My book of poems Book 1 By Tiffany Tierney

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This is my book of peoms that I came up with.

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



Buttons, Big.Small,Brown,Yellow,Pink.
They got tired clasping.
They got sick of the lover.
Big buttons just for really big shirts
Small ones for little tops and shirts
I appreciate your stability
I will make this buttons for the little ones
Children,Pets,Clothes,No buttons
I remember that sad moment
Where they had two buttons
What an invention
What a change of pace
Keeping tabs on the colors
The first buttons is on the wall
Thank you for the toilets
That I know will never flush
Getting in trouble
For over whelming
Tales to touch
And cries to work
It is anger
So I thought about all the things I could be doing
Like taking a walk
And sharing themes with other writers
Coats,Confusion,Sweet times of bliss
Just got the time to accept the moment
So many faces
So much time to be spending
On dumb grounds
Who does what he wants
With the patience I need and crave
Really I am angry
The poor weakest link
Can't there peace between
All of the mothers
Holding positive holds
Playing for money
That I would drop in the lake
Genuine beaches to calm a soul
But watch out for the sharks
Biting off limbs
Chewing on fingers
What kind of snack is it
Right in the chiller
Put me in the dark
Will I find my soul
Or even in the light
Running away from school
Going far far far away
To a special place
No more paper towels
In the bathroom toilet
I tried to do it before
But that was a long time ago
Toilet rage
Mentally ill
And proud of it
I have changed
For the best
Right down to the bone
Can I have a candy bar
That's your reprimand
Don't flirt
Setting boundaries
Having fun
Staying busy
Chasing around ill patients
Hoping they get better
Will it happen as I write
Making up the exciting tale
Of some one eating paper towels
Cry inside
Yell out side
Compromise my soul
Mind. Spirit,Assertion, Damn it,
It is mine
So damn controlling
This is my painting
Messing on other peoples rights
And assets
Let me go
Never leaving
Just expressing
It is fair and just
No fair to me
Just you
All your stuff
Mine I say again
Can't you just accept
It I just too damn true
I am sorry for the harshness
But that's just the way it goes
For me and also you.
Break the mold
Why wonder
About the tales
Of one little chump
Smaqll and enjoying
Play some games
Claim him as my son
Let him write as he will
Where is my card
In the shredder
In the toilet
Being honest
Just one tie
Let's go out of the sate
What is really important to me
Get on the bus
Not until health has run his course
Stay healthy
Keep that was
Be patient
Be kind
I am on fire

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