A Vision

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This poem is about a vision that I received when I was 17 while visiting a Lakota Sioux Reservation in Kyle, South Dakota. My name was given to me then, and my spirit animal as well.

Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013



A Vision

High on the plains

Before the sun had set

I sat by myself on a hill

And was told to forget.

A voice said to me

“Wichinchila, it is I,”

Said the voice

That whispered from the sky.

“I who see the past, the now,

The forever and the endless sky

Quiet, my child, heed me,

I will never leave your side.

The Great Spirit has sent me

To guide you along

To keep you safe

And lead you home.”

Its voice was soft,

Light as the sun’s fading rays

But a voice so clear

I will never forget the day.

I opened my eyes and saw in the clouds

A sun eyed horse

I heard a thundering sound.

A young horse with a hot head

But more alive that looking dead.

My vision led me to a scared circle

The one not of my world

But of the one that I had sought.

“Wichinchila, you will understand,

There is no one like you,

No other man.

You will never be alone,

I will be here by your side,

I am your spirit,

I will never die.”

With that the horse let out neigh

And I turned to see him leap away

Back into the sky, to where I came

To the sky, my spirit’s domain.

And the voice whispered again

“You are safe, Mashka,

Have no fear.”

And so I let my name change

To reveal this one;

Pale Thunder Colt

My story has begun.

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