I was inspired to write this poem after a Yann Tiersen concert. I realized during this concert that I was the ghost that could not let go of the past memory of an 8 year relationship. And that in this realization I could finally let go.

I live in a story and am a part of someone’s story. Living narratives. I exchange in conversations. Connecting bodies and words. Sentences – strung together to create poetic stanza’s and paragraphs which exude our love and hate. Our rage and our serenity.

Ghosts as phantom apparitions. Like lost love letters and friends – letting go is a tough embodiment to capture. A rapture of thought – and then an acknowledgement of reality which bursts in like a gulf of cold air.

The remembrance of thick skinned embraces – and deep rooted love notes. Experiencing the ghost as heart tugged losses emblazen over ashes of past memories and the acknowledgment that you are the ghost.

Rebirth and the change of seasons heckles at the door of anewed fevered delights. The wind held with wide open arms and the striving to set the wings straight and deliver you to new life's givings.

The ghost can hold on like footprints in the sand but eventually the tide washes over – and the letting go sets in.

By: Tiffany Amber Goskey

Submitted: February 24, 2011

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