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Ms. O was my elementary principal. There were over 1000 people at her funeral. For a town of 1,400 people.. thats pretty good. School was even left out. Needless to say, there wasn't a kid Ms. O didnt like. A role model to me and others! TRIBUTE TO MS. SHAWN OLIGMUELLER!!!

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



Ms. O's Memories smileyheartyes

Everything you do sends a message about who you are and what you value. This tremendous quote was written by Michael Josephson an American author and ethicist. Josephson also was the founder of Character Counts. Character Counts consist of six essential pillars for life including trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, and citizenship. Some people fit under pessimist, and some under optimist, but people truly judge others on what you say and do. Ms. O, an old Elementary principal, passed away a few years ago because of cancer. If anyone, Ms. O truly lived by the pillars.

One of the most trustworthy people I know would have to be Ms. O. She did everything that her golden heart pledged. The definition of trustworthiness is being able to be depended and relied upon. Having the truth and only the truth reassured others that she could meet expectations. A person, who is not trustworthy, has a hard time convincing people that they are telling the truth and can get work done. Without this branch in life, jobs will be hard to find and friends will be hard to make. Having trustworthiness to fall back on will ensure a greater future, more entertainment, and peace of mind for the body.

Respect means that you are honored for good deeds that do not ever need to be repaid. One of the best portraits many people receive is based on all six character counts symbols, and a big chuck has to deal with respect. Saying nice things, always having encouraging words, not venturing into gossip, and surprises everyday may create a great memory and image. Ms. O is still remembered today as a person who really believed that EVERYTHING YOU DO SENDS A MESSAGE ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU VALUE. Some questions to ask yourself if you are ever in doubt about your respect level are can they trust me, do I respect others when they are not respecting me, and do I gossip about others. These questions will determine what others think about the respect level in your brain.

Ms. O put all responsibilities before herself. Everyday visiting all classrooms and lunchrooms was pure joy. Putting on a smile was the easiest responsibility of all even if she was sick and looked very tired. Every child was taken care of, and every employee received a cute little Christmas gift. Ms. O played the piano at church since a freshman in high school, and was still playing up to the day of admittance into the hospital. Not all responsibilities have to be large, every little thing counts. Just remember, if responsibilities are not taken care of, others may not respect or trust you. Everything fits together like a puzzle with character counts.

New people were always welcomed at the principal’s school. Each and every one was greeted with a big cheek to cheek smile. Ms. O cared even about the little tiny Kindergarteners, naughty third graders, and big sixth graders. It was a joy to see MY principal go and talk to all of the bus drivers when school let out at three thirty-five. Caring can be as simple as picking someone up that has fallen off of their bike, and can be as complicated as saving someone’s life; the little things in life matter.

Fairness requires a great deal of practice, but not with Ms. O. Never blaming anyone, asking questions without accusing, and discussing instead of yelling were only a few of the fair gestures put on. On the schools off season, Ms. O would judge 4-H projects, presentations, and demonstrations. No one ever received a red ribbon for a lack of organization; instead they were given blues and lots of comment cards. Playing a game also requires fairness, waiting turns, not cheating, and telling the truth, all show that you are being fair.

Citizenship means doing the lawful thing, even if it is not popular. Ms. O even did the correct thing in Kindergarten. One day, the teacher left the room, and like most classes, the kids started messing around. Ms. O slapped her head on her desk and yelled, “I am NOT watching this!” Any laws, procedures, and extra measures were taken to make sure the regulations at school were met.

Whether trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, or citizenship, Ms. O would truly fit every category. Everyone would be glad to hear a tip once in a while, and my gut feeling, is that Ms. O would have put this quote up on the teacher’s lounge bulletin board for everyone to see and admire. Living and remembering that everything you do sends a message about who you are and what you value can truly shape your life to show others a trustworthy, respectful, responsible, caring, fair, and good citizen of a person.

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