift that can change a tear into a smile

Love is the only magical power that can bring peace in the whole world.

You taught me the meaning of love

You gave me the strenght to love n to be loved

You taught me to love

You are reason I now know that love is just not a four letter but a much powerful word

Its you that I want to say 'l love you' and no one else

Thank you for teaching me the most powerful word in the world


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