Trust Betrayl

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WHen someone close to you betrays you, it is like the world ending. I had someone betray my trust and this is what i wrote.

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



To who can I trust if not you,

But for not you at all I can trust either because you are the who,

I knew you for awhile now and I don't know wish to betray you like this,

But for that you have betrayed me in a way that I can put all the this on a list,

I neither can not trust you or trust you at all,

because you were once there for me standing tall,

now that the trust is between us I can no longer look into your eyes,

because behind those eyes are what I feared the most Lies,

Lies that could of been the honest truth but you decided not to, 

I told you all but not the truth and you turn around and stab me in the back,

for I trusted you and gave you my heart to hold, For what you did with it I do not know because it seems that it has on it mold,

the you turn around to say sorry but walk over to my other friend and tell her the truth and not lies you told me,

But of course you still talk to me and don't you see,

that in my eyes I feel hurt and betrayed in ways that no one should feel,

but now that has happen I can not know who to trust and I feel as though from this I will not heal.

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