Living With You Out Here

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separation anxiety

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012




Hear my voice, see me run

Arms outstretched to the morning sun

Feel the thunder of my heart

See what you have sparked

Raging fires

Burning desires

I’m going to miss you

I want to kiss you

But I’m forbidden to

What’s my heart gonna do?

You’re sittin’ here

As if nothing’ ever happened

How can you not see the pain?

All of the rain that I poured out

Is that the way to forget?

Or do I still have to regret

Ever knowing you?

How do I know, I have no clue

All I wanted to do

Was to show you

Someone could love if you gave ‘em a chance to

With every kiss the feelin’ was bliss

But what have we become?

Strangers waitin’ for someone

What if it turned out it was us all along

Then its too late

It’s too late

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