A Reunion To Remember

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This short story is based on the lives of friends and acquaintances I have made while growing up in Missouri. I warn, some of the content was taken from a television show I watched a lot.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



Chapter 1

 The reunion was going to be great! I was going to meet my old friends, see old teachers, and show off my husband, Ben. I was excited. I was twenty-eight years old but I felt like I was a kid again. I was giddy and dancing through the house getting ready to leave. Finally, it was time to leave. We hurried to my SUV and drove to the school campus.

  When we got there, we saw people making their way into the gym. I could hear the music playing as I stepped out of the vehicle. Ben took my hand as we walked into the crowd of people walking into the gym.

After getting name tags, we stopped in the front of the dancing and laughing crowd of people. Some I did not recognize and others I did. It has been ten years since I have seen a lot of these people. A few smiled at me as they passed. Ben and I found a table in a corner and sat down. We talked while I glanced through the crowd for someone I knew and talked to when I was younger.

"Tiffany!" A familiar voice exclaimed. I looked over towards the front to see Ashley walking over to me quickly with a tall, dark haired man following her.

"Ashley!" I exclaimed back as we hugged. We kept in touch over the years. We talked constantly when I had the chance. She released me and turned to the man.

"Tiffany, meet my husband Phillip." She introduced. I shook his hand as he smiled back. I laid my hand on Ben's shoulder.

"This is my husband Ben." I informed them. They shook his hand as well.

"Come sit down with us." I offered. They sat down at the table and got comfortable.

"How are the kids?" I asked them. Ashley had three kids. The oldest was Stephen and he was nine. The middle child was Leslie and he was seven. The youngest was Megan and she was three.

"They are great. Especially the one we are expecting." She replied as she patted her stomach. I smiled.

"Congratulations!" I exclaimed. She giggled.

"Thanks. So are you two expecting anytime soon?" She asked. Ben and I didn't have a child. We were both special agents for the FBI and I worked with pretty much anyone now.

I have worked for the government for many years. When I graduated high school, I planned to go to college and become a history teacher. Thought when I was younger, I decided to become an English teacher and teach in the school I grew up in. When I moved to West Columbia, South Carolina, I changed my mind. My Global Studies II teacher, Ms. Hargett, inspired me to become a history teacher. Then Timothy Arnett happened. Well he did not really happen; he pretty much massacred my family. Timothy was my biological father. He used to beat my mother and younger brother. When I was about eleven, my mother divorced him. After that, he never left us alone. He used to stalk our house, attempt to kidnap my brother and me, and called social services on us. Until we left Missouri, he never left us alone. My mother, younger brother and my uncle were the ones he killed. My step-dad got the easy way out I suppose. He died when we moved back to Missouri when I was eighteen.

Anyways, I was not there when Timothy killed them. I was in South Carolina, visiting some old friends. I got a call from an old friend of mine who was a police officer for Perryville, Missouri. He informed me of their deaths and I rushed back. To make a long story short, I single handedly solved the case and was the person who got Timothy arrested for his crimes. After that case, they trained me for a cop and I worked hard up until the day I was asked to become a special agent.

"No. We are not." I answered Ashley.

"I thought you wanted kids when you got married." She thought. I nodded.

"I do. We are going to have kids but not right now. It is not the right time." I explained. She nodded in response. She knew what our jobs were and how important they were to us.

A man and a woman walked up to the table then. The tall, dark haired and dark eyed man was Adam. He, Ashley, and I were best friends. We always kept each other in line and solved problems for each other when we needed help. That included school work too; even when I moved away to South Carolina. Whenever I needed help, Adam would find a way to help me. I still remember...

I texted Adam on his phone. I needed help with my geometry homework. Mr. Corona had given my class a final exam packet. I was stuck on solving sides of a triangle. I knew it was easy and I had done it before, I just could not remember what I was supposed to do. The only problem was that I was in a Mexican restaurant when I texted Adam. So if he agreed to help me, he would have to wait until I got home. He replied saying he would help, so I calmed down and finished eating.

After getting home, I texted him letting him know I was home. He did not reply so I lay down for a bit. That was at seven pm. I woke up at ten pm and remembered Adam was waiting on the problems I needed help on. I quickly sent him pictures of the problems I needed help on and he eventually replied back, giving me the answers and also explaining to me how he got them. Thank god he helped me! Those types of problems were on the final exam that next day.

"Adam!" I exclaimed as I jumped up. He smiled and we hugged and then he and Ashley hugged.

"You two, this is Ammelia; my wife." He introduced. We shook hands with her and we offered them to sit down with us. After Ashley and I introduced Ben and Phillip, we began the talking.

"When did you all get here?" Adam asked.

"Just a few moments ago…" Ashley and I both said simultaneously. We giggled and enjoyed the drinks our husbands had gotten us while Ammelia and Adam sat down.

"Adam is a doctor." Ashley informed me. I glanced at him, not surprised.

"What kind of doctor? I hope you really did not become a gynecologist like you wanted." I giggled. He shook his head no.

"I am a surgeon. I work at Barnes Hospital, Southeast Hospital, and whatever hospital I am needed at. Ammelia is a doctor too. Only she is a general doctor at Southeast Hospital." He informed me. I thought it was nice that Adam finally got to do what he wanted to do growing up.

"I remember Barnes Hospital. My grandparents spent a lot of time there. By the way, how are your parents?" I asked him. I knew his parents growing up. Well knew them was not the word for it I do not think. It was more like I spent a lot of time with them. Adam and I went to Busch Stadium with his parents. We also spent a few days in New York City together with his parents. They were nice and I enjoyed listening to his mom talk.

"They are doing great. They are still leaving here in Perryville and even living in the same house." He answered. Ammelia glanced at me.

"You know his parents?" She asked me. I nodded in response and turned to Ashley and Phillip.

"How is the company going Phillip?" I asked him. His dad used to own a huge advertising, marketing, fashion, and shipping company. It went global once Phillip finished law school and began working with his father's company. His father died a year ago though and left Phillip and Ashley everything.

They got his mansion, the company, and you cannot forget all the money they inherited. They were now officially rich, but that was not their concern. They often gave money to charities and they tried to make their employees as happy as possible. Ashley works as Phillip's assistant and often designs clothing for the fashion department. She was not great at it at first, but she let her imagination take control and now she has her own line out. In fact, I own a lot of her clothing from her series. The style is unique and not as expensive as the other top fashion lines.

"It is going great. The company is still doing pretty well. It could not be better." Phillip answered.

"That is great. And Ashley, your fashion line is fabulous! Ben even owns some of your clothing." I told her. She smiled from the comment.

"Thanks." She replied. Ben's phone went off at the same time as mine did. We both jumped to get our phones and answer it. As I pulled out my phone, a colleague of mine walked up to me and she had a serious look on her face. I knew I should not bother to answer my phone. Emily was here to personally deliver the message.

"Emily, what you doing here?" I asked her, hoping she was here to meet my old friends and not to drag me away for another investigation.

"Sorry to come here when I know you are probably having fun, but there has been a problem. We need you back at the lab quickly." She informed me. Emily worked with the crime lab in St. Louis. Me and another good friend of mine are in charge of the lab and often moved it around the US. They did not mind moving all over. Even though we moved around, we worked mainly with St. Louis, Miami, and New York City. We were currently stationed in St. Louis for now.

"Okay. I will meet you in the car." I told her. She gave a sympathetic nod and turned around, walking out of the gym.

"Sorry guys. I got to run. Work calls again. Can I call you later maybe? We could try to get together and talk." I asked. Ben stood up and got ready to leave also.

"Yeah, sure!" Ashley exclaimed. Adam glanced over at me and Ben getting ready to leave.

"Wait! Why are you leaving?" He asked me. I finished off my drink and looked at him.

"My job calls. I work for the government hun. I am always on call. Now we have got to go. I will call y'all later. Until then, take care and see you soon." I answered. Ben and I turned around and quickly left the gym.



Chapter 2

We walked into the crime lab in St. Louis and noticed everyone was moving quicker than usual. Emily joined us just as I spotted my friend and colleague Andy. He walked over to us quickly.

"Andy, what is going on?" I asked him. I could tell Emily did not know anything about it. She would have told me otherwise.

"We got a problem. Roughly, we were working on a homicide and Eric was checking the fingerprint database for suspects. We found our suspect, though we do not like it." He explained slowly. Andy was the type of person who kept his promises, made sure things were done right, and also protected the people he cared about and worked with. He has helped protect this lab and many of its employees.

"Who is it?" Emily asked. We all waited for him to answer.

"Alcazar Hernandez." He answered. We all stood silent. None of us has heard that name in a long time. It has been years since we put him away.

Alcazar Hernandez was a Mexican alien. He snuck into the borders and began using drugs as his means for income. He sold everything from ecstasy to a poisonous drug called Red Kill. His drugs were the cause of many deaths.

After many charges of possession, he was released from a two month jail sentence. After his release, his behavior got worse. He killed a hooker, began robbing gas stations, and even went as far as killing two cops. Once, he had built a bomb and laid it under a car seat in a cop cruiser. No sooner one of the cops turned on the vehicle, it exploded. It was a horrific accident. We did not have the evidence to pin the murders and robberies on Hernandez so he was never caught. He disappeared six months ago after I nearly arrested him for killing a couple and locking their young six year old in the closet to watch. Now, he was back. And this time, we were going to catch him and we will make sure he gets charged with every crime he ever committed.

"We found his print on a knife used in the murder of Jenna Bensley. She had twenty consistent stab wounds on her chest and abdominal area. What killed her, though, were two gun shots to the head. The knife was left behind but we did not find a gun. We did, however, get the bullets from her. It shows she was shot in the exact place." Andy explained further. Emily would be interested in the bullets. She was known as the "gun lady" around the lab. She knew almost everything about guns and could easily match up bullets with the gun. She was the best.

"I will need those bullets." She informed him. He nodded.

"They are in the evidence room, waiting for you Emily. Tiff, we will need you to check something else out." Andy informed me. I nodded as Ben walked with Emily to the evidence room. Andy led me into one of the lab rooms. He led me over to a microscope and nodded to it. I leaned over and looked into the eye piece. There were two blood samples sitting side by side. They were two different blood samples though. One looked clotted. The other did not.

"Why am I looking at these?" I asked him as I studied the samples.

"Because these are both Hernandez's blood samples. The not clotted sample was from a year ago when we took a sample from him. The clotted one was recent. We found it at the scene." He answered. I shook my head.

"Not possible. Blood only clots after death. If this was found at the scene, how could he be our suspect? He could not have just killed Jenna and killed himself. It takes over a day for blood to clot like this, if not days." I responded.

"I agree. That is why I asked you to look at it. I am sure you could figure it out. You always do." He told me. I sighed and knew this meant a lot of hard work and definitely a lot of looking around for the truth; if there was a truth to find.

"Okay. Emily should be back with the information on the bullets soon and I can look at the crime scene and the evidence and see what I can find out. I want the clotted blood sample from Hernandez taken to trace and searched for any type of drug. Hopefully the results will give me a clue of where to start looking." I informed him. He nodded and began moving about. Then, Ben walked into the lab room.

"Let me know when those results are in and when Emily gets done with those bullets. It is getting late and I need to get home. I can start when I get the results." I finished telling Andy. I walked out of the room and Ben followed.

"Where to now hunny?" He asked me. I glanced back at him and smiled.

"First, I am going to call up Ashley and Adam and see if they want to meet anywhere for dinner, if that is okay with you." I told him as we walked out of the crime lab building. He stopped me and turned me around.

"How about this, we go home, get some dinner, and rest up for work. Tomorrow you can call your friends and have fun." Ben told me. He was right. I will need the rest for work. This case was going to be a long one unless we could figure it out soon.

"Sounds good to me!" I exclaimed as we walked over to my SUV. We got in and I drove us home for the night.

Chapter 3


The next morning, I woke up with a call from Emily about the bullet results

"You need to come in and see this. I was able to get a match but I found traces of a silencer used on the gun that shot Jenna." She informed me. I was already dressed and was getting ready to leave the house anyways.

"Okay. Give me ten minutes." I replied. I hung up and grabbed a piece of toast. My chief would kill me if he found out I did not eat breakfast. He was strict, but that is his way of teaching. Chief Grastings was the one that trained me as a cop and then a special agent. Ben walked into the kitchen just as I grabbed my pack.

"Heading out already?" He asked me. I nodded and took a sip of orange juice.

"Emily called with news about the bullet results." I replied. He did not work unless he was called in. He sometimes worked with me on cases, but usually he stayed home and did work from the computer in the study. He was also doing some schooling so he could get a second job. We did not need the money, but he wanted something to do during the day.

"I have my exam today. If I pass, I will get my diploma." He informed me. I was proud of him. I could never do what he was doing. I loved my job and would not want to work anywhere else. He liked his job, but wanted more with his life.

"Oh wow, congratulations hun! I am sure you will pass. I am very proud of you sweetie." I told him. He smiled and sat down for breakfast.

"I will tell you how I do when you get back. You get to the office and solve this case. Be careful!" He exclaimed as I walked out of the door. I closed the door behind me and jumped into my SUV. I was pumped. We will catch Hernandez, no matter what happens.

Ten minutes later, I walked into the crime lab building and passed the front desk.

"Good morning Diana." I said as I walked passed. She smiled and kept working. Diana was the secretary that works at the receptionist desk. She was a sweet, older lady. I think she was in her seventies. I took the elevator up to the fourth floor and found Emily waiting for me.

"Wow! You are always on time." Emily giggled. I smiled as we put on gloves and a lab apron. She walked me into the lab and showed me the bullets she tested.

"Look into the microscope. The bullet on the right is the bullet I tested from a .45 hand gun. The bullet on the left is the bullet found in Jenna." She informed me. She handed me a small packet with black shavings in it. "These are shavings made from iron. Iron metal can be melted and made into a homemade silencer. On my bullet, there is one set of markings. On the bullet from the crime scene, I found two sets of markings; One from the gun and the other from the silencer." She explained further.

"So Hernandez, if he is our suspect, stabbed Jenna repeatedly before executing her with two gun shots to the back of the head. No one would do that unless it was personal. I am going to have someone search Hernandez's records. Maybe somewhere he met Jenna Bensley or someone close to her." I hypothesized. She nodded.

"I need to run, but let me know what you get." She said as she removed her lab apron and gloves. I nodded and walked into the hallway, hoping to find Eva. She worked in the lab, with DNA samples. I walked passed Andy's office and found Eva at her work table working.

"Hey Eva. Any news on the blood sample?" I asked her. She nodded and looked through her papers.

"Actually you will be happy to see the results." Eva replied as she handed me a paper. I read it quickly.

"On the blood sample you sent me, I found traces of a drug used to clot blood. I figured if Hernandez planted this for us, he could not have just had someone take the blood from him right away. He had to have someone do it a while beforehand. Maybe even earlier in the day. So I extracted the blood clotting drug from the blood sample and found traces of an anticoagulant called Heparin.” She informed me. Hernandez must have had someone take blood from him and store it. To preserve it, they added Heparin so that it would stay fresh. Once he was ready to use it, he used the blood clotting drug to make us think he was not the suspect, but possibly another victim. But I was not positive on all of this. I needed sure evidence to make sure the story was correct. If it was not, then I needed evidence to give me another story; the true story.

"Thanks a lot Eva. This helps me out a lot. Talk to you later." I told her as I walked out of her room. My mind was already rolling with ideas. Maybe Hernandez had some friends in the medical field. I wanted to know so I stopped by Eric's office. He could tell me about Hernandez's associates. Maybe even solve the mystery of "why Jenna Bensley?"

"Hey Eric. Can you help me?" I asked him. He looked up as I walked in.

"Sure. What do you need?" He asked me. I walked over to where he was sitting in front of his computer.

"I need you to look up Alcazar Hernandez's associates. Anyone he had contact with since his arrest. Possibly even farther back in his past." I told him. He nodded and started typing his name into the system. Soon, names were popping up. There was one name that stuck out at me. Ammelia Thieret; she was Adam's wife. She was a doctor and also one of two doctors shown on the list of people.

"Print that out for me. I need to have a talk with Mrs. Thieret." I told him. He did as I told him to do and handed it to me.

"Have fun!" He called out as I walked out the door. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed Dave's number. He was the officer that worked with our lab.

"Dave? This is Lieutenant Forest. I need Ammelia Thieret picked up for questioning." I told him and hung up. Adam was not going to like this, but Hernandez was going to be caught. No matter what.


Chapter 4

Fifteen minutes later, Ammelia was escorted into the interview room I was in. I had been studying the list that Eric gave me. There were no names on the list that looked to have any relationship to Jenna. I planned to look up every name and find what I am looking for.

Ammelia sat down. She was brought in from the hospital. I had a paper with me, letting me know of the details of the case. Like when Jenna was murdered and around what time.

"Tiffany is it? Why am I here?" She asked me. Ammelia had blond hair that fell to her shoulders. She had hazel eyes and looked innocent. Only sometimes things are not as they seem to appear on the surface.

"Do you know this guy?" I asked her. I had a picture of Hernandez with my papers. I slid the picture over to her and she studied it. She soon shook her head.

"No I do not. Who is it?" She asked.

"That is Alcazar Hernandez. Does the name sound familiar?" I asked her. She quickly shook her head. Lie number one. She did know him. We had proof. How she knows him I still do not know, but I will find out.

"No it does not Tiffany." She answered. I withdrew the picture and laid my hands on the table.

"It is Lieutenant Forest to you ma’am." I informed her. She gave me a snotty look and moved around in her chair.

"Why am I here? I do not know the guy." She told me.

"Where were you two nights ago between eight and eleven pm?" I asked her. She glanced down and thought for a moment.

"I was at home, watching some television." She answered. I could almost guess she did not have an alibi.

"Can anyone confirm that?" I asked. She shook her head.

"No. Adam was at the hospital and our kids were visiting Adam’s parents." She explained. I nodded.

"Okay. Well Mrs. Thieret, we will be in touch." I told her. I stood up and walked out of the interview room. Emily and Andy joined me.

"Get anything?" Emily asked. I shook my head.

"No. She says she was at home at the time and that no one can confirm it. She also said she did not know Hernandez, but we already know she did. Can someone interview the last doctor on the list and see what they get? I am going to take a visit two old friends on mine." I told them.

"Okay. I will get Eric on it." He said.

"And I will join you." Emily offered. We both headed out of the building and took my SUV to 202 Smith St. in Perryville.

When we arrived, there were two cars sitting in front. Both of which belonged to Adam's parents. We walked up to the door and I lightly knocked. After a few moments, we heard footsteps approaching the door. Finally, Linda Thieret opened the door. She smiled as she recognized me.

"Tiffany! So good to see you again! How have you been?" She asked me. I nodded and smiled.

"I have been good. Can we come in for a minute?" I asked. She stepped to the side and allowed us to walk in. She sat us down in her living room. I have never been in this house before. Adam always went to mine or Ashley's house. There were family pictures everywhere. There were even some of school trips his parents went on with us. I turned on the couch to face Mrs. Thieret.

"I work for the government now; Lieutenant Forest. I am currently working on a case where your daughter-in-law is involved. May I ask you some questions?" I asked her politely. She nodded at us, seeming not to know whether that was good or not.

"Ammelia said two nights ago her kids were with you and Ron. Was that true?" I asked her. She nodded. Mrs. Thieret does not lie, so I knew it was really true.

"Yes. She called over about seven-thirty asking if they could stay the night. She said she needed to do something and that she was not going to get back home until early the next morning." She explained to me. Ammelia had lied to us. She said she was at home watching television. She failed to mention she needed to go somewhere. Then Mrs. Thieret started talking again.

"Adam called me later when he noticed she was gone. He said he had seen her at the hospital for a minute and then she left. That was around eight I think he said." She told me. I nodded, trying not to smile.

"Thank you Mrs. Thieret. I appreciate it." I stood up and Emily and Mrs. Thieret stood up also. I shook Mrs. Thieret's hand. "Good to see you again. Sorry I need to get back to work." Emily and I walked out the door and as soon as we reached my vehicle, we both smiled.

"Looks like the doctor has some explaining to do." Emily noted. I nodded in agreement. We quickly drove back to the crime lab and saw Dave roaming the hallway.

"Dave! We need Ammelia picked up again." I said to him. He stopped and glanced at me.

"Do not worry Lieu. We already have her here. Andy wanted to keep her." He informed me. I nodded and walked to the interview room. We stopped outside of the window and observed Ammelia. She tried her hardest to look innocent and oblivious to what was going on. We knew that she was involved in this case. Now, we only had to break her so that she could tell us what we wanted to know. Emily and I walked in and sat down in front of Ammelia.

"You did not tell us you took a trip that night." Emily told her. Ammelia looked at her with a look that says "How would you know I did that?"

"What do you mean?" Ammelia asked. I leaned forward, almost looking into Ammelia's eyes.

"We know you dropped the kids off at Linda and Ron's place because you needed to go somewhere. Also, we have a witness saying they saw you at the hospital not even a half hour later. Would you care to explain?" I asked her sternly. She glanced down and began talking.

"I got a call from Alcazar that night after the kids and I finished dinner. He wanted me to meet him and to bring certain medical supplies with me." She informed us.

"What supplies?" Emily asked. Ammelia looked at us.

"A needle, an insulin bag, a Lovenox shot, some Heparin, and an icebox." She answered. Lovenox shots were used for cancer patients or pregnant women and are used for making blood clot.

"Where did he ask you to meet him?" I asked. She did not say anything for a moment, but then spoke up.

"I cannot tell you anymore. He told me not to tell anyone or that he would hurt me too." She told us.

"He killed a woman that night." Emily informed her.

"You better start telling us more." I warned Ammelia. She hesitated for a moment.

"He wanted to meet at this warehouse. It was down by the docks." She answered. There were no docks near Perryville. Perryville was a small town in the middle of no where. She would have to meet him in Chester, Illinois, which was a few miles from Perryville, or she would have to go to St. Louis.

“Which dock? You and I both know there is no dock near Perryville.” I asked her. She looked down at her hands, which were now lying on the table.

“We met in St. Louis by the old family. You know the one that the family committed suicide in.” She explained. I nodded. That was the Lemp Mansion near the Mississippi. Some of the family members committed suicide inside. The Lemp Mansion was also sitting right next to a ton of warehouses located on a dock.

“Thanks.” I said, half-heartedly.  There was more she was not telling us though. Emily knew it too. We stood up and nodded at the officer.

"Take her to holding." I told them. Ammelia looked defensive as the officer took her out of the room.

"I will take Eric with me to the warehouses and see if we find anything." Emily informed me.

"Okay. I am going to run home and call up a few people. Call me if you get anything." I told Emily. I left the interview room and headed outside. I jumped into my vehicle and headed off to home. As I drove back, I picked up my car phone and dialed Ashley's number. I held the phone to my ear as I waited for an answer. Finally, Ashley picked up.

"Hello?" She answered. I stopped at a stoplight.

"Hey it is Tiffany. Are you up for lunch?" I asked her. I could hear talking in the back round.

"Sure. How about the steakhouse? I can call Adam and have him meet us there." She offered. That was a great idea. He would not even know his wife was being put in holding either. I was not sure how he would react to it. At least for now, he would not know. I drove in the direction of my house as I finished up with Ashley.

"That sounds great. See you there!" I said as I hung up. I pulled up to my house a few minutes later and jumped out of the car. I left it running as I ran inside the house. Ben was not home, so I quickly changed and left him a note. Then I headed back to Perryville.

Chapter 5


About fifteen minutes later, I pulled into the parking lot of the Olympic Steakhouse. I loved this place. The food was delicious. I walked inside and found Ashley sitting in the back. There were more people with her. I just could not tell who. I walked back to where she was seated and noticed who was with her. Adam was sitting beside Ashley and across from them were Tiffany Phillips and Alex Morgan. I did not like either one of them growing up, and I still do not.

They drove me nuts when we were younger. In choir one year, they would steal things out of my purse and then get mad when I got mad about it. Then when I wrote a book our ninth grade year, they stole it from me and also stole a little notebook I kept for other things. I had to go to the principal and have her call them up to the office in order to get them back.

Not to mention in ninth grade, Tiffany and I was in the same language arts honors class. We watched Schindler's List and a movie from The Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah went to Auschwitz and they showed display cases of hair, gold teeth, luggage and watches. I thought it was sad because the Germans forced the Jews to cut their hair or hand over valuable things; whether that meant pictures or teeth. Tiffany thought it was gross. Adam, Tiffany, and I walked to our second hour class together and Tiffany and I fought the entire time about it.

We also constantly fought over who gets the end seat in concert choir and also competed in grades. It was a never ending fight. And I could never forget my fifteenth birthday; I skipped school to go to the license bureau to get my permit. That night, I was in the car and Adam and Ashley had called me. They both kept telling me how Tiffany told everyone I would not get my permit. I still remember how mad I got about that. I hated Tiffany Phillips with a passion and to this day I still do. I hate Alex just as much.

I walked over to the table and Ashley stood up to hug me. I hugged her back and sat down on the other side of her. The waiter came and took my order and Ashley glanced over at me.

"You are finally able to get away?" She asked me. I nodded and took a sip of the water the waiter brought back for me.

"Yep for a few. Oh Adam, saw your parents today. Your mom is charming." I told Adam. I would not give him anymore information then that. The last thing we needed in this case is Adam to go nuts over Ammelia being held for interrogation in a homicide case.

"Oh really? Cool." He responded. I nodded. I was trying to ignore Tiffany and Alex with all means possible. I might have been a mature adult, but I still loved to tick them off.  Then Ashley broke the silence.

"Tiffany, you remember Tiffany Phillips and Alex Morgan." Ashley introduced. I glanced in their direction and nodded. Tiffany has also been mad at me since graduation. I was the valedictorian. Not to mention, I kept her from going to our eighth grade graduation and the dance. It was very peaceful that night.

"Hi." I said. I turned my attention back to Adam and Ashley. "Sorry I left quickly last night. Work needed me, but we are here now. What has everyone been up to? Meaning Adam and Ashley and not Alex and Tiffany." I made sure that I added that last part in.

"My new fashion line comes out tomorrow. I am excited. It is a great new style." Ashley told me. I smiled.

"I will have to check it out if I am not working. I am sure it is going to look great!" I told her. Adam fidgeted in his seat. I glanced over to him and giggled. He was never one to sit still for anything.

"What is up with you? Is there a fire in your pants?" I giggled. He looked up and shook his head.

"No I am fine." He said. Something was definitely wrong. Just as I was ready to open my mouth and no sooner my food arrives, my phone rings. Annoyed, I quickly reached for my phone.

"Lieutenant." I answered. I waited for someone on the other end to answer.

"Tiff we got something." Emily informed me. I jumped out of my seat and grabbed my purse.

"I am already on my way." I said before hanging up. I looked at Ashley and Adam.

"Sorry I have got to run again. I will call you later Ashley. Adam, you will be seeing me soon." I told him. I turned around in time to hear Tiffany say something to Alex.

"What a *****!" She whispered. I turned around and leaned over the table.

"Listen Tiffany. I have put up with you since I was a kid and now I have had enough with it. Keep pushing **** at me and I will arrest you for harassment of a cop. And trust me, I can do it." I warned her. I made eye contact with her and then turned around and left.

Fifteen minutes later, I arrived at the crime lab building and nearly ran inside and passed Diana. No sooner I found Emily and Eric, I could tell we made a break in the case.

"We searched the docks and warehouses and did not find anything. Then we went back to the crime scene and searched the area. We found something you will want to hear about." Eric informed me. He showed me a picture of a strand of hair and a heel from a shoe.

"The DNA of the hair is Ammelia Thieret's and I am sure if you ask her about her shoes, she would be missing the heel of one of them. And there is more." Eric told me. I was surprised.

"We found out Jenna Bensley was Ammelia's old friend from school. They went to college together. They shared a dorm room together and then suddenly stopped talking." Eric informed me.

"They stopped talking because Jenna slept with Ammelia's boyfriend at the time. Her boyfriend was Alcazar. Ammelia must have got into the deep and dangerous type of guys." Emily noted.

"So, Ammelia would kill Jenna for sleeping with Alcazar. But why wait this long to do it and how does Alcazar tie into this?" I asked. Emily looked at me.

"Let’s get a search warrant for her house and find Alcazar and ask him." She said. I nodded.

"When we get the search warrant, I need to call her husband and warn him. I do not want the kids to see us there. It might scare them." I quickly added. Andy nodded. The kids would be terrified to see police officers searching their house and their parents’ room.

"That is fine. I have already put in a request for one and we should be hearing about it soon." He informed me. Emily stood with me as I pulled out my phone and dialed Adam's number. I hoped that he would be home when I called. The phone rang a few times and finally he picked up.

"Hey Adam it is Tiff. I need you to do something for me." I told him. Andy and Eric joined me. Andy had a paper in his hand. It was no doubt the search warrant.

"Sure, anything." Adam responded.

"Have your mom pick the kids up. Some friends and I are going to stop by for a visit and I do not want the kids there when we get there. You will understand when we get there." I told him.

"Okay. See you in a few I suppose." He said hesitantly. I hung up and turned to the group beside me. I was silently getting excited. We were so close to breaking this case.

"We put an APB out on Hernandez. They should locate him soon." Eric informed me. I nodded.

"Good. Now let’s get to Ammelia's house while we still have her in custody." I replied. Andy rode with Eric and Emily rode with me. We all headed to Adam and Ammelia's house for answers.

When we got there, we all walked up to the door and I knocked. Adam soon came to the door and saw my friends were officers. He let us in quickly and closed the door behind us.

"What is going on Tiff?" He asked. I showed him the search warrant we had.

"We need to search your wife's things." We informed him. Everyone split up as I stayed with Adam to ask some questions.

"What has she done?" He asked. I shook my head.

"I cannot say anything right now. I do have some questions though. Did Ammelia ever mention to you that she broke the heel off of one of her shoes?" I asked him. He thought for a moment. Then finally shook his head.

"No. She has not mentioned anything like that to me." He said. I nodded as Emily joined me.

"We found what we are looking for." She informed me. Eric and Andy joined us.

"Okay." I responded. I turned to Adam. "I will see you later hun." I turned and left with the group.


Chapter 6


  Back at the crime lab, they showed me what they found. There was an old photo album, a pair of shoes with one shoe missing a heal which was the same color of the heal we found, and some diary entries

In the photos, there were pictures of her with some college friends and some with her teachers. The ones I was interested in were the pictures we found of her with Alcazar and her with Alcazar and Jenna.

The pair of shoes with one missing the heel matches up with the broken heel we have here. That verifies some of the things Ammelia told us earlier, but it does not tell us what happened to Jenna.

Then the diary entries... One wrote:


Tonight, I and Al. are going to make our relationship final. He is inviting me on a trip to Mexico. We are going to spend the summer there; spending it together. We will do nothing but walk the beach, make love during the sunset and dance under the moonlight. God I cannot wait. A summer in Mexico with Alcazar Hernandez! Talk to you soon diary. And you will see. We will marry and have wonderful children and nothing is going to mess that up!


The second diary entry read:


That ***** Jenna stole Al. from me!! I cannot believe it. I came home and found them in bed together. That ***** probably had this planned. One day, I am going to kill her. She ruined my life and will have to pay now.

I shall wait until I graduate med school. I can get a job at a hospital and have access to any drug I need. I will plan the perfect murder! Jenna Bensley deserves to die and I will be the one to take care of it. No man will leave me. No man will cheat on me. NO MAN!! Not even Alcazar Hernandez. One day, he will help me with this murder. It is his fault that her death will have to come sooner rather than later. So it is only right of him to help. Plan the perfect murder.


The last diary entry read:


It has been over two years since Jenna slept with Al. The time is getting closer. The plans have been made. It will include something sharp, maybe like a knife. She will be stabbed for torture until my hand gets tired. Unless Al. will do it. Then, we will obtain a gun and shoot her dead. What a plan huh? She would never know that her death is just around the corner. Hahahahaha!!


I could not believe it before my eyes. All the evidence we needed we had. But there was still once puzzle piece missing. Alcazar Hernandez.

I glanced up at Emily, Andy, and Eric. They looked as happy as I did. Then two officers walked a familiar man into the lab and sat him in the interview room. It was Alcazar Hernandez. We stood outside the room and watched as Alcazar sat in the chair, hunched over, and looking around. Then Emily and I walked in as Eric and Andy stayed outside and watched.

"What am I doing here?" Hernandez asked. We took a seat in front of him.

"Does the name Ammelia Thieret ring a bell? Or maybe as you would know her as...”  Emily finished it for me.

"Ammelia Winthrop." Emily said. Hernandez shook his head. Hernandez was bald and had tons of tattoos all over him. He had dark, hollow eyes and had very dark skin for a Mexican.

"Nope. Never heard of her." He answered. He slumped back into his chair and stared at us. His face was cold and unmoving. I pulled out the photo of him, Ammelia, and Jenna and slid it across the table for him to see.

"Now do you know her?" I asked. He gave me an evil look and fidgeted in his chair.

"So what?" He asked. I glanced at Emily and could see he was getting on her nerves.

"You dated Ammelia back while she was in college. One day, she found you and her best friend Jenna Bensley in bed together. Right then, she vowed to kill Jenna and to have you help. Does any of this sound familiar?" I asked. He shook his head and leaned over the table.

"I did not have anything to do with either of these girls." He said as he made hard eye contact with me. I threw the contact back at him.

"Then explain to me why we found your prints on the knife used to kill Jenna Bensley two days ago." I told him. He seemed to get angry.

"So she set me up? I have not seen either of them since the day Jenna and I had sex. What more do you want from me?" He asked. His tone was getting louder. We must have hit a nerve. Sweet!

"There is no proof that she set you up." Emily said between her gritted teeth. Hernandez slammed his fists onto the table and jumped forward at Emily and me. He began swinging at us and he hit me in my jaw. I fell back into my chair and pulled myself back up as he punched Emily in the head and the chest. She flew back and hit the wall as the officer in the room and I contained Hernandez. Eric and Andy joined us in the room. While they took him out, I kneeled over at Emily and woke her up. She seemed okay overall as we got her up and moving.

"That guy is too dangerous for you two. Let us take care of him next time." Andy said. I shook my head. I hated when a man tried to tell me what they thought was best. That was one thing I absolutely hated. Ben got by with it sometimes since he is my husband, but other times, he got a punch to the arm.

"We can take care of him next time. Right now, we need to interview Ammelia about what we found at her house." I turned to Emily. "Are you alright? Do you need to go down to the morgue and see Claire?" Claire was the morgue doctor, but she also looked after us when we got hurt. She cleans us up and sends us back out.

"No I am fine. Let’s just go get this case over with." She answered. We all stayed near her as she walked out of the room and towards the interview room we had Ammelia in. We entered the room to see her sitting at a table and looking out the window. She looked startled as we walked in.

"When can I leave?" She asked us. We sat down in front of her and were ready for whatever came up. We were so close to solving this case. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

"You will not be leaving just yet. We have some more questions for you." I answered her. She looked confused. She was still playing the innocent act. That was getting pretty old.

"We got a search warrant for your house and we found some interesting things." Eric informed her. She glanced around at each of us.

"Yeah?" She responded. We nodded.

"We found a pair of shoes. A heel was missing." Andy informed her. She shrugged.

"So? I tripped and fell while walking in a car lot. A lot of people do that." She responded.

"Okay, well does everyone lose their heel at a murder scene? A murder scene where their best friend in college was killed?" I asked her. She got angry. We all saw it in her face.

"What the..." We kept going. We did not allow her to finish.

"We know you knew Jenna Bensley from college. We also know that you dated Alcazar in college and then one day, found him and Jenna in bed together. We also found diary entries from you, conspiring to murder Jenna and have Alcazar help." I explained further. Her face turned redder by the second.

"So what happened really Ammelia? You finally decide to kill Jenna? Did Alcazar help willingly or did you have to threaten him? Or did he set you up?" I asked her. She slammed her hands on the table. Whether we knew the story completely or not, at this point we could charge her for accessory to murder. She was the one that told us she gave Hernandez what he asked for. Then that led to Jenna’s death. Ammelia was breaking in front of us. We pushed her just enough to go over the edge and spill us the beans.

"That ***** Jenna slept with my future husband! She deserved to be killed! She took everything from me! And now, she is dead. She is out of my life forever." She screamed. The officer behind her moved forward to calm her down. She quieted down and stared at us.

"What did Alcazar do in this?" Andy asked. Ammelia sat straight again, like nothing had happened.

"He offered to help. He said she was just a nuisance and that he only slept with her because he felt sorry for her. He blamed her for me leaving him." She calmly explained. This woman was a lunatic. Thank goodness she was going to be caught too. Her husband and poor children could have been hurt. Now they will lose her. In my opinion, that was better than having her.

"Stand up please." I told her. She stood up, knowing what was going to happen.

"Take her to booking. She is under arrest for the murder of Jenna Bensley." I informed him. He nodded and took her away, while reading her rights to her.

"I will get Alcazar into booking too." Andy said. He stood up and began to turn to the door.

"Get him for assaulting two police officers while you are down there." I called out. He nodded and sat back in the chair. This felt great. Two murderers caught and being put in jail. I loved this part of my job.

"We finally caught him!" I exclaimed. Emily nodded and laid her head on the table.

"Well then, I am going home and lying down." She said. I patted her hand and got up.

"I better go tell Adam his wife will be in prison for murder." I noted. I started to walk out the door but turned around quickly.

"Are you going to be able to make it home?" I asked her. She looked up and nodded.

"Unless I stay and sleep here. I will be fine. See you tomorrow." She replied. I waved goodbye and left the crime lab. I got into my vehicle and started it up. I glanced in the mirror to make sure I looked okay and left to Adam's house.

I arrived to see Mrs. Thieret dropping the kids off. I walked up the sidewalk in time to pass her and say hi. As she left, I walked up the stairs and Adam stopped at the doorway for me.

"You are here about Ammelia again?" He asked me. I nodded and he let me in. He walked me into the kitchen and we sat down. The kids ran about as we talked.

"Ammelia was just arrested for murder." I informed him. He sat there, staring at me.

"She and her old boyfriend killed her best friend from college. We just arrested her and she will be tried for it soon. She will get convicted also. We have enough evidence to go against her." I explained. Then something popped into my head: The silencer. We never found anything out about it. I grabbed my phone and texted it to Emily. She would hate me for it, but I had a feeling we were missing something or someone.

"I cannot believe it!" He exclaimed. I nodded. Emily texted me back saying her and Eric will get to work on it. I began to relax a little as I watched the two kids run around.

"What are their names?" I asked him. He shook out of his thought and looked at his kids.

"The oldest is Maggie. She is seven. Then Ronnie is three." He said. They were cute kids. Ashley's kids were cuter though. Maggie and Ronnie had dark brown eyes and brown hair. Ashley's had blue eyes and light brown hair.

"I need to get going." I told him as I stood up. He stood up also and followed me to the front door. I walked out to my vehicle and drove off back to the lab.


Chapter 7

When I got to the lab, I found the group and began looking for the person that made the silencer. We doubted either of them was smart enough to make something like that. Also, when they were arrested, Eva checked for any scrap metal on their clothes, in case some off of the silencer fell off and landed on their clothes. She did not see anything. So we were missing another person.

"Okay so let’s see. Who else would be involved?" Eric asked. He had the list out and everyone who was on it was searched. Their back rounds were sitting in front of us now.

"Have we interviewed everyone?" I asked. While I was talking to Ammelia and Hernandez, others were interviewing people on this list.

"I did find one person I thought was suspicious." Emily said slowly. She pointed to the name. Alexandra Morgan. I must have missed that name while looking through the list. I smiled and knew this was the end of Alex if she was proven guilty. I looked over at Andy.

"Let’s bring her in." I told him. He nodded and waved over two officers. He ordered for them to pick her up. We all sat back and waited as the officers flew out of the room and off to find Alex.

Ten minutes later, Alex walked in with the two officers. She was brought into one of the interview rooms and everyone moved towards the room. I walked into the room and sat down. Emily followed quickly with a small machine. She had brought in a detector, specialized in finding traces of metal and gun residue on surfaces.

"So Alex, good to see you again. What do you do for a living?" I asked her. She gave me a weird look and began to answer the question.

"I work at a restaurant as a waitress." She answered. She did not graduate high school. She dropped out as soon as she could and was knocked up soon after. The father left her and the baby and once the baby was born, Alex neglected it so much that family services came and took the poor child away. Of course, only Alex could be capable of this. We never thought she would accomplish anything. She had poor grades, she did not care about class, and her friends were the weirdest people ever.

"So then, you would not be anywhere near maybe guns?" I asked. Alex shook her head in response. Emily grabbed the detector and stood up.

"Then you would not mind if I looked at your hands." Emily said. Alex shrugged and threw her hands out in the open. Emily turned the detector on and held it over her hands. Alex sat there as Emily checked her hands. She acted as though she did not have a care in the world.

"Turn them over please." She told Alex. Alex did as she was told. Emily scanned her hands and it showed blue-white smudges everywhere. The smudges show the GSR, or gu shot residue. That meant she has handled guns lately. We both glanced up at her.

"You want to change your story?" I asked her. She looked at me.

"Why would I do that?" She asked. I pointed to her hands, indicating the smudges found.

"We have proof that you have handled a gun earlier. If you are not around guns in the restaurant, you care to explain why we found gun residue on your hands?" I asked. She did not say anything for a moment. Then she looked over at me.

"I have a gun that is used for protection." She said. She was lying. We all knew it.

"Who helped you?" Emily asked. Alex tried to look confused, but it did not work.

"What do you...?” I interrupted Alex.

"Was it Tiffany?" I asked. Alex looked at me and then Emily.

"Was what...” Emily interrupted Alex.

"Why did you help her?" Emily asked. Alex shook her head.

"What are you guys talking about?" She asked. She was getting angry. I stood up and leaned over the table.

"You might as well tell us the truth. We already know the truth. Now you better start talking. Remember that warning I gave you earlier? It still applies." I warned her. Her face crinkled with rage.

"I did it!! I made the silencer for their gun. I needed the money." Alex yelled. I sat back down and crossed my legs.

"For more drugs?" I asked. She looked at me and did not say anything. I glanced up at the officer and nodded to him.

"Book her for accessory to murder and lying to a police officer." I told him. He nodded and escorted her out. We all sat back; happy we killed three birds with one stone.

That night, I returned home to find Ben waiting up for me. It was nearly midnight. I threw my stuff on the table and went into the living room. He was sitting at the couch. I sat down next to him and leaned my head on him.

"Did you pass?" I asked him, anxious to hear his answer. He looked down at me and did not say anything. There was not even an expression on his face. Then he smiled, and begun nodding. I sat up and smiled, then wrapped my arm around him.

"Oh I am so proud of you!" I exclaimed. That night, we had a late dinner. There was a nice restaurant opened till late and we went out and celebrated.


Chapter 8

A year later, I was still working with the crime lab and anyone else that needed me. Ben had gotten a job working as an assistant lawyer. They thought he would be perfect for the job since he already knew the law.

One morning, I opened my mail box to see a letter from Adam. I opened it up as I walked into the house and sat in the kitchen. I opened the letter and began reading it. Inside, there were two tickets to the musical Wicked, my favorite musical. I saw it in New York City a long time ago back in high school.

Adam, his mom, and I walked into the Gershwin Theatre on fifty-first street. The place was huge and was so beautiful. I took pictures of the wall and bought me some things from the front. We found our seats on the orchestra floor and sat down. The performance was magnificent! I always wanted to go back, but never got the chance.

I read Adam's letter and was amazed. He moved to New York City and after hard work and training, he got a job on Broadway. He got the part Fiyero. I was so happy for him. My phone rang as I closed up the letter. I quickly grabbed the phone.

"Hello." I answered. I sat back at the kitchen table as Ben walked in for breakfast.

"It is Ashley. You get a letter from Adam?" She asked me. I took a bite of the eggs I had in a plate.

"Yeah I did. Why? Did you?" I asked in response. Ben sat in front of me.

"Yes I did, with two tickets to Wicked. I am so happy he is getting to do what he wanted to do." She said. I agreed with her.

"Me too. Are you going to go? Maybe we can go together." I offered.

"That would be great! I will talk to Phillip about it and get back to you." She replied.

"Okay. Talk to you soon then." I said as I hung up. I gave Ben the letter and sat down the phone.

"What is this?" He asked me.

"Adam sent us two tickets to see Wicked on Broadway. He is in it." I answered. He looked surprised.

"I did not know Adam liked that sort of thing." He commented. I nodded.

"We both do. When I went to school with him, we both were in the fall play and spring musical. We loved it." I told him.

The fall play was "Stage Door". I played Tony Gillete and Adam played Jimmy Deveraux. It was a lovely play and was interesting. The director was JBC, or Jennifer Birk-Cook. She was the best director ever.

The spring musical was "Once Upon A Mattress". That was a large cast, larger than Stage Door. I played the maid Emily and I hated it. I did not have a line. I only got to walk on stage and walk off stage. It sucked and I almost hated JBC for giving me that part. Adam got a part singing, dancing, and talking. I could swear I was the only one without a speaking part. I hated that experience and would never want to repeat it.

"You want to go?" Ben asked me. He sat down the letter and began eating his breakfast.

"I would like to. We could visit your parents while we are there." I added. He glanced up, surprised I asked that. His mother hated me. His father adored me.

"We could go, but do not have to visit my parents if you do not want to." He replied. I shook my head.

"We need to pay them a visit." I told him. He agreed and we finished our breakfast.

© Copyright 2018 Tiffany Arnett. All rights reserved.

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