Can I Trust You Ever?

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I used to take a lot of beatings to my heart.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Been lied to, been hurt

Drug to the ground into the dirt

Wrestling with the feelings

Wondering why I'm being

Trying so hard to let go

But it hurts even when you know

So I tell myself to get over it

He's up and gone and I forfeit

Forget this game it ain't worth playin'

He won't remember me or my name

I'm sick of cryin', sick of the sadness

Tired of walkin' into the bleak blackness

Tired of runnnin' and my breath stops

Tired of everday life and wishin' that the cops

Would just take me away before I kill him

This wouldn't happened it I believed them

Full of hurt, full of regret

Why ain't I healing yet?

Even though there's a new guy here

I ain't sayin' he's no good, but I fear

Everyone's after my mind, driving me insane

And after this is over he won't remember my name

Play with my heart, rip it to shreds

No footprints left, no treads

That's what men do, what's there to love

I never learned this thing called trust.

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