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WickaDola started out just as an assignment in my English class but turned into much more. Abcde (Ab-see-Dee) is an outcast to her society from day one.Her mother makes her learn to write and read even though it is shunned in her village. It is one day that she writes in the sand that takes her to a place that only a few every get to experience. It is called WickaDola. Messengers are rare and this is only the beginning.

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



They think I'm crazy, but they don't see and hear what I do. People laugh at me while pointing directly towards me. I don't care though, because once I was like them, selffish and common, but not anymore. It happen that one fateful day.

The village was quiet and I just finished my chores for the day. My raggy, holey potato sack dress hung loosely on my tiny shoulders. The wind was blowing a gentle breeze that lifted up my hair from my shoulders, like someone who was carelessly playing with it. Its gentle fingers touched me as it cooled down the air around me from the hot sun. I had nothing to do until my teacher, Mrs.Cherry, came to teach me. I walked up my favorite hill in the village, it was big and grassy with a red oak right on top of it. The lessons like any other day, was to drill into my mind how to be a proper young lady. It made me gag to think of me ever being one, all I wanted to be was like one of the village town boys. I wanted to be free to wear whatever I wish and not some stupid, old dress. My family was poor and all we could afford is what we got. I mentioned to my father that it would be cheaper to make pants and shirts, like the boys wore but he refused to do so. My father was outraged by this request, screaming at me, " I did not have a boy! I had a beautiful baby girl. Therefore you shall act like a young lady of your age! I will have no more of this talk Abcde Rose, for I will have your hide if you do." He got so angry with me that day. His face was red, that it looked like it would of exploded, his fist banged the table every time he ended a sentence, and his eyes were bulging out of his head.

My father is one of those old time folks, like most men of my village. He is tall and muscular, with a mob of hair and a beard, to go with that is black with some grays in it. Father had the coldest brown eyes anyone has ever seen, they can look right into you soul and find your deepest secrets  without even blinking. My mother, on the other hand, had came from a different village and was raised to be a well mannered lady that was also smart. She has a perfect oval face, and brown hair that flows down here back just like a water fall. Her eyes are ocean blue and her lips are plush and pink. My father fell in love with her the first time he set his cold brown eyes on her. Mother saw something in father to marry him, they had me shortly after. I'm short, and yet not as beautiful as my mother. My hair is fiery red that is curly and frizzy, I also have freckles on my arms and face that everyone makes fun off. My eyes are brown, but softer then my fathers. I am chubby but according to my mother it has been that way for awhile.

Waiting under the tree like I always am, as always bored. I learned to write and read like my mother did, but secretly so my father would not find out. On my right side, there is a broken stick with a few green leaves on it. It was next to a bare spot leaving only the sandy dirt, which was perfect to write in. I decided to practice my writing, but writing what they call stories. The problem was I didn't know when to start at all, so I did like every other book began with, "Once upon a time."

The world of mine flashed before my eyes, it twirled around like a whirl pool; nothing made sense and was hard to see. I soon lost track of everything around me, I landed on my butt in a strange world. It was not nothing like my home. Looking around I noticed that the grass was blue, the sky was purple, and the trees all different colors, some were even rainbows. Rubbing the blue grass I wondered what just happen. Picking myself up, I quickly dust off my dress and began to stagger across the land. I was walking in no particular direction at all when I finally decided to find out if anyone even lives here.

"Hello? Is anyone here that could tell me where I am?" I shouted at the top of my lungs and put my hands to my mouth to make sure it was even louder.

A creature came out of a blood red tree, it rubbed its monstrous three eyes and blinked at me. It was orange, and hairy, almost like a big foot but smaller. The creature made a grunt type of noise, then continued to walk my way with big, heavy steps that shook the ground beneath my feet. I did not know whether to run or stay. I was practically glued to the spot as he closed the feet between us, ten feet, eight, six, four, and finally two. It stood there looking at me blinking his three eyes one at a time and breathing hot, stinky breath into my face.

"What are you doing here? I have never seen your kind around these parts before." He noted in a gruff voice.

"I'm Abcde. I-i-i am k-k-k-kind of lost. Oh, please don't eat me. I am just skin and bones." I begged of him.

I was afraid as his big, hairy hands raised up to his stomach. I closed my eyes as tight as they could until tears sprang from eyes. A thunderous noise came from the beast. I open one of my eyes just a little bit to see him bent over in laughter.

"That's a good one. Well Abcde, I'm not going to eat you. You're right about being skinny and there isn't hardly anything on you worth while. I'm not a human- eater, or in your terms a cannibal, so don't worry. My name is Kipple, the Second orange fuzzily Sluegood. Most call me Kip for short." He introduced himself, “How may I help you?"

I didn't know if I should trust him or not. I was cautious as I told him what happen and how I ended up here. He looked at me with shocked eyes and a mouth gaping open.

“I heard about your kind. You're a messenger! Finally, I get to spread my story to the Earth realm."

"What do you mean by messenger? I was just writing, 'Once upon a time' in the dirt and suddenly I am here. I can't be a messenger; I'm just a sixteen year old kid." I denied.

He explained, how there were only stories he has heard about people who came from other lands to this realm that could spread the word of it.  A messenger has the ability to stay physically in their world, while spiritually coming here.  Once the person who is the messenger gets the hang of it, they can come back any time that they wish to do so. I didn't want to believe it, but it all made sense in a way.

"So you mean to tell me, that I'm kind of person who comes here just to write stories of your kind? How can my life get anymore weird? I'm just a freak, that is what I am," I threw my hands up in surrender.

"What do you mean by weird?  I don't see how this great gift you were granted  could cause you to be a freak." Kip stated.

"Well first I'm suppose to be a well mannered lady and act decent. I can't have school teachings like the village boys. Second I'm talking to you Kip. No offense, but you're like a monster from the stories mothers tell to their children, to keep them from doing bad things. People wouldn't believe me if I said that I met a monster name Kip, that is a Sluegood.  Not one bit."

"May I interrupt?  What do you mean by a well mannered lady? Around here a lady is a lady no matter what. I find it quite interesting to talk to you." Kid questioned with curiosity.

 "How can this be real? I mean how can I be talking to you? You're just a made up thing that people make up to scare children. I must be dreaming, I probably fell asleep under the tree. That's right, I'm just dreaming, and this whole thing is nothing but made up." I concluded.

"I'm quite sorry, but this is quite real. All you see around is nothing but real. Everywhere you go around here is, you just have to believe . If you ask questions, it will just lead to more unanswered  questions." spoke a female voice.

I spun around and saw her. I don't know what she was, but she was beautiful. She had long brown hair that touched just above her butt, and golden eyes that were like a cats. She walked with confidence as she approached. I would say she was the average size of a human, but had sparkling teal skin.

"My name is Kratos, I'm your guide. Welcome to the realm of Wickadola." Kratos bowed.

This place was getting more weird as the time went by. Kip the orange monster and now Kratos? This couldn't be happening to me, yet it was.

"My name is Abcde. What do you mean by being my guide, Kratos?"

Kratos completely ignored my question, instead she turned to Kip and started a conversation with him.

"Ahh, Mr.Kip it is nice to see you again. How is your family? I heard your son had a little mishap at school the other day."

Kip fumbled with his fingers and looked down while answering, "Rickle had a tiny argument with another student, we got it all fixed up in a jiffy. Nothing to worry about really."

"That is excellent. Abcde you ask how I am your guide if I am correct, it is rather simple. I'm here to help you safely return to your home, the other realm after you tell the story of someone or how you encountered them here. If  you leave too soon then you will have the urge to write again and that brings you back. I do imply that we should start because you only have a limited time before your teacher comes to teach you."

Kratos took my hand and led me away from Kip. He seemed to know what was happening as he waved good-bye.

"Where are we going? How do you know about my teacher left me alone? How do you know I'm a messenger at all? This could just be a huge mistake, and I'm not the real person who you think I am."

"We're going to my office. I have connections from a greater source who assigned me to you. When I was assigned to you, I was given your information. Any more questions, my dear?"

"Yeah, how come this place is like this? Not to offend anyone, but like I was explaining earlier it just looks like someone made it up in a story. I mean like even the dirt isn't brown, It's yellow." I asked.

 "I told you not to ask questions about how it is real. See it with your heart and not your eyes, believing helps a ton also.  You know the stories that were told to you, well they are all real. The people who made them up, were messengers just like you. Here we are!"

The place we stopped at was another tree, but wider and taller. The trunk looked like it would only fit one person at the most. No windows in sight, only a door. The color of it changed every minute and never stayed one color.

"Come on, slow poke.  Times a wasting and we need you to start your duty as a messenger. " She said pulling me through the now opened door.

The inside was amazing. It was about my whole village size, which I never did see this before! The floors looked like marble and shining with the light coming in.  Creatures just like Kratos moved around with piles of paper in on hand and something else in the other. Some of them had kids just like me, following them around with a pencil and paper. One of the kids bumped into me, she looked me in the eyes, then scribbled something down before mumbling a sorry. She looked just as confused as I did when she walked a way. Kratos was talking to someone like her, so I figured I could easily sneak a way to ask the kid her name. She looked really familiar.

I quickly walked in the direction she last went, trying to avoid any looks from others. When I found her she was busily jotting down stuff on her paper.  Her tongue was sticking out as she concentrated on the the topic she was doing.  Tapping her on the shoulders I got her attention.  She stared at me with her big brown eyes again, but they were full of wonder now. She muttered what sounded like, "it's you."

"Hi, my name is Abcde. I'm new at this whole messenger thing, who are you? If you don't mind me asking." I whispered to her.

"My names Maggy-Marie, I usually go by Maggy for short. You don't need to whisper in here, it is alright to talk normal. I heard about you all week long. I live in Blue Crown too, but on the other side of the village. So you are a messenger too! They say only one to, two people from an area are messengers. I'm glad you are one of them, now I don't feel so awkward." She embraced me with a hug that was so tight it crushed my rib cage. I carefully hugged her back.

"Well Maggy, I thought I recognized you from somewhere,I just could not pin-point where."

"Anyways, I should be going back to my work. I am almost done writing a story about Frizzle who is a friend of mine. I do wish you the best of luck. Just a heads up, you might want to take down names of people whom you have met here. That's basically is the first task. Bye! I hope to see you around the village." With that she left me standing where I was. 

I walked back to Kratos as she finished up talking to the person.

"There you are! I was just talking to an old friend of mine and was about to mention you to until I notice you take off to talk to Maggy. Glad you two got to meet. Shall we begin your lesson one today?" She questioned me.

"Yes please. As you said before that time is ticking away. I'm rather interested now what it means to be a messenger, since talking to Maggy." I replied.

We ended up on the third floor of the tree. In her office there were plush, fluffy furniture everywhere. The paper and pencils were scattered here and there making the office look like it was used often.

"Lesson one, know who your characters are and what they will be in the story you write. In other words, just talk to some locals of Wickadola and get to know them more. Once that is done you have to, I repeat, have to make sure you write what ever you don't get wrote there as soon as possible or else you might forget it. What I mean by that is what ever you are thinking, seeing, hearing, and touching you must be writing it down or you will forget it. Grab a piece of paper and pencil for now. It will help you to become a better messenger."

I did what Kratos said. I decided also that I should take her advice and start typing what happened so far today. I scribbled down what the whole place looked like, how I got here, and even who I met.  Kratos was pleased with my progress as she smiled at me.

"Great! you are doing excellent. I can see so much potential in you!  Just keep doing what you are doing," She praised.

I continued to write about my experiences so far. The story grew more and more. I didn't know hot it happened but I could not stop until I got to the beginning of me writing it. Some time had past before I realized I had nothing else to write about.

"I have nothing esle to write about. I wrote everything I could. I'm just staring blankly at the page now. Can I return home now?" I questioned.

"There so much more you can write! All you need to do is meet more people. Let first meet your pet here. Even before you ask, each messenger has a familiar that follows them around. Yours will be anything from a squible to a brownie pie. Lets head over there so we can find out!"

"Alright I just hope there is enough time for me to do so."

We went into another building tree that was next door to the office tree. Here were tons of familiars ranging from squibles to hogeles.  I was told that a familiar waits for it messenger until they see them. Today I stood  there looking at all of them wondering what one would be mind.

A fluff ball with two eyes and a mouth came up to me. It was gray and had no legs or arms, so it hopped instead of walking. I looked at it as it bounced up and down, looking at me trying to decide if i was its master.

"Ah-ha! Finally you came. I been waiting for you all this time Abcde, just to meet you. I am yours to name and will help you be a messenger to this realm and yours. I will come back with you but as an animal known to your world. Here I am what they call a puff. I am glad you came, I was starting to think you would never come," he puff thanked me.

"Did it just talk to me?" I whispered to Kratos.

"Well, yes I did. Here we are having a nice chit-chat. Like I said, you can name me anything you wish." "Okay. So you're a puff, gray, and my familiar. How about Grayson?"

"Grayson! That is wonderful!. Thank you so very much. Kratos, what shall we ever do next? Does Abcde have time to meet some new people yet?"

"She still has time to meet two more people. Would you like me to accompany you or will you rather me stay in my office until it time to take you back home? I don't care which you pick since I have work to do," explained Kratos.

"If you don't mind, I would like to see what Grayson can do. How will I know when my time is up," I asked.

"Here, take this. Its a watch that will tell you how long you got until you return home. It comes in handy when times flies by!" Kratos waved and left the watch with me. I gazed at it shiny numbers ticking down.

"Where do we begin? There is Grumpelyair aka Grumpy who is not at all grumpy. There is Tinklewinks who is just magical to be around. So many people to meet and so little time for today. Tinklewinks first and then we can see flash," squealed Grayson.

He lead us down the packed road to a blueish tree. He banged his body against the door in form of a knock. It made loud bangs as he hit every time. It looked like it hurt him, but I didn't want to ask.

A creature  that looked like a troll people tell tales about came to the door. His green skin looked like it was melting off his face leaving it to look bumpy and gross. His ears were pointed and he hardly had any hair. When he smiled at us, there were only a few teeth showing some stage of decay.

"Oh my good friend! I haven't see you around for awhile. How are you doing? I see you got yourself a messenger now! Congrats. I'm Tinklewinks, and what might be your name my dear?" His hand was outstretched  for me to shake as he watched me with his black beady eyes. I reluctantly shook it.

"I'm Abcde. This is Grayson. How do you know my familiar?"

"We go way back. He was lost and I found him hopping around looking around looking for a place to stay. I asked him his name and he told me he didn't have one, so I should call him friend. I took him where all the familiars go until they find their messengers. We become friends during the walk there. I am really glad to meet you Abcde. Would you two like to come in and have a drink?"

Grayson hopped in as I followed. We were seated on two wooden like chairs and asked what we would like to drink. I asked just for waters and Grayson asked for some swamp berry beer. Tiddlywinks came out and handed me what looked like pink, thick slime. Grayson was handed a glass full of green and blue slime.

"What is this if I may ask. I never see water like this before," I stated.

"It is this realms water. It has the taste of different things unlike your worlds water. Taste it and you will like it."

I did just that and flavors upon flavors exploded my taste-buds. It would taste like strawberries one moment then the next blueberries. I let out a sigh and had some more. Almost instinctively I grabbed my pencil from my apron with some of the paper to write with.

My visit with Tinklewinks ended up in three solid papers of setences, details, and just plain old words. Tinklewinks was really interesting and was pleased to have me write about him. We thanked him for his hospitality.

"Next is Flash. He is rather a nice fella that I met through Tinklewinks. No one ever wants to interview him because he is the rarest time of elf, a moon elf.  Black moon elves are rare to have in Wickadola. He lives with his girlfriend who is a fairy at the time. Her name is Stardust. She can be rather shy to newcomers. Be really careful on what you say and do." Grayson warned me.

We approached a pink tree with black leaves. Flash was already at the door waiting for us. I asked him how he knew we were coming and all he did was shrug his tiny shoulders. He was indeed black as the night. His eyes were gray though that seemed to shine in the light. I only had one hour more to write until I had to go back to that dreaded world of mine.

Stardust was beautiful. She was smaller then Flash with the wings that looked like they were made out of star dust. Her hair was wavy and long, and her eyes were caring brown, yet almost skeptical of me. Once we gotten past the introductions, it was my turn to start them on story telling.

"Can I ask you and Flash one how you began as a couple? It nothing to personal to talk about I hope," I asked.

"Its quiet amazing how we met. I have a friend of mine who is a chan chu which is a three legged toad. He was the one who introduced us. We hit it off just like that kind of like love at first sight. Toad got angry we were disappearing from his life and blamed us for everything that was going on. With Toad against us we had no one else to talk to. We decided it would be best for us to hang out with no one knowing because mostly fairies are suppose to marry or date another fairy. It wasn't to long before someone spotted us and rumors started. We decided to come clean then and tell everyone we were dating. Ever since then I moved in and we became closer then ever in our relationship." Stardust revealed.

I wrote all of it down as my own version as both Stardust and Flash explained what it was like in more detail to meet each other. I could now see what it was meant by being a messenger. Taking nots and forming the story of theirs wore me out. When they finished telling me it, my hand had begun to throb.

"Thanks for telling me about how you two met. I better get going. I will see you guys around." I smiled and left feeling like I done my job right.

As Grayson and I walked back to the office, He asked me how I like being a messenger so far.

"I don't mind it now that I know what they mean. I really like it. I got over five pages of notes and stories today!" I shouted.

The rest of the walk was silent as I dreaded every step. When I got to the office I felt like I didn't need to go home because this now felt like home to me. I belonged here and nothing else.

"Abcde! Just in time. Your teacher is heaing up the hill to you right now. We have to get you back as soon as possible. Here is how you do it. Close your eyes and think of something home like to you. Once you figured that out then visualize yourself back home. On the count of two, you will do it. Zero, One, Two," Kratos exclaimed.

All of sudden I was back home. It disappointed me to see the same old oak above me then the colorful ones back in Wickadola realm. I still had the stick in my hand. I drew pictures of each of the friends i made today in the sand while I was there. I felt something rubbing my other side. I looked to see it was a gray kitten.

"Grayson! You did come back with me after all like you said you would. Oh how I would of missed you if you didn't." I roared out loud. I gave him the biggest of hugs and with a big, wet kiss. He didn't protest at all, but instead purred so loud that it was not hard to miss.

"Abcde is that you? What one earth are you talking about," Mrs.Cherry asked me, "You know you mother does not like any stray animal at all. I hope you get rid of that thing before you mother has me hung for letting you have such an animal."

"Mrs.Cherry, Grayson is not a stray animal at all! He is my pet that helps me whenever I need to write. I met him in another world but he was different! He was a puff. There were so many new people I met there! There was Flash, Stardust, Kipple, Kratos, Tinklewinks, and Grayson."

"Come child, stop this nonsense talk. You just had a dream that is all. None of it was real," She insisted.

I ended up telling more of my day and what happened. I told her how I was a messenger and how Maggy-Marie was too.  She thought i was just crazy and later told my parents how I kept saying I was the one who could spread the word about these made up people. They labeled me as crazy as the word got out and now my father is ashamed of me. The only one who didn't was Maggy. She became my new friend understanding what I went through.

Being a messenger Is so perfect that I wish more people were like me. Remember if you are a messenger, don't tell anyone like I did. Keep it as a secret but keep writing to keep your friends alive.


© Copyright 2017 Tiffany Burkhard. All rights reserved.

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