The reading on E.J.Phelps' watch.

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Well I literally remembered this story I wrote last year, so I'm going to try and infer some extracts of it in a poem. Hopefully if I find the story I'll upload it.

Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012



He had a son...


He wouldn't get him back

Parkinsons down his back

So tell me,

Mr.Train conductor

could you be early for once?

Let Elliot Phelps catch this train. 

Conduct the trains so. 


Elliot looked at his watch

watching the watch,

he pondered

A watch is never for the greater good.

What other time do people look at their watch?

other than to double check 

if they're in check. 

It's not as if they go backwards.

He was late, 

and blamed his watch for this.


Elliot missed the train

A train of thoughts hit him

he will never get his son back

parkinsons down his back. 

The train of thoughts will not make his stop. 


Elliot fell to his knees

The only thing he'd need

Is his son to be his back.

And I wonder,

if you know,

what it means? 



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