Forever Remember

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This was about 9/11 when it was the ten year anniversary. Most don't want to relive it but i want to put out true facts about it

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



Ten years later,

Nothing has changed yet everything did,

United we stand together the lovers and haters,

No memories forgotten or hid,

Smoke and death came that day,

Everyone in shock unable to comprehend what happened,

It was a tragedy many will say,

While shocked others were saddened,


To this day no one can forget,

So many innocent people lost their lives,

Planes crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon as a terrorist threat,

Husbands in the buildings that went down called their wives,

Husbands said their good-byes to their families as they knew what was coming,

Some were brave and jumped out of windows to have their bodies found,

The buildings collapsed with an all mighty force that was forthcoming,

The rumble from the Twin Towers left search teams going through a mound,


Once rumble now a memorial for those who lived it through,

Families come with their kids to remember the fathers and mother they have never knew,

Hearts of many are broken still yet the spirit is renewed and true,

While a child rubs a pencil over a paper to get the name sketched in rock to view,

A mother bows her head while holding a red rose to mourn her loved one,

Tears leak down her cheek and on to the name,

In her other hand is the small hand of his ten year old son,

The son holds on his fathers memories with a picture in a frame,


The water falls into the endless holes where once the Twin Towers stood,

People gather around watching while remembering what took place at the same spot ten years ago,

They no longer felt the numbness that once overcame them but knew it still could,

Still lingering in many was acceptance along with sorrow,

Some of the people were the ones who made it out alive,

Only with the good Lord and luck did they walk away,

The ones that made it out alive are standing there remembering friends and coworkers they worked with side by side,

That day when they walked away alive and watch the rest seems to be on replay,


People of the United States shall never forget nine eleven,

It is in our memories and our blood for we lived through it and we carry on the legacy,

Those who did not live through it are in heaven,

For the next generation to remember we are necessity,

We have to move on but it shall stay imprinted in us and in history,

Children of the next generation with eager ears will learn and hear of it,

It is up to us to tell them either through technology or a story,

The legacy of nine eleven will be passed down years to come bit by bit.

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