Let us take a few minutes and know who we are.

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I just wanna share something i feel that everything should feel as well.
Something about us, the world, our nature, spirituality and our separation.

Submitted: April 19, 2011

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Submitted: April 19, 2011



Please remember to always look at our gorgeous moon, remind yourselves how green our trees could have been, never take for granted the air you are breathing, know how our animals should have been free, know that all the meat you are having were never needed, for all the sharks, seals or dolphins you hunted were never meant to be; realize that you were not intended to be like this, we could have and we were meant be closer to nature.

No matter how much you are attached to all the materials of the world, take some time off and realize everything is unnatural.

Making as much money wasn’t really your goal, having so much possession have all along been meaningless, staring at your TV screen all day isn’t what you should be doing, going to work everyday isn’t what you are born for.

At this point of stage, the hope for salvation is slight but really, all of us could use a little time to think and realize all that we have been doing and are doing was all along a point of pleasure and entertainment. It isn’t much help this simple post could do but it’d be so great that people can once in a while at least think of what we really need with what we actually want. Make use of as much time as you can to know and feel how connected we should be as one with nature.

Mankind was never created to use the resources of this world, all the time we’ve misunderstood our goals and our lives;

We were created with Earth, all of us shared the same stage with the spirits and the animals that came along, the separation of us and nature shouldn’t have ever took place.

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