The Story of How I fell in Love with the Man of my Dreams

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This is the story of two people falling in love but unable to carry it out.

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



Well it all started around July of 2011, when Jerry and I worked at Mcdonald’s by Wal-mart (C2). He was the first manager that I met at Mcdonald’s. He told me I was pretty from the beginning. I didn’t think much of it at first because I was in love with my fiancé Dustin. As June passed we got to know each other, and we began flirting all the time. He told me that he always watched me on camera in the office. He for some strange reason was fascinated by me. He told me all the time how beautiful I looked. One day I had literally tied my hair in a bun and rolled out of bed. He said “Hello gorgeous! Or sup good lookin’!” I thought to myself, well um this guy is kind of creepy. One day I remember him putting on gloves to make food and he said to me “ok time for your exam” He was joking of course, but I do not take jokes very well and actually came home to tell Dustin about my boss hitting on me at work. Little did I know, I would end up falling in love with him and he would change my life. I was clearly missing that he actually had feelings for me, and he was not just being a creeper.

I began to watch his every move whenever I had the chance. I found him very attractive. He started making reasons to be around me. For example, I will never forget the time I was moping lobby and he had just come out of the freezer. He walked into lobby and put his cold hands around my neck. It shot chills down my body, and not because of how cold his hands were. I realized that Jerry had no reason to be in lobby, he just desired to be close to me. One night I actually lied that I lost a key just to see him again. I missed him that much. Later he had told me he tried to hint at me to meet him at Wal*Mart when he got off work. I will never forget the time he came out to help me figure out what internet to get in my new apartment.

I will never forget how we began to look at each other. We would just look into each other’s eyes and smile for minutes at a time. People at work started noticing. We talked every chance we could get about life and all its complications. I told him about losing my baby. I could never talk about that with anyone. I learned that he was married, but he wished he wasn’t because of how awful his wife treats him. He told me if he was not married he would be chasing me. I didn’t know what to think about that. It made my head spin when we had that conversation in the parking lot. All I heard about was what she did today, or yesterday, or how selfish she is. “Well she’s a Beinhaur”, he would always say. I thought to myself, how could a person be so awful and cold, to treat such a wonderful man like shit? Who is this lady?! I listened to all Jerry’s stories about her, and he listened to all my stories about how bad Dustin treated me at times. We began to slowly realize how much we had in common and how much we understood each other. The flirting continued throughout the weeks and my feelings for Jerry got stronger. He made my heart race. The sight of him got me excited. Never in my life have I looked forward to working so much.

One typical night of working and stocking up front, Jerry confronted me in the stock room. We were alone between the third and fourth row. That image of where we stood will never leave my mind. At this point, I only thought he flirted with me because well, he’s just a typical guy who loves to flirt. “Tiffany, your crazy this man is married”, I thought. I spent numerous nights lying in bed wondering why in the world I feel this way. I live with my fiancé Dustin; we are getting married in 2014. I love Dustin, why on earth won’t Jerry leave my mind? As we stood between the rows of the stock room, Jerry said to me. “Tiffany, I want to tell you something, but I’m afraid.” I was confused; so many thoughts ran through my head. Did I do something wrong at work? Was my flirting back with him making him angry? My heart raced faster then I think it ever has in my entire life. I said “Jerry, just tell me.” “You can tell me anything.” He said “Things are not the same at home….with her.” I did not understand what Jerry was saying. My emotions were going crazy at this point. I thought “What is happening?!” Why is he telling me this?! It took him like five minutes to get the courage to tell me. He was afraid that I might get offended or take it the wrong way. I of course did not know what was coming, so I was like “Jerry, just tell me, it’s ok.” Jerry told me that night, that he had feelings for me, and that I drive him crazy. I remember my skin flushed red. I was so nervous. What do I do now? The man I have been thinking about the past few weeks in my own little fantasy world actually has been doing the same thing. He loves me. He said it to me and it shocked me harder than anything has ever in my life. Tiffany, stop, you are in love with your fiancé Dustin. This can’t be happening. My life just got a whole lot more complicated on that night in the stock room. So many thoughts of why do we feel this way about each other crossed our minds. We couldn’t deny it anymore. We were very attracted to each other, and beyond that, we loved each other. I will never forget the time he said he loved me. I couldn’t believe he actually said it. It hit me harder than anything had hit me before. Oh my God, I am in love with Jerry. I came home to Dustin and things just were not the same between us. Our relationship used to be strong, we were happy other than some minor problems. Now all I can think about was the moment Jerry confessed his feelings for me. I remember the night we got off work and stood in the parking lot until almost 3 am talking about everything. We were so similar in so many ways. Our love for each other came so naturally. I did not chase him, or chose to love him. It just all happened, while we were just trying to serve lazy people greasy food. In the parking lot, I was sitting on the ground and Jerry was sitting on the curb. The first moment we touched was when he reached out his hand to help me up. I will never forget the feeling we both felt when my hand met his hand. From that moment on, Jerry would never leave my mind. He was all I thought about all day and every day. Our relationship progressed very quickly, and since Jen was spending a lot of time in Harrisburg, we had a lot of time to ourselves to explore our intense passion for each other. I fell for him harder and faster than I thought was possible. I guess they do say you fall in love when you’re busy living.

It was getting to be the middle of September now. My Mcdonald’s on Main Street was almost finished, so soon, I would begin working down there again. The thought of not being able to work with Jerry and see him all the time, made me cry. My love for Jerry pushed Dustin right out the door. He moved out and we barely even spoke. It blew my mind the way my emotions were affecting my life. How can this guy I just met at work be making me feel this way? Why am I ok with watching Dustin, who I thought was the love of my life walk out the door? These questions were answered as the weeks passed by. Jerry stole my heart in that damn Mcdonald’s stock room and I had fallen head over heels in love with him. At that point, I knew my life would never be the same. Jerry told me how he was getting divorced and his wife had agreed to be civil. He told me we could soon start telling people that we were together. He told me in his car one night at Wal*Mart that he would never leave me. We spent so many nights just staring at each other in Wal*Mart parking lot. I will never forget how watching that Mazda drive down the road made my heart race and my body tremble. I will never forget what it felt like the first time his lips met mine. It was magic, it was nothing like I had experienced before. It was love, and it was real. When Jerry and I were together, the world disappeared. The problems and the pain went away. He was my soul mate, my world, my lifeline, my everything. Each day passed quickly and Jerry and I just continued to fall in love. I am thankful to ever experience such real love.

September quickly departed and the cold wind of October came. Little did I know, my fairytale was about to end. My life was about to change, and my heart was about to be shattered into a million pieces. The first few weeks of October were great; I was loved by Jerry stronger than any other person had ever loved me in my life. Every time we looked at each other it was like the first time. I never thought what I felt with Jerry was even possible; I thought that only happened in movies. Most people judged us, and thought Jerry was just looking for a younger girl to play with. I am only 20 years old, soon to be 21. That was not the case at all; Jerry had fallen in love with me. He told me he would love me forever. I was happy. He told me if someday we had a little girl, I could name her Natalie. I literally cried when he told me this. I knew somehow that he did love me and was not just using me as a toy. He just repeated over and over again how he wished he had met me ten years ago, because then his life would have been wonderful. He could never stop telling me how I was his one true love.

It was the night of October 20th, 2011. This night changed my life, and I will never be the same because of it. I was sitting on my couch listening to music and watching TV. My phone rang. Jerry’s name came up on the screen, and like every other time, my heart raced. I was so excited to be hearing from him. Little did I know that conversation will haunt me forever. He told me that he was not able to leave Jen because she being the cold hearted, selfish person she is and would take everything from him. She found out about me, and took a bipolar turn on the decision to get divorced. Jerry just could not stop talking about me around her; it drove her crazy when reality that her husband fell for another girl hit her. Jerry’s tone on the phone was not like before. I knew something was wrong. My face turned as white as the wall, my heart dropped to the ground, my stomach fell to the floor. This can’t be happening. He can’t leave me after everything we have been through. Why is this happening? He told me we could not continue our relationship because he was going to stay married. He made sure I knew how much he loved me and wanted more than anything in the world to be with me, but she took away his happiness like the devil takes away good. I felt empty. I hung up the phone and it fell out of my hand. Tears seeped down my face faster than the rain was falling outside. How am I going to let him go? I can’t do this. Thoughts raced through my head, about how to go about getting the devil to understand what had happened and that her relationship with Jerry was over. The devil however is powerful; she doesn’t care about anyone, but herself. I thank god I never met such a person.

The night of October 20th, I thought for the first time in my life about ending it. It seemed to be the answer. If I was dead, all my pain would go away. I wouldn’t have to face the world, the pain, and the hurt. I had the power to make it all go away. I thought long and hard about how I could end my life with the least amount of pain. The quickest thing I found to make me feel better was alcohol. That night, I drank a whole bottle of vodka. It still didn’t make the pain go away. I was still hurting more than I thought a person could hurt. Jerry told me Jen wanted to run me over with her van. I felt like calling her and saying “Please do me the favor, help me.” I was going crazy. I needed help. For the first time in my life, I reached out for help and began therapy once a week. I was emotionally drained. I lost my baby, my fiancé, and the man I truly loved all within a few months. I found no good reason to stay alive.

The next few months would be the hardest time in my life. I spent most of my alone time crying. At first Jerry and I did not really speak to each other, other than a few emails here and there. I was determined to find a way to make us work. My feelings for him never went away. To this day they have not gone away and I do not think that they ever will. We decided that we were going to remain friends, agreeing to keep our emotions under control so that we both didn’t go crazy. We began texting again. A few weeks later it was the middle of November now. We started talking on the phone again. His voice is still music to my ears, and healing for my heart. I cherish every moment I can hear his voice and see how his life is going. He told me he would care about me and worry for my safety for the rest of his days. We agreed that we were still very much in love, but right now that love cannot be carried out because of one heartless person. I have never truly hated anyone in my entire life. Jerry and I made the promise to each other to always be there for each other and stay friends. He always wants to know what I am doing in my life. Jerry touched my heart with his love and it will last a lifetime. I know in my heart that he wanted to be with me, and he would tell anyone that. He told me he thinks about me all day every day, even if we do not talk. What happened cannot be reversed, or forgotten about. No matter what we will always be in each other’s hearts. I wish she would just care enough about Jerry to let him go and live his dream. He’s not happy and it makes me angry that she is ok with that. Whether she knows it or not, she is no longer Jen, Jerry’s wife. She is Jen , the women who kept Jerry from his one true love, his chance for happiness, his life with his soul mate. I know that he will always blame her for the reason I got away.

I truly believe that there is a reason that I fell for Jerry and a reason why he fell for me. If we are meant to be together things will fall into place. Even the devil does not have to power to stop us. Life is more powerful than any human being. I believe that the rest of this story, well that’s unwritten and has yet to be finished.

Written by Tiffany

January 2012

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