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A fight of whom or what you truely are

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



Standing in front of the mirror smiling and preening..
A hand like a god's comes smashing the mirror with a scepter..
Shards of my broken mirror comes flying and ricochettin towards me like verocious crows,
lacerating my flesh and cutting deep into my very bone marrow
and makin away pounds of flesh as they flew pass me.

My blood splashin on my walls..
I lay helpless in a foetal shape..
Painfully i tread on these broken pieces bare-footed with ragged clothes hangin on my back
streaks of blood smearing the faces of these pieces scattered all ova..

I tried to put these pieces together, my reflection i see not, bt a distorted face staring at me..
Thousands of eyes blinkin at me.

Wondering where these false images came from
crooked smiles endlessly
distorted and indistinct voices....
i heard them laugh and the mockery,
sayin ' what have u to live for?' this is who ure, a monster, ur thru reflection'.
'Dont fight it' another voice said..
Like a schizophrenia, holdin my head and blockin my ears to keep these voices away..

Disillusioned with myself, finally seeing the truth
that hides within the shattered mirror
bt this is who i am..
My thru reflection is wat i see on these pieces.. My ALTER EGO.

A hand emerges from the pieces to hug me Alter ego.
And myself was captured into this broken mirror

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