Z (working title) 3

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More pages added!

I left this one on a cliffhanger.

Next time I will upload A lot of pages

Chapter1 (v.1) - Z (working title) 3

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More pages added!

I left this one on a cliffhanger.

Next time I will upload A lot of pages

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2013





Kenny looked over and saw that the wife had been shot and killed in the fray. Kenny started the truck and drove down the road. 


“Who is this?” Arran said into the walkie talkie. 

“It’s me, Connor.” The person replied. 

“What happened out there?” Arran asked him. 

“All the walkers have swarmed the store.” Connor replied. 

“I can see that.” Arran said. 

“We’ll drive around to the back of the store. You can escape form there.” Connor suggested.  

“I’ll see you in a bit.” Said Arran. He turned around and saw the glass on the door cracking. 

“Alright, we’re gonna exit out the back were my friend will be waiting...” CRACK The door cracked open and the walkers rushed inside. Mason and Bill opened fire on the them. 

“Hurry!” Ben exclaimed. They made a run for the back door. Bill and 

“Over here!” Ryan said. She was standing by the door. The ran over to her. 

“Ahhhh!” Allison screamed. A walker had grabbed on to her. Bill shot it off her. They ran out the back. Arran saw the truck an they all ran for it, but there were walkers blocking the way. The dodged through them and hopped on the back of the truck. As they drove away a walker grabbed on to the back. Mason kicked it off. They continued to drive away.

“That was a close one.” Ben said. 

“I guess were headed to Savannah.” Said Allison. They continued to drive until they left Macon and stopped at a gas station. 

“We should stay here for the night.” Travis said. They stopped the truck and all settled down for the night.


Kenny pulled the truck to a stop. He was at a a hospital in Macon. will was in the passenger seat. He carried him up to the front door. It was locked and there was a camera next to it. He tried opening the door. 

“Hello?” He asked to the camera. “Is anyone in there?” No response.

“Let us in, my friend is badly hurt.” He said again. He could see a group of walkers walking up. 

“Please.” Kenny begged. He begin to walk away. Suddenly, the door opened up. There was a bright light. He walked in slowly carrying Will. 

“It’s no use.” Kenny head a voice. “There is no safe place.” it said again. Kenny turned around and saw a man standing in the main room wearing a doctor's suit. 

“Please help him.” Kenny said. 

“I’ll try my best.” The man responded. He carried Will into an ER room. 

“He has 2 broken ribs, a concussion, and some severe burns.” The man said after examining him.  

“My name is David.” He said, introducing himself. 

“I’ll try my best to help him.” David said. “there are some rooms were you can fall asleep  in that hallway over there.” Kenny went to one of the rooms and fell asleep. 



DAY 236 


Kenny woke up and walked into the main room. He saw Will eating breakfast. He was rapped in bandages. 

“Mornin” Kenny said. 

“Hello.” Will said to him. Kenny sat down and begin to eat. He saw David walk in. 

“Thanks for helping him.” Kenny said. 

“We are headed to find the National Guard, do you want to come?” Kenny asked David. 

Kenny was about to respond when he heard a hum.

“Damnit!” Kenny yelled. He ran to the main room. He grabbed his gun. The helicopter got louder. 

“Who is that?” David asked. 

“These people have been following us.” Kenny explained to him. He could hear a Car drive up. 

“Hide!” He said. They all ran to hide in different spots. They heard a banging on the door. BANG The door broke down. Kenny could hear footsteps. The bandits rushed into the main room. 

“Search everywhere.” A voice said. He saw feet run by. He laid there as the bandits searched the whole building. All the bandits but one had left the main building. 

Kenny got out from under his spot. He sneaked up from behind the bandit and grabbed his mouth. The bandit tried to scream. He pulled him into one of the ER rooms. 

Kenny punched him and knocked him out. He walked back out and saw one of the bandits walking in. 

“There’s no one in the... What the?” He said. Kenny aimed his gun at the man. 

“Get on the ground.” He said to him. Suddenly he heard gunshots go off.

“Will!” He yelled. He ran down to the hallway. He ran into the room with the test subject and saw two bandits dead on the ground. He ran into the other room. He heard another gunshot, this time outside. He ran to the entrance. Outside he saw Will on the ground in front of the cars and the helicopter. 

“You managed to escape my men, but now you are dead.” Kenny saw Brian aiming his 

.44 at him. 

“Say goodbye to your friend.” Brian aimed the gun at Will. BANG Brian fell to the ground. David was standing behind him. He had knocked him out with the gun. They all saw several bandits run out. He shot at them. 

“What are we gonna do?” David asked.

“We gotta leave.” Kenny hopped into one of the cars. 

“All my work is here!” David said. Will got in the car too. More of the bandits ran out. Kenny began to drive away. David ran after the car. He was shot down by one of the bandits. Kenny continued to drive with the bandits shooting after him. 


Mason woke up late. Everyone else was still asleep. He walked out to the car and begin eating some food they scavenged. The sun was high in the sky.  

“Good morning.” He saw that Ben ha woken up too. 

“Good morning.” Mason said back. 

“So, do you think we can get to Savannah by today?” He asked. 

“Hopefully.” Ben said. They saw a car driving down the road. It pulled to a stop. A man got out. 

“Can you help us?” He asked. Another man stepped out, rapped in bandages. 

“Will?” Ben asked.

“Ben!” Will said. They greeted each other. 

“What happened?” Ben asked. Will explained everything from the start. Arran and Travis walked out. 

“We thought you were dead!” Travis said. 

“Yeah, well you were wrong.” Will responded. 

“What happened?” Travis said looking at the bandages.

“I was shot, and got caught in an explosion.” He responded. 

“Ben was shot too.” Travis said.

“Your part of the National Guard too?” Mason asked Kenny. 

“Yup.” He said back. He made his way to the front. 

“Everyone!” He said trying to get their attention. all the people looked up. 

“We need to get wherever we are going quick! These people are after us!” 

Kenny said. There were whispers. 

“Load the guns and pack!” He yelled. Everyone began scrambling to get their belongings. Will walked up to him. 

“I still fill guilty about the man we left behind.” He said to Kenny.

“He wouldn’t come with us.” Kenny responded, but he too, looked guilty. Kenny got his M4 out of the car. 


“Ahhh!” Brian screamed. He was walking around in circles. 

“They got away again!” He stood by the car. 

“Charles!”  He said to one of them. Charles came over. He had brown long brown hair and short beard. Brian took an AUG A3 from one of the jeeps. He also took an L96A1 and gave it to Charles. 

“Get in the jeep.” He said. They both hopped in it. 

“Wait here till we get back.” Brian instructed. They drove off in the jeep.  


“Do you think there’s hope in Savannah?” Allison asked Connor. They were sitting outside the van Will and Kenny stole.

“Hopefully.” Connor said back. 

“I’m worried about the people Will was talking about.” Allison said. 

“What’s up.” John said walking out towards them. 

“We’re leaving tomorrow” He said. 


Charles kept his sights on the man. He was perched upon a hill about 110 meters away from the gas station aiming down at it with the l96. He was about to fire when another man came out. He was wearing a military uniform. Charles moved the sights to that man. He held his breath. 


Brian sat in the front seat of the jeep, clutching the AUG. He was waiting for Charles to fire his shot, then he would drive down the road firing his gun. These people are delaying my plan. He thought. He turned around and saw a walker shambling towards him. He took out his bowie knife and stabbed it in the head. The walker fell to the ground. The sun was setting in the distance. 


© Copyright 2016 tide15. All rights reserved.

Z (working title) 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



More pages added!

I left this one on a cliffhanger.

Next time I will upload A lot of pages

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