Z (working title) part 2

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Chapter1 (v.1) - Z (working title) part 2

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 01, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 01, 2013




Over there!” Will pointed at a military Humvee. They began to run over to it.

“Where do you think you are going!” The dark skinned man had walked over to them.

“Don’t shoot them Andreas!” The other man was holding the gun at Andreas. 

“‘l’ll shoot you booth.” Andreas threatened. 

Andreas was about to pull the trigger when the man opened fire.

Andreas fell dead with a grunt. 

“Hurry! Leave!” The man said to them quickly. 

“Thank you.” Kenny said.

Kenny and Will got in the humvee. Kenny started up the engine. They drove out into the street. One of the guards, a dark skinned man, shot a them. They ran him over. More of the guards tried to shoot at the car but they drove out of sight. 

“They’re probably gonna come after us.” Kenny said. They saw a gate in front of them. A man and a woman were guarding it. They ran in front of the gate to stop the car. Kenny continued to drive. They jumped out of the way just as the car rammed through the gate. They drove away from the camp and kept on the road. 

“Where should we go?” Will asked. 

“I heard when we were leaving Atlanta, that the National Guard was making a final stand in Macon.” Kenny said. 

“Well, I guess were headed to Macon.” Will responded. 



DAY 235


Kenny and Will drove through out the countryside. Dawn had come and the sun was rising. They stopped when they saw a broken down car on the side of the road They stopped by it. 

“Hello?” Kenny said. 

“Who are you?” Kenny saw a dark-skinned man holding a double-barrel shotgun aimed at him.

“Honey, put down the gun.” A women came out.

“We’re here to help, we have some gas in the back.” Said Kenny. 

“We...” The man stopped as he saw a truck come rolling down the road. 

“Get down!” Kenny yelled. The truck pulled to a stop. The back opened up and 6 people steeped out carrying guns. The truck turned around backwards and a machine aiming out the back was revealed. The people took positions with their guns. One of them tossed a grenade over to the cars. It landed between Kenny and the man. 

BANG They both dived to the side as it exploded. Two men and women walked closer firing on them. The man popped up firing his shotgun. The women fell down dead, but the two men saw him. They turned around and fired on him again. 

“Look out!” They heard a voice. Will looked up and saw a man holding an RPG aimed at them. Will heard the man fire it and tried to run. BANG He was sent flying forward, landing hard on the ground. He heard a ringing in his ears. He tried to get up but it hurt to bad. He managed to turn around and saw Scarface walking towards him. Scarface

laughed. Will looked up and saw a grenade hanging from his belt. Will gathered enough

strength to reach up and pull the pin on it. 

“See you in hell.” Will said to him. Scarface tried to pull the grenade off his belt, but it was to late. Will tried to crawl away. BANG the grenade went off. Will felt the heat then everything went black. 


“Look over there.” Arran pointed outside. By now it was night time, and probably past midnight. Next to a hotel and a gas station he could see walkers and other people.

He could also hear gunshots. 

“Drive over there.” Jayden told him. Arran began to drive over to the activity. Some of the faster walkers saw them and ran over jumping on the RV. Jayden pulled out the M1911 and started firing out the windows. More and more walkers were grabbing on. One of them pulled open the door. Arran hit the brakes. 

“Were getting swarmed!” Ben said. The walkers started making there way into the RV.

Arran picked up a bat and started whacking them. 

“Were screwed.” Jayden said. 

“Not for long.” Arran said back. “Hold on!” Arran floored the petal and set the RV flying forward. It crashed into a supermarket. The crash had sent most of the walkers flying off  the RV. 

“Get out, hurry!” Arran said. They ran out and saw walkers getting up and heading towards them. 

“Oh no.” Jayden said. They ran out the hole, dodging walkers. The truck was know where in sight. Arran spotted the people they saw fighting. He saw that they military clothing on. He saw them run into a drugstore. 

“Over there!” Arran pointed to the drugstore. They ran through the horde, defending themselves the best they could. They were almost in it when one of the walkers grabbed on to Jayden. 

“Ahhh!” he yelped out in pain as the walker bit down. 

“Jayden!” Ben yelled. more walkers grabbed on to him. 

“We have to leave him!” Arran said to Ben. They saw Jayden go down in a swarm. 

“Come on!” Allison was at the doorway. They ran inside and shut the door, locking it. 

“Who are you?” one of the people asked. 

“We were headed down to Savannah, and headed through Macon. we didn’t know there would be this many walkers.” Arran said to him.

“They kept on coming after we started fighting them.” The man said. 

“They are attracted to noise.” Ben told him. 

“Im Mason, were whats left of the National Guard in Georgia.” he was tall, strong and had a buzz-cut of gray hair with blue eyes. He introduced the other soldiers. There was 

Ryan, who dark skin and long hair, Bill, who had dirty blonde hair and was smaller than the others, John, who had dark hair, dark eyes and was grim-looking. Mason was carrying an M16. John had a 636c 

“That’s not much.” Allison commented. 

“There were more of us.” Bill replied. They heard glass crack. They all turned around and saw tons of walkers knocking down the door. 

“We gotta find a way out of here!” Ben exclaimed. 

“Hey, Hey Arran, is it cozy in there?” Arran took out his walkie talkie. 




DAY 21 


“We could head to my Grandfather’s farm.” Will stated. Will, Arran, and Travis were i the living room of their house. Outside they could hear sirens, helicopters, and gunshots. They had all their stuff packed. 

“Sure.” Travis agreed with him. Arran went outside to put their stuff in the car. He heard a groan. He turned around and saw a walker headed towards him. Will ran up behind the waker and stabbed with a knife. 

“Thanks.” Arran said. Travis came out and put his bag in the car. They started up and drove out. They drove out of the neighborhood. On the way out They saw that the streets were filled with walkers. The road in front of them was blocked with a car wreck and 2 police cars and an ambulance. Arran pulled the car to a stop. A police officer walked up to them. 

“I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to find another way around.” The police officer said. Arran backed the car up. They started to drive around when they saw a horde of walkers walking down the street. Travis cursed. Arran drove backwards. Will got out his Browning shotgun. The police officer pulled out his Glock pistol. They begin to fire at the horde. Will saw the ambulance drive the other way. More and more walkers would show up with each bullet shot.  

“We gotta go right now!” Will yelled. They got back in the car. Arran turned around the car and drove between the two police cars. They saw the cars get swarmed. Arran turned on the radio. “The virus has spread continuously. Our scientists are still working on a cure. The island of Manhattan is being evacuated, other cities are under high alert. The National Guard has deployed in Chicago and Los Angeles.” Travis switched the radio off. They continued to drive until they hit downtown. They could see police cars everywhere. People were panicking, the roads were jammed and there were tons of walkers. 

“We’re never gonna get out of here!” Travis said. They tried driving down another road. They saw people getting out of their cars and running forward. Will looked behind him and saw a giant horde of walkers coming through the traffic. He got out and begin to run. So did Travis and Arran. In front of them they could see the police and the Atlanta SWAT started fighting them off, and they were caught in the middle of it. They ran to the side of the road. 

“Hey you.” Travis heard a voice and turned around. A person standing in the alley. 

“Follow me.” He said. They all followed him. He led them into a hotel. Arran saw. two other people in there. He could now get a good look at the man who saved them. He had dark skin and short hair, he appeared to be about 35. The two other people were a women and a man. 

The man had a buzz-cut and had brown eyes, he appeared to be about 38. The woman had short dark hair, she appeared to be about 40. 

“I’m Jayden, this is Connor and Allison.” The man said.  



DAY 235 


Kenny saw the grenade go off. He watched the explosion. The RPG had killed the other man. The wife was standing over what was left of him crying. The people were still firing guns at them. He fought back the best he could, but without Will and the other man, it was useless.  

“Drop your gun.” One person yelled at him. He could see that they al has their sights on him. 

“Look, Walkers!” Kenny yelled to distract him. The man, who was not very bright, actually turned around to look behind him. At that moment, Kenny rushed forwards, grabbed the man and his gun, and turned him around to use him as a shield. The other people hesitated with their guns. Kenny held is gun up to the man’s head. 

“Let me go or I’ll shoot him.” Kenny said to them. 

“You think we care about one person?” One man said. Then he laughed. Kenny seized this opportunity and aimed his gun at him and fired.He fell down dead. The other people fired back, but the bullets hit the person who he was using as a shield. He fired again and two more people fell down dead. By then only two people were left. They were both out of ammo. So was Kenny. The person driving the truck drove forwards trying to run over him. He ended up hitting one of the people and missing Kenny. The truck crashed into a tree on the side of the road. The last person ran off into the woods. Kenny walked towards the crashed truck. A man was trying to get out. 

“You, tell your people to stop coign after us.” The man ignored him and bought up a gun.

He fired it. The bullet missed Kenny and he threw the guy on the ground. 

“Now run back to your people and tell them not to come after us again.” Kenny said to him, holding him by his neck. The man took off running down the road. Kenny heard a groan. He turned around and saw Will. He sprawled out on the ground. 

“You’re still alive!” Kenny yelled. He ran over to him. He picked him up and put him in a truck. 

“You look badly hurt, don’t worry we I’ll try to find a hospital with medicine. Kenny looked over and saw that the wife had been shot and killed in the fray. Kenny started the truck and drove down the road. 


© Copyright 2016 tide15. All rights reserved.

Z  (working title) part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



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