Dreams VS Reality..!

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A non structured poem about dreams contrasting your reality.

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012



Dreams VS Reality

When your lost inside your dreams with no way out,

Your wondering what life is all about.

When you reach inside your mind,

 To look and see what you may find.

Scenes switching back and fourth,

 Between love and death and chores.

Sometimes I want to ask what’s wrong with me,

It’s a constant battle from within.

When a stranger has taken over?

A quiver of fear, before my every word is foreign to my everyday life.

 But somehow it crept upon me like a lion on its pray.

How strange it is to be trapped inside my mind.

Stuck between decisions both so life changing is rough

Trying to chose between the happiness of the ones around you

Or the happiness your decision you make will bring you.

Ideas spinning around the vortex of your cranium unable to slow down and re-evaluate

It begins to crash into things and causes you to double over in fear and confusion.

The difference between a dream and reality is that you can wake up after a dream and feel better..

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