Imperfection- Pain

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Not everyone is perfect. This is a poem about the daily pain I am in from a little thing called Arthritis I have since the age of 16, It is not fun but it is one of my imperfections that makes me human.

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Bones ach with the stabbing pain,

Blood still has not escaped,

The constant stabbing of needles gets old,

Though it never goes away,

Every step you take sends jabbing needles up your leg,

There is no way to get away from it,

Pain killers laugh in your face,

they sense that it won't be too long until they shrivel away,

Doctors looked at it with question marks flashing above their head,

They are suppose to have the solution, only they don't,

You live day by day trying to hide the pain that seeps through your veins,

You truly wish the throbbing away,

Yet you truly wish it never leaves you,

You have grown accustom to the sharp pain,

It tells you that you are just like everyone else,

You are human in all ways including this,

Humans are imperfect creatures and you are one of them,

The pain is just a part of being human,

Being crack just enough to seep out imperfections you may just have,

Don't worry, everyone in this world has some imperfection they are also hiding.

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