Loving and Loving More

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Hey I'm Tianna and this is a poem I wrote about a guy that busted my heart open and then closed it real tight.

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



"Whoever loves the least holds the power,"

is the ugliest sentence I've ever heard. 


For gazes always broken 

For smiles never shown

A love never forgotten

Our souls are not alone.

I loved you 

I love you

I'll love you some more


I've always depended on two things:

 The kindness of strangers

And you—changing your mind


This is going to be painful

And that's okay

I just want to enjoy you

As long as I can stay

From the girl who everything moved

And now nothing can touch

She lost her innocence far too much

She took the world too fast

And now there's nothing left

She can still find sparks

In rhyming words

And wound together phrases

Though trying to get there

Feels like running through mazes

Before I met you I was a sweet girl

You still say I am but now I'm not so sure

I'm angry, I'm hurting—I'm ready to give up

This love needs something more


Sometimes it feels like

I'll go my whole life

Reliving fleeting moments

And unsure romance


But that's besides the fact

Let's focus on the feelings

'Cause sometimes you're "just a fool"

And it's me you do "adore"

Is this abuse?

Is this the sweet and mean cycle?

Makes sense 'cause sometimes 

I feel like a girl on trial

 Just for loving you

But maybe 

You're just a boy

Trying to figure love out too

My heart is heavy 

My stomach's at my feet

For love is a disappointment

It feels like defeat


© Copyright 2019 TiannaLynnCrawford. All rights reserved.

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