I Apologize

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love hurts...

Submitted: September 30, 2008

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Submitted: September 30, 2008



The moment I layed my eyes on you

I knew we'll fall in love someday

You made me laugh

and conforted me in every way

Your beautiful smile brightened my day.

We grew to eachother quicker than ever

and made a connection like no other.

The hard days with your baby mother

to the day that you left

I stuck by your side through it all.

The days I hid

knowing we'll get caught

me and you stuck together and fought

Hearing your voice early each day was a blessing that came my way

Work was stressful and all day long

I thought about you and wrote a poem

And thats when I realized my love was strong

The lost contact and no phone call form you at all

is when I began to see our love slowly fall

Teary eyes and a lost mind

I sat and wondered why

The surprise upon my face

when I seen you that windy day

You gave me your new number and I called you everyday

we made up for lost times

and held on never to say goodbye

I trusted you with every inch of me

until I found out you had a second family

The love we now share

is more questioned than ever

a heart is now sore

and a cheating man I no longer adore

For my love is still as strong as it used to be

I question the fact, "will he ever leave"

The jealousy got the best of me

the kids and his family

I admit what i did was wrong

but i thought

a baby would make us strong

Now we both await the results

hoping its not what we thought

As sorry as I must be

the blame is on both you and me

Trust is now hard to believe

and our love is to question

A beautiful relationship now at its edge

hoping that he'll just forgive

forgive me for my wrong doing

as well as yours

You are a beautiful person in my eyes

and please forgive me as i've APOLOGIZED

© Copyright 2019 tiffani haywood. All rights reserved.

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