An imagery poem that describes love

How do I explain this passion?

My heart so joyful pounding in my chest.

Butterflies fill my stomach.

Thoughts fill my head.

A kiss upon my rosy pink lips.

A flowers soft petals.

Sweet like a cherry lollipop.

Soft laughs and giggles fill your ears.

Smell of the air after it rains under my nose.

A tender touch as you hold my hand in yours.

You shine like the sun on a summer morning.

A warmth as your body embraces my body in a hug.

Smell of your gentle cologne on my clothes.

Your arms around my waist and my head on your

shoulder. I feel protected.

Our lips meet in a passionate kiss that brings me

to the heavens.

 I lay on a soft, fluffy cloud as I think

about you.

Baby, I love you.

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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